Tips to successfully complete distance learning course

Tips to Successfully Complete Distance Learning Course

An article giving information on taking a course from home

Distance learning is one of the most common modes of education used by people who are unable to attend regular schools or colleges. This type of learning gives you flexibility to study at your own pace and time from anywhere in the world. However, distance education is not as easy as it sounds. The statistics shows that the percentage of dropouts in distance education is much higher than in the case of regular education.

Given here are few tips to complete your distance education program successfully.

Selection of the course and school:

The first and foremost thing is to choose your program carefully. Choose the one that can help you to either fulfill your career goals or the one that you are passionate about. Once you have decided the course you want to study, you should then select a good distance learning university or school to pursue it. Always enroll in a reputed and accredited educational institute.

Self motivation

To be successful in any distance education programs, you should have the determination and motivation to pursue and complete it. With virtual classrooms, it is possible today to interact with your teachers and fellow students, though not as frequently as in the case of the regular institutes. So, you should be self-motivated to complete your lessons and assignments on time.

Time management:

If you are a distance learner, it is likely that you are either working or have some other important responsibilities to handle. So, time management is very important for you. You should devote time regularly to your studies. Organizing and scheduling can help you to achieve your set targets. It is very common for distance learners to procrastinate. You should avoid it completely to be successful.

Good comprehending skills:

You have to learn by reading the study material provided by your distance education institute. Teachers and professors are not available regularly to explain and teach you each and every thing. So, it is very important that you develop good comprehending skills to understand your lessons properly.

Utilization of the resources:

Modern distance learning programs offer many facilities to their students. You should utilize these facilities that may include online libraries, virtual classrooms, tutors at the click of the mouse, online chats etc. These facilities can be very useful for you and can help to understand and complete your modules. Not only this, they can also help you to stay inspired and motivated.

Interact with fellow students and professors:

With technology, it is very easy to connect with your fellow students and professors. You should also take help from your friends and mentors. All this helps you in staying focused and achieving your goals easily.

In short, you should not take your distance education course casually. It requires lot of hard work and effort to successfully complete your distance education program. By following the simple tips given above, you can surely benefit a lot from your distance learning course.

Exam ibm nedc technical leader * exam number/code : 000-061 * exam name : ibm nedc technical leader * questions and answers : 83 q&as * update time: 2010-05-11 * price: $ 120

000-061 trainings

000-061 Exam
IBM NEDC Technical Leader
* Exam Number/Code : 000-061
* Exam Name : IBM NEDC Technical Leader
* Questions and Answers : 83 Q&As
* Update Time: 2010-05-11
* Price: $ 120.00

1. A prospect is confused with the multiple pillars (BR, EE, VC, and II) within the Dynamic Infrastructure strategy. They are interested in virtualization and consolidation, but are concerned that too many pillars will result in a compromise and a poor solution.
Which of the following is an effective response?
A. The pillars are interrelated and should be implemented together for maximum benefit
B. Dynamic Infrastructure Innovation Workshop will help them identify which pillars are most critical and create a roadmap for implementation of one or more pillars
C. Dynamic Infrastructure pillars should be implemented one at a time like most applications, combining them as goals makes implementation very difficult
D. Select the most urgent with the highest ROI. Once a successful track record is established other pillars should be implemented
Answer: D

2. What is the meaning of Dynamic Infrastructure forerunner NEDC?
A. New Enterprise Data Center
B. Node Equalized Data Center
C. Non Existent Data Center (Cloud Computing)
D. New Energy Data Center
Answer: C

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Flow control * develop code that implements an if or switch statement; and identify legal argument types for these statements

310-055 dumps

Flow Control
* Develop code that implements an if or switch statement; and identify legal argument types for these statements.
* Develop code that implements all forms of loops and iterators, including the use of for, the enhanced for loop (for-each), do, while, labels, break, and continue; and explain the values taken by loop counter variables during and after loop execution.
* Develop code that makes use of assertions, and distinguish appropriate from inappropriate uses of assertions.
* Develop code that makes use of exceptions and exception handling clauses (try, catch, finally), and declares methods and overriding methods that throw exceptions.
* Recognize the effect of an exception arising at a specified point in a code fragment. Note that the exception may be a runtime exception, a checked exception, or an error.
* Recognize situations that will result in any of the following being thrown: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException,ClassCastException, IllegalArgumentException, IllegalStateException, NullPointerException,NumberFormatException,AssertionError,ExceptionInInitializerError,StackOverflowError or NoClassDefFoundError. Understand which of these are thrown by the virtual machine and recognize situations in which others should be thrown programatically.

310-055 Exam Details
Exam Number/Code : 310-055
Exam Name : Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.SE 5.0
Delivered at: Authorized Worldwide Prometric Testing Centers
Prerequisites: None
Other exams/assignments required for this certification: None
Exam type: Multiple choice and drag and drop
Number of questions: 60
Pass score: 58.33% (35 of 60 questions)
Time limit: 180 minutes

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After phonics, what

After Phonics, What?

For the past several decades, parents and teachers have labored to teach children to read by helping them to learn the sounds of each letter and sounding them out to form words. The overall method is generally referred to as “phonics.” Unfortunately, the term “phonics” has mistakenly become a ubiquitous term meaning “the study of all letter sounds.” The simplicity of implementing phonics into a teaching technique is also the basis of its greatest problem in teaching the reading of English.

The word “phonics” is a shortened term for “phonetics.” Many languages can be said to be phonetic in the sense that one letter always represents the same sound. Beginning readers, sadly, soon learn that written English is not consistently phonetic. This makes written English one of the more difficult languages for people to learn to read and spell.

In English, the consonant sounds are phonetic in most instances. As a result, we can generally use phonics methods to begin to teach students to read the consonant letters. Of course, students eventually must learn a few exceptions to the universal application of phonics to the pronunciation of consonants.

The situation is substantially different for vowel letters. In English, vowel sounds are not coded phonetically. This is because every vowel letter can represent several vowel sounds. For example, the vowel letter “a” is read differently in the words “at” and “ate”, and “e” is read differently in “bed” and “bead”. Students (both children and adults) can readily see the visual distinction between “at” and “ate”, but are too often at a loss about why we read the letter “a” as a short vowel in the “at” and a long vowel in “ate”. Using a learning-to-read technique based entirely on phonics presents beginning readers with unwarranted confusion, stress and frustration when they try to “read” vowel letters phonetically.

There is a relatively new method that systematically helps beginning readers to know when each of the different sounds associated with a specific vowel is applicable and when it is not. It’s called syllabics.

The approach taken by syllabics is substantially different from phonics. When students have mastered reading all the consonants and the six main consonant blends, they are ready for the only thing left for them to learn: how to read the vowel letters, a, e, i, o, and u.

The secret to correctly reading a vowel letter lies in the way the word is spelled. Every word has a spelling code that clearly tells the student how to read each vowel letter in that word. Because they are the easiest to learn, syllabics begins with the shortest words (one syllable words). After students have mastered the basic spelling codes, which enable them not only to recognize how virtually any one-syllable word is pronounced and spelled, they are almost ready to leap forward to multi-syllable words.

The most common spelling code is what has been arbitrarily termed by many reading experts as the “VC” code. A word with the VC code contains only one vowel letter and ends with a consonant letter.

Just consider the words “at”, “sat”, and “scratch”. The rule for a word that has the VC spelling code is to read the vowel with a short vowel sound. When students have mastered the VC code, they can correctly apply it to any word with the VC code, “sounding-out” every consonant and vowel in order to “read” the word.

Applying the simple rule makes it completely unnecessary for students to guess or to memorize how to pronounce the letters.

For the student and the teacher, the most interesting aspect of the syllabics method is that there are only six codes to learn. Once they are all mastered, students will have conquered the challenges presented by phonics-based programs: They can now read virtually every English word. The exceptions are the groups of words that don’t comply with any known rule.

Hp0-s26 exam questions

HP0-S26 exam questions

Integrating and Managing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
Exam Number/Code : HP0-S26
Exam Name : Integrating and Managing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
Questions and Answers : 60 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-04-29
HP0-S26 Price: $ 120.00

3. Which component does HP Insight Virtual Machine Manager software (VMM) work with to manage ESX


A. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

B. Xen Manager

C. VMware vCenter


Answer: C

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1. Which Linux tool provides information on memory utilization, processor utilization and process statistics?

A. top

B. kde

C. OProfile

D. kstat

Answer: A

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642-566 Demo

Security Solutions for Systems Engineers Exam
Exam Number/Code : 642-566
Exam Name : Security Solutions for Systems Engineers Exam
Questions and Answers : 144 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-19
642-566 Price: $ 78.00

3. Which is used to authenticate remote IPsec VPN users?
C. mode configuration
D. single sign-on (SSO)
E. Diffie-Hellman (DH)
F. pre-shared key
Answer: B

4. Which three security components can be found in today’s typical single-tier firewall system? (Choose three.)
A. Stateful Packet Filtering with Application Inspection and Control
C. Network Admission Control
D. application proxy
E. Cache engine
F. server load balancing
Answer: ABD

5. When implementing point-to-point secure WAN solutions over the Internet, which alternative Cisco IOS method is available if GRE-over-IPsec tunnels cannot beused?
A. Virtual Routing Forwardings (VRFs)
B. Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs)
C. dynamic crypto maps
Answer: B

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Bi0-130 demo

Bi0-130 Demo

Cognos 8 BI Modeler
Exam Number/Code : BI0-130
Exam Name : Cognos 8 BI Modeler
Questions and Answers : 107 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-12
Price: $ 78.00

2. Which of the following techniques can be used to improve performance of PowerCubes in Cognos 8 BI?
A. Run the cube through the pcoptimizer utility that is shipped with Cognos 8 BI.
B. Enable the Allow dynamic usage of dimension information governor in Framework Manager.
C. Edit the EnablePCOptimizer entry in the Cognos.ini file so that its value=1, and then rebuild the cube.
D. Ensure that the Pass-through SQL setting is enabled on all regular dimensions in the Framework Manager model.
Answer: A

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3. What is true of a Framework Manager model of an operational database lacking a time dimension?
A. Virtual star schema models require a time dimension for multi-fact queries.
B. Report authors cannot create multi-fact, time-based queries.
C. Time-based rollups for multi-fact queries may be difficult to handle.
D. Report authors cannot create multi-fact, time-based queries unless using a union.
Answer: C

4. In Framework Manager, when using star schema groupings in the business view, conformed dimensions can be identified by which one of the following?
A. Using a different query subject icon for display in the studios.
B. Viewing the properties of the query subjects in Report Studio.
C. Viewing the properties of the query subjects in Framework Manager.
D. Using the same name for the dimension in each star schema grouping.
Answer: D

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What will your online criminal justice program syllabus look like

What will your online criminal justice program syllabus look like?

Each institute offering an online program in criminal justice is sure to have its own syllabus. Though a few courses may be unique to certain institutes many of these are similar and may only be known by different names while their contents are more or less the same. A criminal justice program benefits prospective law enforcement officers as well as social service workers and private investigators. All these programs teach you the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and help you enrich your skills in the field. The nation’s legal system and law enforcement standards are given equal importance in most of these programs. Languages are an important part of the course as are interpersonal skills.

Courses in the humanities, mathematics, science and social sciences all figure in the syllabus. Over the years, the criminal justice program has also evolved and aims at encompassing the changing scenario of crime in the 21st century. Institutes now offer courses in tackling terrorism, aviation security and cyber crime. Interrogation and interviewing techniques, emergency procedures, and community policing are but some of the features of criminal justice programs.

Some of the courses taught in a criminal justice program are:

· Introduction to Criminal Justice

· Criminal Law

· Criminal Procedure

· Forensic Science

· Juvenile Justice

· Criminology

· Corrections

· Security

· Community Policing

· Aviation Security

· Hate Crimes and Groups

· Sex Crimes

· Independent Research

· Law Enforcement Reporting and Recording

· Correctional Programs: Probation and Parole

· Criminal Investigation

· Criminalistics of Cybercrime

· Issues in Ethics and Law

· Psychology and the Justice System

· Crime in America

· Correctional Systems and Practices

· Sociology of Law

In many cases the syllabus might combine traditional and the virtual method of study. All criminal justice programs aim at providing students with an informed perspective on the components of the justice system. They are taught to recognize and interpret crime data and statistics. Students are made aware of the correctional systems and purposes of punishment. It helps develop an understanding of the differences between the adult and juvenile justice systems.