World day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

One group, Youth for Human Rights Florida, enhances dialogue by helping others to understand their human rights through the education of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in youth-oriented booklets and DVDs.

 The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is often observed in countries that are composed of a varieties cultural backgrounds and histories, as this day acknowledges the importance of these different ways of life.  The United States of America is truly a country of diversity.

According to the United Nations, the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in Paris, France, on November 2, 2001. It was the 249th resolution adopted at the 57th session of the United Nations General Conference. Although the declaration was the culmination of years of work, it was adopted in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This reaffirmed the need for intercultural dialogue to prevent segregation and fundamentalism.

The United Nations proclaimed 2002 as the Year for Cultural Heritage. At the end of that year, on December 20, 2002, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

This ties in with Human Rights Day 2009 the United Nations advocated “Embrace Diversity – End Discrimination” and to continue to do so throughout 2010. On Human Rights Day Youth for Human Rights Florida joined other Youth for Human Rights groups around the world in the first annual “International Walk for Human Rights” to raise awareness of the need for all to demand their rights and to respect the rights of others.

 As the UN promotes diversity, Youth for Human Rights Florida is working to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in schools throughout Florida, and beyond. The youth president, Dustin McGahee, discusses the importance of teaching human rights in schools. “Human Rights must be taught in schools. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 with and stated these rights are to be taught in schools as a solution to peace, but 61 years later they are still not a required curriculum.”  McGahee became involved in educating others of their human rights as he is inspired to action by the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

 Youth for Human Rights Florida educates people of all ages about their human rights, both in and out of the classroom. There are many ways to learn about human rights, but Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) a non-profit, secular organization founded in 2001 by educator Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, created an easy to understand video of each of the human rights designed for youth. In less than a minute the youth can learn one of their human rights. There is also a teacher’s guide for those educators. For more information on Youth for Human Rights and free DVD downloads on the 30 human rights go:

To contact Youth for Human Rights Florida contact:

A few things to consider before choosing online spanish lessons

A Few Things to Consider Before Choosing Online Spanish Lessons

Fluency in Spanish extends your horizon and opportunities. Being able to speak Spanish decently gives you the chance to take advantage of more travel, employment and business relationships.

But first, you need to learn Spanish even if it’s the most rudimentary way. The most recommended kind is Spanish online lessons. Here are the reasons why.

Reasons You Can’t Refute

Spanish lessons online, especially the beginner course, are usually offered for free. This implies that you gain something even when you haven’t invested anything aside from your time.

Here are a few reasons why online Spanish lessons are highly recommended in learning Spanish:

? Time refuses to be a problem. The very busy professional doesn’t have to worry as he/she can squeeze in the lessons anytime and anywhere that has a computer and an Internet.

? You’re the master of your own pace. You need not feel the pressure brought about by the time when Spanish was a mandatory course way back in school.

? You experience the same modules as when you have classroom instruction – conversation, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing – only when you take up Spanish lessons online you save yourself the costs of traveling.

What You Get When You Learn Spanish Online

Advantages of learning Spanish online include the following:

? Conversational skills that coaches you with the appropriate sentences to say in specific situations.

? Grammatical control over the sentences you compose.

? Vocabulary lessons to expand your store of Spanish words.

? Pronunciation coaching that enables you to speak Spanish the way a native speaker does, most often in the Castellano and Latin American forms.

? Reading and writing Spanish

? Listening and comprehension, which are the definitive test of your Spanish language skills

These lessons are normally covered by instant messaging, chat rooms, audio conferencing and video conferencing, to basically match the interactivity present in classroom instructions.

How to Choose an Online Spanish Course

Before you decide which online Spanish course to take, you have to answer the following questions first:

? How is your present Spanish speaking ability? If you are lucky, you’ll be able to find a course that offers free evaluation of your present skills.

? What is your allotted schedule to this endeavor? Some courses provide fixed interactivity while others allow you to choose your own time and pace.

? What kind of teacher do you want? Some online programs offer teachers who are native speakers of the language while others speak Spanish as a second language only.

? What is your budget? In many cases, only the beginner courses are for free, the rest needs payment of a considerable amount of money.

? Are you ready to pay a hefty sum of money? Usually, beginner courses are free of charge but as your level goes up, you will already be required to pay a certain amount of money?

With all these pieces of information about online Spanish courses, you will find out that choosing this kind of learning methodology really gives back more than you bargained for.

To conclude, when you choose to learn Spanish online, you gain more than you bargained for in a very positive light.

The dangers of living in a high rise with global warming

The Dangers Of Living In A High Rise With Global Warming

House vs high-rise in global warming and climate change

Adam: Hi, my name is Adam. I’m speaking to Steve Soreno, the author of the Global Warming Survival Bible, Surviving and Prospering with Climate Change. This is part of a series of questions on Global Warming Survival.
Steve, who is affected by global warming?

Steve: Everyone. There is not one place on earth that will not be affected. Of course some people will be tragically, affected more than others, but many will live safely, happily and will blossom. There are things that people can do now to avoid future pain and live blissfully in the future.

Adam: Can you give an example?

Steve: One of the countless things we recommend is that people avoid living in high-rise buildings. And the reason we say that is because we’ve seen – like millions of other people – what happened during the blackout of August 2003. And that blackout only lasted 24 hours. Now, high-rise buildings are heavily dependent on the stability of energy supply. Consider that global warming means higher temperatures, more pressure on the grid, disruptions in the energy supply and blackouts.

The North American grid, as an example is also very old which adds to the complexity. A 3 day blackout in the middle of the summer can create scorching temperatures in high-rises. Food rots and water doesn’t pump to higher levels. These kind of problems are be far less difficult for people living in houses. And there are other reasons to avoid high-rises such as the scarcity of proper and sufficient storage and the absence of land. As disruptions in food and water supply will become common, people will adapt by creating stored provisions and it won’t be long before we see many people changing at least parts of their backyards to vegetable gardens.

And this kind of adjustment will be very difficult to achieve for people living in high-rise buildings where food storage is limited and obviously, there is no land.
And this is just one of the multitudes of things that we researched and that people need to consider.

Thank you Steve for that answer.
If you’d like to learn more about global warming and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family, visit globalwarmingsurvivalcenter(.)com to get the rest of the videos in the series as well as two chapters from Steve’s upcoming international book release.

Y0-259 practice exams

1Y0-259 Practice Exams

1Y0-259 Exam Description
The Citrix 1Y0-259 Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2003: Administration exam is 66 items long, 90 minutes to take it and a 68% score is needed to pass. The subjects for the 1Y0-259 are Installing and Managing Citrix Presentation Server, Configuring Farm Settings, Configuring ICA Sessions, Configuring Policies, Publishing Applications and Content, Deploying Applications, Creating and Assigning Load Evaluators, Configuring Printing, Enabling Web Access to Published Applications and Content, and Securing Access To Published Applications and Content.

Citrix 1Y0-259 Test Points
• Installing and Managing Citrix Presentation Server
• Configuring Farm Settings
• Configuring ICA Sessions
• Configuring Policies
• Publishing Applications and Content
• Deploying Applications
• Creating and Assigning Load Evaluators
• Configuring Printing
• Enabling Web Access to Published Applications and Content
• Securing Access to Published Applications and Content

Testinside Practice Exams for 1Y0-259
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220-301 A+ CORE HARDWARE(2003 Objectives)

Online teaching jobs have never been this good

Online Teaching Jobs Have Never been this Good

Online teaching jobs get the attention of many mainly because of two good reasons: working in the comfort of your home, and good pay. As the world see the advent of using the World Wide Web to make online connections, online learning is now one of the most popular learning options.
Today’s generation see the trend of more and more homes with internet access. Students have a world wide access to the information they need in their home works. Human relationships are sustained via chat, e-mail, and social networking sites. Business transactions like conferences could also happen online. Movies, video clips, photos, and songs are uploaded and downloaded in a matter of seconds or minutes. And in line with this technological drift, learning while staying online is one of the most popular learning options.
This paved the way for thousands and thousands of people to earn more money through online teaching. Whether you choose to be a part-time or a full-time online teacher, you are sure to find the convenience of staying in the comfort of your own home while providing a favorable learning experience to your online students. As a matter of fact, you can work from any place as long as there is a desktop or laptop and internet access.
Potential online teaching  candidates need not have a teaching license. But if you want to get an online teaching job, you must be knowledgeable in the subject areas at a level above that at which you are mentoring. Furthermore, excellent communication skills are required since, in most cases, your students are of a different nationality from yours. American or neutral accent is usually preferred for easier understanding of word pronunciations.
Since the work hours are flexible, you must get ready to adapt to your student’s free time. Your priorities can change. Your deadlines are stringent. And you might be working with multiple projects. Usually, most online teaching positions require you to work a minimum of 8 hours a week. As an online teacher, it is a must for you to be punctual, responsible and self-disciplined.
Also, one of the factors why more and more people are getting interested in getting an online teaching job is good salary. Therefore, if you are determined, you’ll make a lot of money in no time.

Dvr hidden camera and stun guns: active and pro-active self-defense

DVR Hidden Camera and Stun Guns: Active and Pro-Active Self-Defense

Stun Guns are the 21st Century deterrent of choice for many, but just as the best defense is a good offense, so the best offense ought to be a pro-active defense. Being pro-active means being pre-emptive, taking care of matters before they come to pass so that they do not happen. They don’t ever get the chance to take place because of careful forethought. Almost everyone will agree that it is better to prepare than take a chance on safety.

Getting a DVR hidden camera is a necessary element of any pro-active security solution. When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones, it is common sense to be pre-emptive. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. A DVR hidden camera can be a great means of crime prevention. These devices are simple to set up and use, and bring forth a lot of information. The recordings can be used to identify criminals for prosecution as well as proof for insurance companies that your property has been stolen or damaged.

With a DVR hidden camera, you can get the jump on what’s happening before they happen. With a DVR hidden camera you can obtain a true picture of your security situation. They help you distinguish between your true friends and your secret enemies. For example, one of the utmost popular uses of a DVR hidden camera has been to catch malicious babysitters and other caretakers in the act of criminal mischief. Many a vague gut feeling of unease has been justified through the judicious deployment of a DVR hidden camera in the home or office. But you shouldn’t wait until your intuition finally warns you that something’s amiss. A well-placed video surveillance system can confirm almost any matter. Such a security set-up also provides evidence in cases of actual malfeasance.

And don’t forget that crime prevention isn’t simply about physical assault. Employers can also use a DVR hidden camera to help ensure proper behavior in the workplace. Such security systems can also help fight theft and fraud. A video surveillance system can monitor customer-staff interactions and be useful in cases where complaints arise. The cameras are simple to install and only require minimal maintenance. And DVR hidden cameras come in all shapes, sizes, and guises – or, more to the point, disguises. They can be found in the most innocuous of household items, from wall clocks to teddy bears! As technology improves, these devices will be available in an ever-greater variety of helpful form factors.

Learn to play violin online – why not

Learn to Play Violin Online – Why Not?

Are you in search for the perfect way to learn violin? Well, learn to play violin online and you could never go wrong.

Well, before trying to get into online violin self-teaching, you must know the basics of violin first. Make a research and know it wholeheartedly – from its history, structure, the strings and more. Once you’re already familiar with the basics, you could then start teaching yourself through the help of online tutorials.

First, we all know that a violin is an instrument tucked under your chin and being squeezed tightly onto the left shoulder. You need to bear in mind that sooner or later you will begin to develop your own style and that would naturally feel right to you. You must need to know how to hold the violin – that is very important.

If you are the type who doesn’t like criticism or honest remarks from a teacher then learn to play the violin online. Also you could start practicing from manuals, a CD which has guides or instructions or the trusted video streaming online. In due time, your fingers will get used to the distances between the notes on the violin fingerboard. If you get to encounter mistakes in between, just ignore them and try to move on. If you are unable to correct mistakes in the early stages then you’ll surely be carrying those bad habits in your entire time playing the violin. You need utmost patience in order to achieve the perfect way of playing the violin.

To learn to play violin online, it doesn’t happen overnight. Start with playing it really slowly and eventually you’ll get better. In any aspect of playing the violin you wish you learn, it is a must for you to break it up into sections and small doable ways.

Now, if you’re not into online teaching, you could get yourself a teacher. Ensure though that the teacher you’ll choose is someone who is reputable, someone who has patience and understanding. Find the best teacher and it will surely run smoothly. Once you found the right teacher then make sure that you’ll listen to him/her as he/she teaches you. Remember that it is not easy to teach so try to listen to your mentor and learn from mistakes. Do not hesitate to ask questions and if ever you get corrected, listen and make it a challenge. Do not feel bad. It will only make you become better.

Defining distance learning

Defining Distance Learning

Distance learning can be defined in many different ways.
Distance learning can be classes taken over the Internet, Web
TV, cable TV, correspondence course, audio conferencing, CD-ROM,
videotape or any other mechanism that allows a student to learn
without traveling to a traditional classroom. These programs
were first developed to assist people in remote or rural areas
have access to the same education as people living in the major

Today people of all ages and from every area of the country are
involved in distance learning because it allows them to learn
from home at he same time as they carry out their other
responsibilities in life. Homemakers, veterans, even senior
citizens are joining teenagers and young adults in these new and
non-traditional learning programs.

There are is as much of a variety in distance learning programs
as there are people who wish to advance their education. Most
are associated with a regular school, college and university,
and that allows them to offer accredited online degree programs.
Others are completely separate companies that have been formed
for the express purpose of providing distance learning programs.

You can take a course in the basics of plumbing from a technical
institute or an advanced course in quantum physics. It really
depends on your interest and aptitude to learn. Very, very few
distance learning programs are free of charge, but some offered
by community colleges are significantly lower in cost than the
major colleges and institutions.

In distance learning like so many other things in life you pay
for a brand name, like a prestigious university program, and you
also get what you pay for you.

Some programs advertised through mass e-mails or by direct
marketing are really very basic courses dressed up to look like
more than they are. One quick way to determine the value of a
distance learning program is to check if they have been approved
and accredited by one of the national or regional accreditation

Distance learning is a great way to learn, but if your online
degree is not accredited at the end of your studies then it may
not be worth what you think it may be.

Look for the accreditation stamp of approval before you sign on
the dotted line. Then take your time to review all of the
options and find one that will not only get you an online degree
but one that will open the doors of opportunity to you and your

Online learning success tips

Online Learning Success Tips

1. Take the program seriously. Draw the assistance of your family, friends and colleagues before starting out on your adventure online. This built-in help system will assist you tremendously as there will be the times when you’ll need to sit at a computer for many hours on weekends and in the evenings. When many people’re through with the work and wish to unwind is most likely when you’ll bear down on your own coursework. It assists you to surround yourself with the people understanding and respecting what you do.

2. Become an advocate of online learning. You should discuss the process merits with everybody who will listen. To be successful in the new educational setting, you should believe in the potential to give quality education that is equal, if not greater than the customary face-to-face setting. In discussing the online learning value, you will strengthen the merits for yourself.

3. Log on to the course each single day. Or a minimum of five or six days a week. When you get into the conferencing system online, you’ll be eager to know who commented on your own postings as well as read the feedback of the peers and instructor. Also, you will be curious to know who posted something new you will comment on. In case you let many days pass by without logging on to the course discussion group, then you will fall behind plus find it hard to catch up. You’re expected to give and take much from the online classes as you would from customary face-to-face classes.

 4. Benefit from your anonymity. One of the greatest benefits of the Internet format is you can continue your learning without the judgments usual in a customary classroom. Unless you use video conferencing, nobody can watch you – there is no stereotype, and you do not need to be affected by rolled eyeballs, raised eyebrows, other students stealing the thunder, or people making non verbal reactions to your own contributions.

Jn0-570 practice exam

Jn0-570 Practice Exam

jn0-570 Exam
* Exam Number/Code : jn0-570
* Exam Name : JN0-570 JNCIS-SSL EXAM
* Questions and Answers : 150 Q&As
* Update Time: 2010-03-27
* Price: $ 96.00

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Exam : Juniper Networks JN0-570
Title : SSL, Specialist (JNCIS-SSL)
1. Which three logs are used within the SA solution? (Choose three.)
A. Event log
B. System log
C. Client-Side log
D. User Access log
E. Security log
Answer: ACD

2. When conducting meetings with Secure Meeting, your users frequently complain about jitter in the video presentation. How might you attempt to improve performance?
A. Ensure that image compression is enabled on the IVE device’s Secure Meeting configuration page.
B. Limit the presentation video size to 800?600 resolution on the IVE device’s Secure Meeting configuration page.
C. Enable the Secure Meeting acceleration feature with the optional license upgrade.
D. Ensure that 32-bit presentations mode is not enabled on the IVE device’s Secure Meeting configuration page.
Answer: D

JNCIA JN0-570 Exam Tips: Certificates
Describe X.509 certificates
Describe PKI
Describe certificate revocation lists
Describe OCSP (Online Certification Status Protocol)
JNCIA JN0-570 Exam Describe certificate based user authentication
Configure certificate based user authentication
Explain why to use multiple server certificates
Configure multiple server certificates

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