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“If there is a will, there is a way.”

In this saying lies the fundamental of success in life, prosperity in career and so many things. I would like to add on…”if there is a way, you need a guide”…from the birth of homosapiens, they get guided by someone. A child get guidance by mother at home, when he go to school he get a guide in form of teacher and as the life progresses several guides in form of society, culture, books, etc come and go. Education is one of the most substantial things that happen to a human society and it is a way to get success in life. If you get the right education then it will be easy for you to keep peaking up in your career. Like all other ways, education too requires you to get guided in the right direction. Initial education to a kid is provided by his parents. After that there are teachers in school to teach you more and then comes the colleges. But in this fast-food and cut-throat competitive era only these things are not sufficient. Technology has provided us a new way to get better guidance. I am talking of “online tutoring”.

Companies like http://www.urgenthomework.com/ are providing online tutoring and homework help  around the globe for a long time. It has various advantages like availability of lessons at any hour of the day in the comfort of your own home, working on lessons according to schedule and when it feels most motivated, accessing a convenient, interactive way of learning, and monitoring of progress at convenience. There are many children who become restless in class or due to rigid study schedule; online tuitions are beneficial for them in a way or two. Sometimes it happens that you think you understood something but when you go to home and revise you realize that you don’t know anything about a particular topic; here also online tuitions are beneficial. There are students who are shy enough to raise a doubt in class or interact with teacher, online tutoring provides a very good way for them to learn and understand. Also, cost effectiveness of online tutoring is more than that of conventional tuitions. Online tutoring can be considered as one of the many revolutions of 21st century providing guidance at our comfort, convenience and with cost effectiveness.

Orbital relationship of the moon

Orbital Relationship Of The Moon

The Moon is the Earth’s natural satellite. It orbits the Earth on a regular basis, much the same as the Earth orbits the Sun. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth creates several interesting conditions and in fact can greatly influence the Earth and everyone on it.

The Moon orbits the Earth with a synchronous rotation. This means that nearly the same face of the Moon is faced towards the Earth at all times. In fact, only 59% of the face of the Moon can ever be observed from Earth. As the moon rotates, it also completes its orbit.

The Moon completes one orbit of the Earth in 27.3 days, but because during this time, the Earth is also moving, a full lunar cycle is 29.5 days. These lunar cycles are responsible for the phases of the moon. The lunar cycle begins with the new moon. The new moon is when the moon first appears as a small sliver. Some cultures and even some calendars will use this new moon as the basis for the beginning of a new month.

Over the course of the next 14 or so days, the lighted face of the moon will continue to become larger and larger. During this process, the moon cycle is called waxing gibbous. After 1 week, it will resemble a half moon and after the approximately 14 days, it will resemble a full Moon. Over the course of the next 14 or so days, the lighted face of the moon will decrease. This is the waning gibbous cycle. At the end of 7 days, it will be half a moon and by the end of 14 days, the lighted area will disappear and the cycle will begin again.

This cycle brings up the first of the orbital effects of the moon on society and culture. The 29.5 day moon cycle corresponds to 1 month. The 12 cycles per year corresponds to the 12 months of the year. The approximately 7 days from each half of the moon corresponds to 1 week. Further more, this cycle of the Moon also corresponds to the menstrual cycle of many women.

The moon’s synchronous rotation as it orbits the Earth also causes the tides. As the moon orbits the Earth, the gravitational pull of the Moon is causing water to bulge towards it, causes a tide. This similar force will exist on the far side of the Earth as well, hence there are two tide cycles every day.

The Moon’s orbit causes eclipses to occur as well. There are two kinds of eclipses, the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the sun and the moon. The lunar eclipse is unique in that we are able to view the shadow of the Earth being cast on the moon. When the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, we see a solar eclipse. The Moon is passing over the surface of the Sun.

There are so many effects of the Moon’s orbit. It has a very unique relationship with us. It has affected our culture, our physical being and even the forces of nature that shape our world. The Moon shows us how interconnected we are to the universe around us.

Criminology definition

Criminology Definition

When thinking about what criminology is, an individual needs to first consider what aspects and fields are affected by the criminal element.  Some of these fields will also either perpetuate or deter crime, depending on how they are used.  Anthropology, sociology, law, research positions and others all tie into criminology.  Criminology could then be defined as how any of these many multitudes of society’s development and creation are able to affect how individuals interact, specifically when it comes to the degenerate element.  Using science to approach the evolution of crime within an area or timeframe allows individuals to learn how an environment may respond to and otherwise affect crime.  Certain things can be analyzed in order to come to a conclusion about crime and the criminal element within a particular area, such as any hereditary elements that may have had a factor or psychological issues that would have instigated the crime.  In addition, many criminologists are also interested in studying how the punishment of criminals affects the likelihood of the same crimes being performed.  

When people’s actions or movements deviate from the normal status of things in a way which is excessively harmful or dangerous to themselves or others, criminologists may become involved in the situation.  By studying both crime and the law, an academic person can come up with possible motivations for an individual’s actions.  These theoretical explanations are often helpful when profiling a person who has yet to be caught by the police, as well as when statistics are needed in order to illustrate a trend or issue for a community.  However, it is not just crimes that are studied and analyzed by the criminologist.  In addition, they also look at the criminal justice system on a whole in order to make sure that it is functioning in a sufficient manner that benefits the lives of citizens.

The definition of criminology is broad in order to encompass all of the different fields that fall under the term.  However, by being more specific in the type of criminology that is being investigated, an individual is able to focus more on the individuals cornerstones of the different types of criminology that exist.  For example, psychological criminology was a part of criminology for a long time but did not begin to be looked at on its own until the 20th century.  This field looks at the abnormalities and mental diseases that may feed criminal behaviors.  It is specialized in the way that proponents of this type of criminology believe that the personality of the individual is the breeding ground for the levels and types of crime that the individual will be capable of committing.  Emotions and behavior patterns are often able to remain relatively stable and predictable regardless of what type of environment the individual is placed into, which helps academics to formulate the idea that this is what defines a person.  Criminologists are able to look at crime and other related fields from different perspectives in order to analyze the cause and effect relationship of the crime, the individual and the environment in which they are immersed.

Top 10 teaching professions

Top 10 Teaching Professions

The top 10 teaching professions are those that are most popular, most in demand and/or highest paying. Whatever teaching profession you choose, you’ll find that a teaching degree will always enable you to find a faculty opening in a high demand area.  People who hold education degrees will always have jobs available for them in our society.  But the following top 10 teaching professions are currently providing some of the best opportunities around:

1.    Spanish teachers

2.    English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers

3.    Special education teachers

4.    Math teachers

5.    Science teachers

6.    Principals

7.    Assistant principals

8.    Superintendents

9.    Other administrators

10.    Overseas teachers

Bilingual teachers, including Spanish teachers and ESL teachers, are highly in demand right now as the United States continues to grow more diverse.  This diverse demographic has presented some challenges, and bilingual teachers are the best equipped to meet these challenges head-on.  Since Spanish speaking students make up the largest population of students whose native language is not English, Spanish speaking teachers are the most sought after today.  Being bilingual simply opens up more job opportunities.  

Special education teachers are some of the most sought after these days, but the job does come with some trials as well.  Some school districts have started hiring candidates who are not yet certified in special education, but are currently pursuing their teaching degrees, and then paying for the classes they need for full certification.  There is no doubt that math and science teachers are highly in demand as well.  

Many school districts can’t find enough qualified math and science teachers because fewer education degree majors target these disciplines.  But if match and science isn’t your thing, you could always get a job as an educational administrator such as a principal, assistant principal, superintendent or other administrator.  These important professions are involved with hiring teachers and staff members, managing budgets, overseeing daily operations and developing new programs.

The last of the top 10 teaching professions is the international school teacher.  Many schools have been created to provide an education to students in expatriate communities, which provide a great opportunity to work while seeing the world.

Special education as a career choice

Special Education as a Career Choice

Traditionally, special education is much-neglected and not much thought of sector in India. In most cases, the responsibility of educating and nurturing the talents of a visually or mentally challenged child rests solely upon the parents. This is unlike the western countries where special education as a branch of study and career is given due care and attention. Times are, however, changing in Indian scenario also. A number of special schools and institutes have opened up across the country and the best possible education is now available to disadvantaged students. Professionally qualified special educators undertake this challenging task. A large number of grants and subsidies are also available to the sector.

Areas of work

Special education is a vast, varied and specialized field. Educators generally choose to specialize in a specific area of work and gain further knowledge and experience in that field. Options available for specialization include:

• Physically challenged students

• Mentally challenged students

• Hearing impaired students

• Visually challenged students

Role of Special Educators

One of the foremost requirements of a special educator in the field is to have infinite patience and ability to connect with children of special needs. Unlike teachers in mainstream education who are largely involved with teaching and evaluation alone, that too as per a standard format and definition, the special educators have several responsibilities. Teaching does form an important part of the special educator’s job. In addition to teaching, the educator is involved in extra curricular, vocational and sports-related activities. Many a time, children with special needs and parents also look upon special educators as counselors. A large number of special educators possess degrees in child psychology, counseling and social work. Often they are involved in training parents and volunteers.

Development of curriculum is also not standardized as in regular schools. Hence, special educators are actively involved in developing and revising curriculum. Syllabus may be tailored to suit the needs of individual students in some cases. Educational aids become crucial in special education. The development, purchase and review of such aids also fall within the duties of the educator. In short the role of special educator is much larger and with greater responsibility than that of a standard teacher.

The Workplace

Special educators work largely in educational or medical set-ups. Openings are available in special schools run by various societies such as the Spastic Society of India or those run by central government or various state governments, a large number of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the area, hospitals & clinics, rehabilitation centers as also as private sector as teachers.

Michigan schools improve high school graduation requirements

Michigan Schools Improve High School Graduation Requirements

Michigan Schools presented its new high school graduation requirements — the Michigan Merit Curriculum — in December 2005. The Michigan schools are determined to better prepare students for work and college success, by assuring that all students have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Previous requirements for graduation in the Michigan schools reflected an economy and society that no longer exist, nor did they represent the real world demands of work and college. Michigan schools skills and course subjects that were once optional for students after graduation now are essential to enter college or the workforce. In a 2005 survey, only 24 percent of the graduates said they were significantly challenged during high school, while a recent survey showed one-in-five graduates thought expectations were low and it was easy to “slide by”. National data indicate that academic achievement in high school reading, mathematics and science has been mostly stagnate for decades.

Michigan’s Governor Jennifer M. Granholm backs the new Michigan schools program, stating that the state’s economy will suffer if Michigan does not have a highly educated workforce. Her goal is to double the number of college graduates in Michigan, and the new Michigan schools high school graduation requirements will ensure the goal is met.

The new Michigan Merit Curriculum requires Michigan schools graduates to successfully complete both the Michigan Merit Core and the 21st Century Learning Core. The new Michigan Merit Core consists of the following coursework:

• English Language Arts, integrated Humanities sequence, or CTE sequence — 4 credits
• Mathematics — 4 credits with one credit each in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, AND an additional mathematics or mathematics-related credit in the senior year, integrated mathematics sequence, or CTE sequence
• Science — 3 credits with one credit each in Biology, Physics or Chemistry, and one additional credit of science, integrated math sequence, or CTE sequence
• Social Sciences — 3 credits
• Civics and Economics — 5 credits
• U.S. History and World History — 1 credit each, integrated with Geography, integrated Humanities sequence, or CTE sequence
• World Languages — 2 credits
• Health and Physical Education — 2 credits
• Visual and Performing Arts — 1 credit

Additionally, students in their junior year must take the Michigan schools’ Michigan Merit Exam or the alternate MI-ACCESS assessment exam. Those who do not pass in their junior year have another opportunity to take the exam in the spring of their senior year. Additionally, the Michigan schools are developing high school content expectations to serve as a guide to curriculum development for the school districts.

The Michigan schools new graduation requirements instill rigor into the high school coursework, but provides some flexibility for school district phase-in of the new requirements and student modification provisions in some limited situations. The new Michigan schools requirements begin with the freshman class in the fall of 2006.

This information on Michigan schools is brought to you by www.schoolsk-12.com.

Financial aid for students in college: scholarships

Financial Aid For Students In College: Scholarships

If you are one of those, who want to get financial aid and continue education, you need to think about the idea to get a scholarship because of personal skills and talents. Do you think that your skills and qualifications deserve a scholarship? Do you think that you are better that the others at something? Are you ready to prove your abilities? Then such financial aid as scholarships should interest you.

Definition of a Scholarship

A student scholarship is a kind of financial support that is usually based on students’ achievements, talents, and abilities to improve this world and the society around. The peculiar feature of scholarships is the absence of the necessity to repay this aid.

Sources of Scholarships

Scholarships are characterized by a variety of its sources:

1.Communities (American Legion, Girl Scouts, Rotary, and other groups are eager to offer scholarships for students, who have a burning need);

2.Schools (such factors as GPA, portfolio, and sportive/artistic achievements are considered by school administrations in order to clear up whether a student is worth of getting a scholarship);

As a rule, such sources help students avoid some kind of dependence on loans both private and federal that are still required repayment within some period.

Tips to Apply for Scholarships

You need to admit that almost each student is eager to get such financial help as student scholarship. This is why it is necessary prepare the best demonstration of your talents and think over several powerful reasons of why this scholarship is so urgent for you.

It is necessary to writer a letter to college administration and give enough information about your personality;

It is obligatory to fill in an application form and make no mistake in it;

It is also better to be ready for oral representation of yourself and your abilities before a wide audience of professionals.

To get the desirable scholarship, mind that your main purpose is to prove your talents but not to humiliate other students. Good luck!

Top reasons to choose teaching as a career

Top Reasons to Choose Teaching as a Career

An Outlook: Teaching as a Career

In recent times, selecting teaching as a career has seen some steep rise. In last couple of years many teaching schools have witnessed the high enrollment in the teaching training programs. Besides this, with the increase in schools and secondary colleges, the demand for well trained teachers has also increased proportionately. Today, certainly one can’t rebuff the fact that teaching is one vital career that essentially helps in shaping the children future by educating about different important factors that mould their lives and perception.

Teaching as a career is very advantageous. A teacher with proper teaching skills is always a step closer to a promotion or getting a better pay. Moreover, while in most companies the work is performed in teams, teaching is a profession where a person is under one’s own belt. In addition to this, the greatest advantage is that contrasting to many other profession and industries, layoffs and downsizing are rare occurrences in teaching profession.

However, looking at the other side of the coin, it is also important to understand that it is not a job well-suited to everyone. Unlike many jobs teaching is a yet another career choice, but as a teacher you are partially accountable for the growth of a young person’s life. Being a teacher isn’t just about passing on educational knowledge, you must also hold your attention in the daily lives of students. In fact, many new teachers leave this profession within the first 2-6 years of teaching. Choosing teaching as a career is always filled with numerous challenges but it also has its own rewards that can’t be ignored. Check out, some other major advantages or in other terms reasons that explain why teaching can be a great career option:

Improves your knowledgeThe best way to learn a topic is to teach it. At the end of the day selecting teaching as a career can help one become an expert on few subjects. Besides this, more often the question raised by students’ can make teacher dig deeper and know more the subject inside and out.

Good Salary- Though teaching is not a get-rich-quick profession, but in most of the cases the starting salaries are in line with other graduate professions. Teaching careers also offer opportunities for advancement and increased pay over time. In fact according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public teachers are actually paid more than the average professional worker.

Job Satisfaction– There is no greater benefit that one can get from a profession than the satisfaction get from a job well done and when one get to know that he or she has played an important role in educating the world. For teachers, they get this opportunity a lot more often than most other professions, and also more frequently than people outside the field realize.

Extra Benefits- Today in most part of the world, many teachers have their premiums fully paid by their school districts and may even enjoy health benefits which is among the best when compared with other industries. Teaching offers bonus benefits like sick days and tuition reimbursement. This way teaching actually pays a lot more than one can just  think.

Realistic Working Hours- With students in school just six to seven hours a day, teachers definitely spend much less time on the job in comparison to their corporate counterparts. Today we can easily see that with the increase in hectic pressure the working hours from 8 is rapidly becoming 10 to 12 hour day in other occupations. Certainly a teaching career leaves a teacher with more time for friends, family and other interests.

Today, no doubt teaching is a fulfilling career for anyone that enjoys sharing a terrific learning experience. It is one career that will continue to grow due to the ever-changing society along with the growth in demands for newer methods to teach.

Apics cscp – helping you lead through education

APICS CSCP – Helping You Lead Through Education

APICS The Association for Operations Management is a non-profit educational organization of international recognition, highly esteemed for its education programs and professional certifications, for increased workplace performance. APICS, established as American Production and Inventory Control Society in 1957, has developed to include over 70,000 members comprising both individuals and corporate from over 20,000 companies around the world. APICS is a major source for the Operations Management’s Body of Knowledge (BOK).

Certified Supply Chain Professional certification, or more popularly CSCP certification, is one of the prestigious certification programs offered by APICS. APICS CSCP certification is recognized world-wide as a mark of professional excellence in manufacturing and service sectors. With APICS CSCP, the certified candidates find themselves graduated from qualified professionals to sought-after experts. CSCP certification attracts highly lucrative job prospects. With the Supply Chain Management sector experiencing constant growth, APICS CSCP enables candidates stay up-to date and continuously improve their skills.

APICS CSCP brings into focus an organization’s entire supply chain, which equips candidates with an in-depth knowledge of supply chain aspects, which provides a wider perspective of supply chain management, an expertise that is applicable globally. Today, increased customer expectations have propelled companies to expect more from their employees. APICS CSCP enables employees not only to fulfill customer demands but also to move beyond.

Whether you are a professional looking to acquire in-depth understanding of supply chain management, an employee aiming career advancement, a manager seeking to contribute to increased organizational productivity, or an advocate of global supply chain management, you can enroll for APICS CSCP certification exam.

Various online and instructor-led APICS CSCP training programs are available.  Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) offers 2009 APICS CSCP exam simulation software designed specifically to help candidates pass the CSCP exam in their very first attempt. Students get to challenge their minds with unique practice questions set in a real-time APICS test environment and pattern. The depth of knowledge, accuracy of practice questions, ease of concept understanding (even by people with limited supply chain background), user-friendly software features, and affordability, have made SCMS’s simulation software a key ingredient of success in APICS CSCP exam.

Building california's infrastructure with welding

Building California's Infrastructure with Welding

When someone thinks about building bridges, roads or even buildings, the first thing that comes to mind is generally not welding. It is really a shame that this critical part to our construction industry is not recognized more often. Welding is the basis for all infrastructure projects. Without the welder, there would not be roads, bridges or high rise buildings. Pipelines, ships and even railroad cars all need to be welded together before being used. Society would stand still without this skill.

The Importance of Welding and Welding Schools

The building of the infrastructure in California is an ongoing project. Roads need to be built or improved, bridges need to be fixed and updated. Without properly trained welders to accomplish these tasks these projects could not be done safely. It is also important to have a healthy supply of California welding schools available to continue teaching welding techniques to new welders as well as experienced welders.

Welders need to know and understand about the different types of metals used to build the framework for these projects. The skeletal frames of roads and bridges need to be pieced together correctly to ensure strength and durability.

Without welding many industries could not exist. For example, the pipelines that run through California. The pipelines provide many jobs for the people of the state as well as the much needed resources to run the state. These pipelines are all welded together. They are done so in a fashion that prevents leakage and provides strength to withstand inclement weather and earthquakes.

Welding Training and Job Outlook

Welding takes special skills and California welding training. It is a great profession to choose because there is always a need. Any type of construction that is done requires the skills of a welder. Even during the hardest economic times, welders generally remain employed.

Trained welders can even expand their skills by becoming welding inspectors or welding engineers. This is a field with innumerable opportunities because progress must continue. As the population grows, as the needs of that population change and as things need to be replaced or repaired, there will always be a need for a skilled welder.

It is easy to overlook the importance that welding plays in industry. We do not often think of the people that build the framework for all the things we use. Welders have been a critical part of building California since its inception, and for that matter, the entire country.