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World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

One group, Youth for Human Rights Florida, enhances dialogue by helping others to understand their human rights through the education of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in youth-oriented booklets and DVDs.

 The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is often observed in countries that are composed of a varieties cultural backgrounds and histories, as this day acknowledges the importance of these different ways of life.  The United States of America is truly a country of diversity.

According to the United Nations, the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in Paris, France, on November 2, 2001. It was the 249th resolution adopted at the 57th session of the United Nations General Conference. Although the declaration was the culmination of years of work, it was adopted in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This reaffirmed the need for intercultural dialogue to prevent segregation and fundamentalism.

The United Nations proclaimed 2002 as the Year for Cultural Heritage. At the end of that year, on December 20, 2002, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

This ties in with Human Rights Day 2009 the United Nations advocated “Embrace Diversity – End Discrimination” and to continue to do so throughout 2010. On Human Rights Day Youth for Human Rights Florida joined other Youth for Human Rights groups around the world in the first annual “International Walk for Human Rights” to raise awareness of the need for all to demand their rights and to respect the rights of others.

 As the UN promotes diversity, Youth for Human Rights Florida is working to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in schools throughout Florida, and beyond. The youth president, Dustin McGahee, discusses the importance of teaching human rights in schools. “Human Rights must be taught in schools. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 with and stated these rights are to be taught in schools as a solution to peace, but 61 years later they are still not a required curriculum.”  McGahee became involved in educating others of their human rights as he is inspired to action by the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

 Youth for Human Rights Florida educates people of all ages about their human rights, both in and out of the classroom. There are many ways to learn about human rights, but Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) a non-profit, secular organization founded in 2001 by educator Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, created an easy to understand video of each of the human rights designed for youth. In less than a minute the youth can learn one of their human rights. There is also a teacher’s guide for those educators. For more information on Youth for Human Rights and free DVD downloads on the 30 human rights go:

To contact Youth for Human Rights Florida contact:

Iicm introduces high-speed digital training

IICM introduces high-speed digital training

The IICM has launched a series of high-speed online training courses specifically designed to help marketers keep up with the relentless pace of change in today’s digital marketing.

The IICM Digital Marketing Boosters, sponsored by Creative Merchants, have been developed by the Institute’s digital marketing faculty and are designed to deliver fast, concentrated knowledge initially in the 5 key areas for which students and marketers have told the IICM there is an immediate need. These are: Affiliate Marketing; Web Usability; Viral Marketing; Social Media; and Writing for Search Engine.

IICM Programme Director, Amit Gupta says: “Even the best-trained marketers tell us they find it difficult to keep up with the unyielding pace of technological change. The Boosters are designed to cover a lot of ground very quickly, while still providing the sort of in-depth hands-on knowledge the IICM is renowned for. There is nothing basic or introductory about the content, though – this is pure, concentrated knowledge, and anyone who goes on a Booster course will take away real practical skills they can use and profit from immediately.

Rachna Gupta, Managing Director of leading digital marketing provider and Boosters sponsor, Creative Merchants, adds: “We see digital skills in India as absolutely fundamental to the success of digital marketing in the long term. The Digital Marketing Industry Census 2008 found that 37% of e-marketers believed lack of skills/training to be the biggest barrier to effective email marketing – and creating such course through IICM gives us the chance to act on this ground-breaking research.”

The IICM Digital Marketing Boosters can provide the perfect stepping stone to the Institute’s more in-depth courses and qualifications for those who decide they need even more comprehensive and wide-ranging knowledge. Three further Boosters are already planned for later in the autumn, including Behavioural Targeting, Online Media Planning and Online PR, while additional courses will be developed to meet demand as new digital techniques emerge.

For full details on the IICM Digital Booster series, including course content, dates and prices, visit

About IICM,

The International Institute of Creative Marketing is recognized as the fastest-growing marketing institute in India and founded by Creative Merchants, one of the worlds leading Digital Marketing Company for the professional development of creative practices in direct, data and digital marketing. It sets standards and promotes professional excellence by providing comprehensive professional development and training through education, qualifications and information services of the highest creativity & quality.

The IICM is at the leading edge of one-to one marketing and is dedicated to keeping the marketing profession abreast of creativity from around the world, new technology, new media and the latest business practice.

For further information on IICM Certificate in Digital Marketing or IICM, please visit or get in touch with us, on 022 65279429 / 0919258570 or e-mail us on

Tips for mba application essays from alumni

Tips for MBA Application Essays from Alumni

Everyone who is part of the corporate world has a common ambition in mind, that is, to be the head honcho of a company’s department.  However, getting to the top is not an easy road; there are lots of people who are equally competitive as you are.  Perhaps what you can you do is to learn more about the ins and outs in your field in order for you to be more competent.  Many high profile executives and professionals will tell you that one of the most effective ways to get you promoted is by earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.  Having an MBA degree is not just additional points to your resume but it will also give you specialized knowledge in your chosen field, making you one of the most sought-after jprofessionals with a successful future.

Getting an MBA degree

An MBA degree is one of the sure ways to achieve career advancement whether you are in the corporate world or not.  
Because management is imperative in any field or career path, many people find MBA degree programs to be attractive opti0ons.  But for the most part, getting an MBA degree is not an easy journey.  Since it is a professional course, the admission process is very competitive and selective.  Thus, every prospective student should pass and be competitive in any in all admissions criteria, if possible.

The different admission criteria may vary from one school to another.  But the requirements are more or less the same, which includes the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), the transcript of records, and even letters of recommendation from past professors or present superiors.  The admissions panel also see to it that the personality of the applicant is suited for the offered program.  They do it by evaluating MBA application essays.  Those who have well written admission essays normally get invited for an interview.

The criteria and a bunch of good competitors are definitely good reasons for aspiring MBA students to do better on their application.  To be in the know of what to include and avoid in their MBA application essays, they can get tips online or ask the successful alumni themselves.  They can offer tips on what to discuss, what to focus on, and what not to say in the admission essay.  They can also be the applicant’s guide on the possible questions or topics that will be asked by the school.   

The MBA application essays

As stated above, MBA application essays are among the most important requirements prior to admission to the program.  This is the reflection of the applicant’s personality that cannot be seen through transcripts of records and other records. This will display their unique personalities, experiences, views, and insights that will make the admissions officers think that they really deserve the slot.    

Getting all the tips one can gather for writing an MBA personal statement is of utmost importance.  When ranking low in other admissions criteria, a well written essay can provide that needed boost to application.

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The following tips can help you in writing effectively:

• Analyze Instructions:

Understanding the objective of your paper is most important. Make sure that the instructions provided to you by your professor are clear to you. Once the instructions are cleared to you, the next step will be much easier. If you have vague ideas regarding the topic and theme of the paper then you will be lost in your approach.

• Formulate thesis:

All sorts of academic papers such as term paper, article writing, dissertations and research papers require thesis. No matter what sort of paper you are writing, you need to formulate a good thesis that provides an overview of what your paper is all about. It’s better to think what might be said against the thesis in order to provide a justification for your thesis in the term papers

• Research Extensively:

It’s better to start writing a paper with a complete knowledgeable background of the topic for your academic paper. For better reasoning, justification and providing proof to your thesis it is important to research extensively and add citations wherever you have used references. Referencing will add stronger impact in your paper and credibility for your material.

• Organize smartly:

It is important to divide your paper in paragraphs with particular aim. Such as the first paragraph must be the introduction and thesis. Second, third and fourth paragraph must contain the body of the paper in which you can describe the topic, provide proof and arguments. The last paragraph must be the conclusion that connects the whole paper.

• Proofreading:

You need to revise your paper once you are done with research, writing and concluding the end remarks. Make your paper grammar and spelling errors free. This is important because your paper and hard work will all be in vain if your professor will find mistakes in your paper. Proofread it twice or more times if needed to make it error-free.

By following these easy guidelines, you can easily write a quality academic paper which will benefit you in the form of good grades. Happy writing!

Overcoming hurdles is all about seeing the other side and wanting to be there enough to find a way, for me I love helping clients, seeing people achieve their health goals is hugely satisfying

When creating a blog you’ll want to keep a few things in mind from the very beginning that will help you to properly direct your efforts. If you aspire to become one of the most popular blogs in your niche your focus will have to be on the blog reader. If you are blogging to make money then realize your income will be dependent upon the people who visit your site. These people will ultimately decide how popular your blog is or how successful your promotional efforts may be so don’t lose sight of that.

With that said here are 5 areas you will not want to overlook or disregard especially if you are counting on your home business blog to earn you an income.

Establish Transparency

Allow your readers to get some insight into who you are and why you blog. By increasing their familiarity with you in this way you are gaining more trust from them. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion or a little bit about your personal interests, family or anything else that would be relevant to your blog or the readers.

This is especially important if you intend to promote any type of products on your site. Trust will be needed if readers are expected to make any purchases on what essentially will be your home business blog.

Take advantage of recycling fund raisers at your school

Take Advantage Of Recycling Fund Raisers At Your School

If you are looking for a good way to raise your school some extra money you should take a look at recycling programs. Schools use tons of materials that can be redeemed for cash through recycling programs dedicated for schools and other non-profit organizations. So what can you recycle at your school? An average size school will generate thousands of aluminum cans each month that can be recycled. This is one item that all schools should begin recycling if they are not already. Another highly used product in schools is simply all the paper that is used. Does your school already have separate containers to dispose of paper in instead of using the trash can? If your school is not currently already recycling their paper then this is yet another high volume product that schools are using every day that could be put to use in a recycling program for your school. It is true that many schools are already recycling their aluminum cans and paper products, so what else can a school do in terms of recycling as a fund raiser?

One common product that many schools do not currently recycle that they should be recycling are their ink cartridges – another item that is widely used in all schools. There are a few recycling programs that are specifically dedicated to recycling ink cartridges for schools and other non-profit companies to make sure that you get a fair rate for all the ink cartridges you collect in your fund raiser. When researching what program would be best for your school to use, it is important to research what ink cartridges are accepted by the company you are researching. Some programs have a very limited list of cartridges that they will pay you for, while others may accept almost any type of ink cartridge that your school is using. So if you are looking for a great recycling fund raiser for your school an ink cartridge recycling program is a great solution. The fund raiser would not only be limited to the ink cartridges that the school uses, but also those that students collect at home and bring in to school. Believe it or not, an ink cartridge recycling program can generate a large sum of money for a school if executed correctly.

You may be asking how to properly execute a program such as an ink cartridge recycling fund raiser. The answer to your question will actually come from the company you decide to do your fund raiser through. Many of these programs want to help you meet your goals and will provide you with promotional materials to promote your recycling efforts. Promotional materials such as flyers, posters, drop off signs, and more can be provided for your school to use in order to achieve fund raising goals. Placing the promotional materials around the school and making announcements about the program will help you kick start your program and help you achieve success.

Recycling fund raisers do not stop at aluminum cans, paper, and ink cartridges. There are numerous other programs related to recycling that your school could use to help earn more money. Another popular recycling item is electronics – more specifically used cell phones. What did you do with your old cell phone? I know numerous people who have simply tossed their old cell phones to the garbage can. Instead of tossing your used cell phones to the trash why not earn some money from them? When a school runs a recycling program to collect old cell phones it is surprising just how many are often times collected as many people have numerous old cell phones just laying around the house. Once you have collected a good amount of phones your school can then redeem them for cash! This is yet another great fund raising activity that a school can take advantage of.

So – if your school is looking for a good fund raiser then you should mention a recycling drive to them. One fund raising recycling drive could involve all of the items I mentioned above and can honestly raise large sums of cash. Many schools now run ink cartridge and cell phone recycling programs all year and simply redeem the collections for cash once they have collected enough worthy of redeeming. Just think how many ink cartridge and even cell phones people go through on a year to year basis! Your school or non profit organization could be cashing in on these items instead of them being tossed in the trash or put on a shelf to not ever be used again. So the bottom line is that you need to find a good recycling program for your school to join. Once you have found a reputable program to join you can begin promoting the fund raiser throughout the school and begin collecting the items you will be recycling. This type of fund raiser is very effective at schools because most people are more than willing to donate old ink cartridge and cell phones simply because they have no other use for them.

Words about postgraduate education and its benefits

300 Words about Postgraduate Education and Its Benefits

If you have already got your undergraduate degree and still want to attain more in the academic field, postgraduate education is for you. A number of higher education providers are eager to offer students a variety of postgraduate studies which give an opportunity to get a desirable graduate certificate or diploma and become an owner of another master or doctoral degree. The benefits of such degrees are numerous, and you are free to choose the way and the time when you should use these degrees.

Importance of postgraduate education

For a long period of time, people were eager to learn as much reliable information as possible in order to get a chance and change this world for better. The desire to learn more made people take a number of steps which could be supported and understood by the others. And now people are free to apply for another education and learn more captivating material.

Application for postgraduate education

You should not do too much to deserve a chance and get postgraduate education:

1.Address the necessary admission center;

2.Prepare all important documents;

3.Pass exams (if necessary);

4.Choose a program that is more appropriate for you.

Benefits of postgraduate studies

In fact, there are many pros of this kind of education. And the most evident are:

1.A higher possibility to find a good job faster;

2.More chances to be promoted quicker;

3.Numerous opportunities to earn good money;

4.Access to choices in comparison with other graduates.

As you can see, the idea of getting postgraduate education is rather beneficial. If you have some time, desire, and opportunities, you need to use this chance and enjoy several years of student life and learn another portion of material that may be used in everyday life.

What do i look for to find the best online criminal justice college

What do I look for to find the best online criminal justice college?

Once you’ve taken a decision to pursue a career in the field of Criminal Justice, your will begin your quest for the college offering the best online criminal justice degree program. This probably is the most confusing part of all.

Besides checking for accreditation, reputation with employers and number of enrolments and costs, here are a few other benchmarks that you can use while doing a ‘Strength- Weakness’ analysis, of the different colleges:

  1. Flexibility: A college that gives you maximum flexibility with regard to joining the program as well as studying for the program will definitely be of advantage. The ideal college must provide you with the controls to schedule your education, with no job interruptions, or time spent on travel. You should be able to go to your virtual class anytime, no matter where you are, and at any time during the year.

  2. Rolling Admission System: Where the admission system allows you to enroll for the program at any time during the year.

  3. Quickest Degree: Every student wants to get a degree in the shortest possible time. There are colleges that grant a bachelors degree in as little as 13 months or so as they give you credit for completing an equivalent coursework earlier.

  4. Quality of Courseware: Your courseware should include a balanced mix of both theory and application. It should include individual research projects so that you gain experience in writing reports and giving presentations.

  5. Teaching Techniques and Training Methods: Your online program must make use of a wide variety of tools and techniques to give you the ‘close to real life’ experience. There are unique distance education delivery systems today such as ‘Cloudroom’ that let students participate in live lecture broadcasts and interact with each other, real time.
    A good online program includes a comprehensive and flexible e-Learning software platform, allowing the faculty and students to interact with each other through discussion boards, live chats and email etc.

  6. Learning at an Individualized Pace: A superior online college program should have a structure that is collaborative, learner-based and one that recognizes people’s varied learning styles and the need for proactive participation to promote long-term memory.

  7. Internship opportunities: will help you translate your learning in the classroom to a real life work situation.

  8. Learning about real-life environments: You can get this benefit when you have interaction with industry experts.

  9. Personalized Financial Assistance: Several colleges give the benefit of a financial aid programs including loans, grants, scholarships for which you could qualify, upon application.

  10. Employment & Placement Services: It is definitely a major advantage when the college provides you with a forum that allows you to interact with prospective employers.

International year of youth – 2010 –

International Year of Youth – 2010 –

TAMPA BAY, JANUARY 12, 2010 – The year 2010 was named by the United Nations as the “International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”.

So as to raise dialogue between groups and create mutual understanding, Youth for Human Rights Florida is reaching out to youth of all races, cultures, religions and ages to help others to understand their human rights and respect the rights of others through the education of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

According to the United Nations a “youth” is from the age of 15 to 24, with approximately one billion youth live in the world today or 18% of the world’s population are “youth”.

Some of the ideas of the United Nations General Assembly, Sixty-fourth session on Social Development, are stated as: “(a) Creating effective channels of cooperation and information exchange among young people, their national Governments and other decision makers…” and “…(b) Encouraging and promoting youth-led organizations and the important role they play in promoting young people’s civic engagement and in providing non-formal education through financial and technical support and the promotion of their activities…”

As the UN promotes “civic engagement”, Youth for Human Rights Florida is working to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in schools throughout Florida, and beyond. The youth president, Dustin McGahee, has already written to Governor Charlie Crist to ask to meet with him to discuss the importance of teaching human rights in schools. “Human Rights must be taught in schools. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 with and stated these rights are to be taught in schools as a solution to peace, but 61 years later they are still not a required curriculum.”

But human rights advocate Dustin McGahee won’t sit idle waiting for Governor Crist, as this month alone Youth for Human Rights Florida will be participating in an Interfaith Conference, walking in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and taking part in an educational conference for Black Heritage Week; all to create a more peaceful world by educating others of their human rights. McGahee became involved in educating others of their human rights as he is inspired to action by the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

Youth for Human Rights Florida educates people of all ages about their human rights, both in and out of the classroom. There are many ways to learn about human rights, but Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) a non-profit, secular organization founded in 2001 by educator Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, created an easy to understand video of each of the human rights designed for youth. In less than a minute the youth can learn one of their human rights. For more information on Youth for Human Rights and free DVD downloads on the 30 human rights go:

To contact Youth for Human Rights Florida contact:

Career in ayurveda

Career in Ayurveda

There is a quickly growing trend out there, and if you haven’t yet heard about it, you will soon. As more and more people look for the best ways to get their body to a healthy place, holistic treatments are gaining steam. Individuals are figuring out that there are some really nice ways to improve your health that don’t involve waiting around in a doctor’s office or purchasing expensive pills. What are these measures? Specifically, people are trying out Ayurveda to change their approach significantly.

Most people are trying to achieve Panchakarma, a state where their body is in complete harmony. They are doing this by getting Ayurvedic massage treatments and full body workouts. The idea is to promote relaxation of the highest order. When most folks think about getting a massage, they are intent on getting rid of their stress and also relieving some of the pain in their muscles.

Ayurveda Schools

Ayurveda training is founded on the principles of preventing disease, treating disorders, and bringing the body into balance. Ayurveda schools educate students about ayurveda sciences, which are comprised of many alternative health sciences, but focus primarily on Ayurvedic techniques and practices.

Ayurveda school tuitions range between $1,000 and $2,000 per semester. Ayurveda school certification takes approximately one to two years to complete on a part-time basis. There are currently no licensing requirements for Ayurveda practitioners, however a group of practitioners and instructors are in discussions to create state and national professional associations focused on licensing and certification requirements of Ayurveda practices.

A big scientific research is being conducted now. This research confirms the hypothesis of ancient doctors about the ageing processes in the organism, which lead to different diseases. Research is being conducted in the area of oncology and allergology, the methods of controlling allergic reactions and stimulating the immune system are being studied.

Study shows that ancient science, which was mostly led by intuitiveness, came to the same conclusions. Modern scientists with Western education use the knowledge of Ayurveda, after adapting it to the modern circumstances. For example, different herb preparations are created more efficiently by using herb extracts, instead of pure herbs.

Alternative health techniques and complementary medicine have gained in popularity in recent years as people seek natural solutions to improve overall health.

Today, there is also a wider acceptance by the traditional medical community, which until recently had been skeptical of the benefits. In fact, many are accepted and even incorporated to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Most complementary practitioners have a multilevel view of human illness – Disease and illness are believed to be a result of a variety of disturbances which can be from any or all of the following inputs:

Physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Advantages of moot court as an extracurricular activity

Advantages of Moot Court as an Extracurricular Activity

Attending a law school, student should take up at least two different extracurricular activities, one should satisfy student interests, another should promote students’ future career. Law profession is the one where the absence of proficient skills and sufficient knowledge in the field may lead to a number of unpleasant consequences, from the loss of money to the ruin of reputation. Thus, to avoid any mistakes in future, students should attend moot courts to obtain additional skills in the profession.

What is a moot court?

Moot court is one of the extracurricular activities with the main idea to take part in simulated court procedures. Students have a task to consider one of the cases, either appellate or arbitral. Moot courts do not involve any testimonies or witnesses. The main information which students possess is presented in a written form.

Moot court program

 The organizational structure of a moot court program depends on the law school requirements. The core idea of a moot court procedure is to reflect the main proceeding and copy the actions which are going to be in a real court. Training takes place in each law school separately, but there are common activities where each law school is aimed to give a representative for a competition.

Difference is in variety

Moot court programs in different countries differ in some content. For example, in England and Wales a moot court proceeding is going to be like a conversation with the common purpose to find the solution to the problem, while in Scotland, the procedure has an adversarial nature.

Moot court importance

It is significant to attend moot courts as they give students an opportunity to improve their skills and apply possessed knowledge in practice. Plato said. “The most important part of education is proper training”.