Unconventional Methods for Passing the Examination

Using technical aids

The contemporary students are quick-witted and go with the times. They try to pass examinations using some extraordinary methods. The cribs written on paper are left in the past. Nowadays different types of digital cribs enjoy wide popularity. Surely, the teachers take pains struggling with the students using their mobile phones at class and especially at examinations. But sometimes it is very difficult to guess what trick the students invented this time.

Beside the documents saved in the mobile phones the students may find other ways for getting the information from air. They ask their friends to send them sms messages with the right answers during the examination. Others may pretend that they feel bad and ask for permission to go out. Outside the auditorium the simulators may call their friends and ask the right questions or revise the hidden notes.

Actually the professors get accustomed to the students poor health during the examination. Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate between the simulators and those who are really ill. The students may have brilliant artistic skills.

Positive effects of compiling cribs

The good old paper cribs did much less harm than the present day digital ones. In fact, it was possible to compile the cribs and left them at home. Some people can remember the material having written it. It is necessary to analyze and systematize the material in order to put it on a small piece of paper. In fact, the paper cribs are only very concise notes. They have positive effects on the learning process:

1.systematizing the material;

2.having the full picture of the course material;

3.establishing the relations between the different parts of the course.

The technical progress never stops. Nowadays there is no need to write the cribs. The students often make copies of their fellow students’ notes or print the scaled-down syllabus.

Do you want to be an esl teacher in china

Do You Want To Be An Esl Teacher In China?

From Sunny Recruitment

We are an equal opportunity agency. We provide best benefits and salaries to all teachers regardless of their race or nationality. We have placed many teachers in China. Please be advised that you can’t work legally
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Please be informed that we give first priority to candidates who has all the documents ready which is related to getting your Z Visa (Passport, diploma, etc), who are flexible in terms of locations. We will try to provide our best jobs to those candidates first

Teaching experiences are required and must have university diploma with criminal record check.

Attach your resume and a photo (your pic, diploma) in your email, please let us know your status ( Flexible, document ready), start date, where your from, Ideal location to work and the positions
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Locations available
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Job qualifications and documents required to your Z visa in China

Must be fluent in English
Must be Citizen of English speaking country (USA, Ireland, Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand)
Energetic Individuals
Experience perferred but not required
University diploma including sealed transcript (within last 3months)

Required Documentation:
– CV/Resume (Microsoft Office Word or Adobe PDF format)
– Copy your highest level of academic degree/diploma/certificate/or college transcript
– The Photo copy of the data page of valid passport
– Recent color Photo
– Letter of Recommendation/or Release Letter from your previous Chinese school (Only if you worked in China previously)
– Any other relevant information you think might help your application

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Contentment and happiness austin psychotherapy

Contentment and Happiness Austin Psychotherapy

If you’re in search of peace and a restoration of the happiness you once had in your family, Lora Ferguson can provide you with the Austin psychotherapy you need for healing and return. Through counseling, a trusting and meaningful relationship is built between the client and the counselor which will, in turn, help strengthen the relationships that are in the family.

By getting to know your teen through Austin psychotherapy, Lora Ferguson can bridge the gap that divides parents from their teenage children. The teenager in your family will find a voice in Lora Ferguson, and his or her feelings can be expressed through healthy ways so understanding and communication can be fostered. With time, effort, motivation, and expectations that are realistically set, family members will find a deeper connection to each other and be on the road to contentment in family life.

It all begins with a free phone consultation before the first session that will take a total of 20 minutes. When specific goals are set for the counseling, your needs, as well as the needs of your teenager, will start to be met. A voicing out of the feelings and desires of your teenager will be aired out by Lora Ferguson; and with this communication, relationships are built and brought closer.

Austin psychotherapy in counseling will bring out the changes that your teenager is going through and it will be made clear if they cause them discomfort. If everything is laid out in the open and there is an understanding, a teenager’s relationship with his or her family and friends become healthier and stronger. If you’re ready to reach that level of contentment in your family relationship, contact Lora Ferguson by filling out the online contact form and signing up for the free 20 minute phone consultation.

Ms excel training: reasons why virtual assistants need this

MS Excel Training: Reasons Why Virtual Assistants Need This

MS Excel is one of the most important applications that every virtual assistant should know how to use. It is extremely useful, particularly for VAs that want to expand their skills and offer more in terms of services to their clients. Is MS Excel training a good investment for virtual assistants? You bet!  Here are reasons why:

It’s an electronic spreadsheet
MS Excel is a spreadsheet application that can be manipulated electronically. It efficiently allows for quick and more efficient use of tables or cells in which data such as text and numbers can be entered.

Virtual assistants will find this function very useful especially if they perform computations, data storing, data sorting and accounting. Each cell can be programmed to use formula, so mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be performed.  

If a VA’s job requires more complicated formulations, MS Excel can also be used to create formulas that can be changed in order to customize the functions of the cells.

It can be used to produce and store data
Virtual assistants can use MS Excel to store and manipulate data. Data on cells can be sorted for easy searches and analyses, so they can be used for a lot of purposes, such as to store names, addresses, locations, zip codes, phone numbers and keywords.

MS Excel can also be used for conditional formatting, so the appearance of information on selected cells can be manipulated. Negative values, for example, may be formatted to appear in red while those with positive values may be made to appear black, blue, green or any other color. Data may also be formatted to interact with information that appears on another worksheet.

When it comes to storing data, MS Excel is extremely efficient. It can store 16,000 columns and a maximum of one million rows. That is more than enough space to ensure that a busy virtual assistant can handle even large amounts of data without fear of ever running out of tables to use.

Excel can be used to produce graphs and charts
Virtual assistants may be asked to create graphs and charts for presentations and data analyses. With MS Excel training, VAs will find it very easy to create professional looking graphs and charts quickly.  

If visual oomph is required, virtual assistants can easily use effects on the graphs and charts, such as transparency, shadowing and even 3D.

MS Excel can be used to create forms
Virtual assistants can benefit from MS Excel training because it can be used to design different types of forms for electronic or online use or even for print. With MS Excel, selected cells can be frozen so viewing long lists or large amounts of entries is easier.

Shopping online – credit card security tips

Shopping Online – Credit Card Security Tips

Online shopping is an excellent way to shop. Huge range of products and stores as well as great prices, there is no doubting it’s a great way to buy things. However, with so many online stores online and new ones popping up all the time, how do you know if sites are legitimate and secure. Here’s what you need to know before parting with your credit card details online.

Shopping online can be a very rewarding experience; you can find a huge number of items online that you would never find in your local mall.

However, the savvy shopper knows how to spot risky eccommerce websites and avoid giving them their personal information, including credit cards. The havoc that can come from giving the wrong website your personal information can be widespread.

One of the best ways to ensure you will have a successful online shopping experience is to make sure that your computer is up-to-date on the latest spyware and technical advances. By downloading this information onto your computer, you will be more likely to spot a problematic site. Your internet security software with anti-virus and spyware detection can help you detect if the website your visiting is trying to place a virus or harmful software onto your computer.

Credit card security is always seeing improvements online. More and more consumers are demanding that their online shopping experience is a positive one. As a result, there are online software solutions that specialize in ensuring that their credit card security is never compromised by hackers.

If you are about to purchase an item online, be sure to see if the website page is “secure” when you enter your personal information. An easy way to check if the website page is “secure” or not is to look at the web address. If the web address begins with http:// then the site is unsecured. However, if the webpage address shows as ‘https’:// the page is secure. You are less likely to experience problems with your online shopping experience if you only type in your personal information on a website page that begins: https://

Another solution for wary online shoppers is to contact the business directly. If you are at all concerned about the business you are about to shop with online, find a phone number and contact the company. A reputable business will have an established customer service center where you can give your personal information to a human being – versus a website page. While your on the phone you can also ask them a few questions about the business such as asking how long they have been in operation, how they secure credit card details and so on. This will help you decide if they are running their online store well and treating credit card security with the importance it deserves.

Finally, a simple and easy way to determine if a website is legitimate is to look and see whether the company has an SSL-certified listing on their website. These symbols indicate that the business offers a secure online shopping experience to their customers. In addition, if you see a BBB (Better Business Bureau) symbol on the website, you will know that these symbols indicate that the company will not engage in illegal credit card fraud.

Keep these tips in mind before you start your next online shopping experience. This way, you can be sure that your personal information will not be accessed by hackers or other online thieves.

After phonics, what

After Phonics, What?

For the past several decades, parents and teachers have labored to teach children to read by helping them to learn the sounds of each letter and sounding them out to form words. The overall method is generally referred to as “phonics.” Unfortunately, the term “phonics” has mistakenly become a ubiquitous term meaning “the study of all letter sounds.” The simplicity of implementing phonics into a teaching technique is also the basis of its greatest problem in teaching the reading of English.

The word “phonics” is a shortened term for “phonetics.” Many languages can be said to be phonetic in the sense that one letter always represents the same sound. Beginning readers, sadly, soon learn that written English is not consistently phonetic. This makes written English one of the more difficult languages for people to learn to read and spell.

In English, the consonant sounds are phonetic in most instances. As a result, we can generally use phonics methods to begin to teach students to read the consonant letters. Of course, students eventually must learn a few exceptions to the universal application of phonics to the pronunciation of consonants.

The situation is substantially different for vowel letters. In English, vowel sounds are not coded phonetically. This is because every vowel letter can represent several vowel sounds. For example, the vowel letter “a” is read differently in the words “at” and “ate”, and “e” is read differently in “bed” and “bead”. Students (both children and adults) can readily see the visual distinction between “at” and “ate”, but are too often at a loss about why we read the letter “a” as a short vowel in the “at” and a long vowel in “ate”. Using a learning-to-read technique based entirely on phonics presents beginning readers with unwarranted confusion, stress and frustration when they try to “read” vowel letters phonetically.

There is a relatively new method that systematically helps beginning readers to know when each of the different sounds associated with a specific vowel is applicable and when it is not. It’s called syllabics.

The approach taken by syllabics is substantially different from phonics. When students have mastered reading all the consonants and the six main consonant blends, they are ready for the only thing left for them to learn: how to read the vowel letters, a, e, i, o, and u.

The secret to correctly reading a vowel letter lies in the way the word is spelled. Every word has a spelling code that clearly tells the student how to read each vowel letter in that word. Because they are the easiest to learn, syllabics begins with the shortest words (one syllable words). After students have mastered the basic spelling codes, which enable them not only to recognize how virtually any one-syllable word is pronounced and spelled, they are almost ready to leap forward to multi-syllable words.

The most common spelling code is what has been arbitrarily termed by many reading experts as the “VC” code. A word with the VC code contains only one vowel letter and ends with a consonant letter.

Just consider the words “at”, “sat”, and “scratch”. The rule for a word that has the VC spelling code is to read the vowel with a short vowel sound. When students have mastered the VC code, they can correctly apply it to any word with the VC code, “sounding-out” every consonant and vowel in order to “read” the word.

Applying the simple rule makes it completely unnecessary for students to guess or to memorize how to pronounce the letters.

For the student and the teacher, the most interesting aspect of the syllabics method is that there are only six codes to learn. Once they are all mastered, students will have conquered the challenges presented by phonics-based programs: They can now read virtually every English word. The exceptions are the groups of words that don’t comply with any known rule.

How you can find an extra 2-6 hours of working time per week

How you Can Find an Extra 2-6 Hours of Working Time Per Week

Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time in the day? Many days you might leave your office wondering why you didn’t get much more accomplished. Between dealing with different people and receiving phone calls, and trying to juggle all of the different little tasks you need to, the day can be gone before you know it. A huge challenge for many people is dealing with all of the information that they get get thrown at them through the mail, internet, fax, etc. It’s quite a lot of reading!

How many hours a week do you think you actually spend reading – between emails, faxes, newspaper, reports, etc? I sure if you did an inventory of the time you spent on this every week, you would be surprised at the amount of your time that is gobbled up by reading. Now what if you could cut that in half? For some people that would free up a tremendous amount of their days, and allow them to accomplish a tremendous amount more. What many people don’t realize is that it is possible to quicky and easily start the habit of reading faster – much faster.

Simply by being aware of the need and the ability that one has to ready faster, this typically helps in and of itself. Many people after a short tutorial can find that their reading speed can be doubled. And really the sky is the limit with the right instruction. There are highly successful people that have really taken this to an art form. Marshall Thurber, a well reknown expert in the field of wealth empowerment, is said to read 3 books before lunch every day. Even if you don’t have that kind of reading ambition, it’s pretty clear that even if you doubled your reading speed you could save yourself tons of time.

A simple tip you can start using to read faster is to be simply conscious of your reading speed and your need to improve it. For a free test of your reading speed and some free tips on reading faster, check out:

This non committal learning management system keeps you on task

This Non Committal Learning Management System Keeps You On Task

What can learning management system provide to your training organization? For starters, efficiency and better organization, their LMS has been designed to streamline all the work that goes into getting your training organized without having to add additional staff to get it done. Your IT department won’t even be effected by the addition of this highly effective learning management system. Installation is easy and doesn’t even require on site visit. Your trainers will have more time to develop their daily training sessions and you will be able to keep track of customer satisfaction, scheduling, cancelled classes and more. Training Force is made to be malleable to your software and your needs. Flexibility in software means flexibility is installation and maintenance and it also allows Training Force to offer a product that is suitable for one user or a 1000 at prices that are lower than their competitors.
The idea behind Training Force is to streamline and make more efficient the already tedious but completely important task of organizing your training agenda. If you are still using spreadsheets that need to be updated manually and daily by your training staff you are allowing not only a larger opportunity for error to occur, you are also utilizing that persons valuable resources to do something that could and should be done for them, automatically through a learning management system. As Learning management systems providers Training Force is able to take the tedious work out of the hands of your instructors and automate it. So if class has to be cancelled for some reason, instead of having to pick up the phone to call each and every person on the roster, you can have the software email any notifications that need to be sent automatically to each student. This saves time and money, and ensures that you can inform customers of changes in a timely manner.
Students can register and pay for their classes through the web based application, they can find out test scores, take surveys, find out when there are instructor led courses and find the self paced courses your training organization offers. The LMS that Training Force provides is risk free, you can use it for one user to start and see if it will work for your company, there are no contracts so if you decide it isn’t for you, you won’t have to continue using it any longer than you want to, and it is cost effective for small business as well as large businesses.

Where to get an mba scholarship

Where to Get an MBA Scholarship

Graduate school scholarships are fast becoming more valuable with the costs of education expected to rise in the coming years. Therefore, students who plan to advance into graduate school are looking at these scholarships as a valid option to produce enough funding. When it comes to your search for graduate school scholarships, there are only a few places to go.

Financial Aid Programs

If you want to apply for graduate school scholarships, the first place you must go to is the university or college’s financial aid office. Most of them have a list of possible scholarships and grants that you can apply for. You can also express your desire to acquire financial assistance for your graduate school studies to any one of your acquaintances so they can inform you of potential graduate school scholarships you can attend. If you feel like there is not enough information available in your local financial aid office, use the internet. The vast online database will provide you tons of information in less time.

Government Programs

The government provides funds to send individuals to school, especially those who are in deep financial need. Therefore, make it a point to file your application at FAFSA to qualify for any form of student assistance provided by the federal government. If you can find grants and other forms of graduate school scholarships, it is best to opt for them over student loans as the latter needs to be repaid.

Individual Scholarship Groups

If you know of any scholarship group, visit their office and ask around for any open graduate school scholarship that you can apply for. Associations like the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) were intended specifically to provide funding for students.

It takes more deliberate planning to join in and finish an MBA program than most graduate courses. Oftentimes, the high cost of MBA programs from good schools can put much strain on the student’s finances. Most MBA students are also forced to quit their jobs because of the strain that curriculum requirements put on their time. That’s why many MBA students vie for MBA scholarships to help them pay for most or all of the fees that comes with an MBA program.

The first place to look for an MBA scholarship is in the different business schools, colleges, and universities. The MBA scholarships offered by these institutions are normally available to students that have excellent GMAT scores. An inability to afford the expenses that comes with completing an MBA must be proven together with merit. Nonetheless, other specific eligibility criteria vary with each institution. It is best to consult each business school’s details regarding their scholarship either through phone or through their website.

Apply to as many business schools as you can to increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Consult the school’s counselors or their designated staff regarding their scholarship to give you professional information on their requirements and criteria.

You can also utilize the internet to look for business schools that offer MBA scholarships or other private sources that offer the same. A single search can give you virtually an unlimited list of schools and scholarship providers. Try also consulting the education yellow pages to help you find MBA correspondence courses or group discussions on MBA scholarships.

Some banks also provide scholarships and loans to MBA aspirants. However, some of these loans are like personal loans and needs to be paid back. Large companies, on the other hand, often offer funds and grants to their employees who are interested in taking an MBA program.

Applying for a scholarship typically requires you to submit a completed application form together with other necessary documents. Keep track of the dates and deadlines set by the institutions you’ve applied to. Appear promptly at the interview that they’ve set and keep a positive attitude towards your self.

Iuc implementing cisco unity connection exam number: 642-262 associated certifications: cisco unity support specialist duration: 75 minutes 45-55 questions available languages: english and japanese click here to register: pearson vue exam policies: read current policies and requirements exam tutorial: review type of exam questions

642-262 demo

642-262 IUC
Implementing Cisco Unity Connection
Exam Number:     642-262
Associated Certifications: Cisco Unity Support Specialist
Duration: 75 minutes 45-55 questions
Available Languages: English and Japanese
Click Here to Register: Pearson VUE
Exam Policies: Read current policies and requirements
Exam Tutorial: Review type of exam questions

If you are looking to pass Cisco 642-262 exam, then Hiexam has the perfect solution for you. Get Hiexam 642-262 exam and be on your way to passing today. It’s like having an automatic guarantee of passing because the 642-262 exam is tough. With our Hiexam tools,you can pass 642-262 exam easily.

642-262 Recommended Training
Implementing Cisco Unified Connection (IUC) is the recommended training for this exam.
Courses listed are offered by Cisco Learning Partners—the only authorized source for Cisco IT training delivered exclusively by Certified Cisco Instructors. Check the Global Learning Partner Locator for a Cisco Learning Partner near you.

With the help of the Hiexam study materials and guidance of Cisco 642-262 certification exam, you can pass your Cisco 642-262 certification exam in your first attempt. Hiexam study materials of 642-262 is composed by the contemporary and dynamic Information Technology experts, who use their knowledge and experience to organize you for your future in IT.

642-262 Exam Topics
The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the Remote Access exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

Cisco Unity Connection platforms, licensing and deployment models
Cisco Unity Connection installation
Cisco Unity Connection phone system integration
Cisco Unity Connection COBRAS
Preparing Cisco Unity Connection for users
Managing Cisco Unity Connection users

The Cisco 642-262 practice test that we can provide are based on the extensive research and real-world experiences from our online trainers, with over 10 years of IT and certification experience. Custom written content for on-the-go professionals such as yourself. 642-262 exam, including 642-262 questions and answers feed into our larger product base. You can also enjoy 642-262 study guide, and the new and improved 642-262 demo to pass the exam.

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