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Determining Personality and Forgery – Which One You Need?

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Most of the times people misunderstood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. People thought that handwriting analyst and document examiner is the same. They thought that handwriting analyst is the person who determined that the documents had been written by the same person or to prove that the signature had been forged.

The truth is that there is a difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. Although both of these professions have to work with handwriting samples, they look at the handwriting from totally different angles.

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding the personality through the strokes and patterns revealed in the handwriting. Therefore the handwriting analyst is a person who determined the personality of the writer.

There are three important things that will be considered when a handwriting analyst does the analysis.

Emotional responses

Emotional responses are how you make most of your decisions either you are ruled by your head where you use logic or you are ruled by your heart where you use your feeling in any situation.

Your emotional responses could be seen through the slant of your handwriting where the slant needs to be measured to determine the emotional responses accurately.

Emotional intensity

The emotional intensity could be seen through the pressure of your handwriting. Emotional intensity will show how deeply you feel emotions and how long these emotions last.


Your traits or habits could be revealed through how you formed the letters in your handwriting. The letters that you formed will show whether you have a high self-esteem, a determine person, like to procrastinate and many other habits that you have.

Additional to the above a handwriting analyst will also look at the three zones and the stroke directions in your handwriting to determine your whole personality.

Unlike handwriting analyst, document examiner will not do the above. Document examiner does not analyse the handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand your personality.

Document examiner would not even make any comments on character or personality derived from your handwriting. Instead of the above, the document examiner will need to measure and examine the sample of handwriting to determine the author or writer of the sample.

In other words, document examiner will analyse the documents to identify whether they had been forged or to identify that same person had written the letters.

Because of the nature of their job, the services of the document examiner is normally used in the court cases to determine any forgery in the documents such as will, cheques etc

I hope that by now you have understood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner.

If you want a professional to determine your personality, help identify your positive and negative traits, you need to seek handwriting analyst’s help. Handwriting analyst would be able to help you in improving yourself in order for you to achieve your dreams. Handwriting analyst could also help you to evaluate other people’s personality such in new employees screening purposes, understanding your children better and help you to improve your relationships.

Document examiner on the other hand, will help you in determining whether there is a forgery in the documents or determining who’s the real author of the document.

So whichever services you needed, both professions will need samples of handwriting for them to analyse.

Orbital relationship of the moon

Orbital Relationship Of The Moon

The Moon is the Earth’s natural satellite. It orbits the Earth on a regular basis, much the same as the Earth orbits the Sun. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth creates several interesting conditions and in fact can greatly influence the Earth and everyone on it.

The Moon orbits the Earth with a synchronous rotation. This means that nearly the same face of the Moon is faced towards the Earth at all times. In fact, only 59% of the face of the Moon can ever be observed from Earth. As the moon rotates, it also completes its orbit.

The Moon completes one orbit of the Earth in 27.3 days, but because during this time, the Earth is also moving, a full lunar cycle is 29.5 days. These lunar cycles are responsible for the phases of the moon. The lunar cycle begins with the new moon. The new moon is when the moon first appears as a small sliver. Some cultures and even some calendars will use this new moon as the basis for the beginning of a new month.

Over the course of the next 14 or so days, the lighted face of the moon will continue to become larger and larger. During this process, the moon cycle is called waxing gibbous. After 1 week, it will resemble a half moon and after the approximately 14 days, it will resemble a full Moon. Over the course of the next 14 or so days, the lighted face of the moon will decrease. This is the waning gibbous cycle. At the end of 7 days, it will be half a moon and by the end of 14 days, the lighted area will disappear and the cycle will begin again.

This cycle brings up the first of the orbital effects of the moon on society and culture. The 29.5 day moon cycle corresponds to 1 month. The 12 cycles per year corresponds to the 12 months of the year. The approximately 7 days from each half of the moon corresponds to 1 week. Further more, this cycle of the Moon also corresponds to the menstrual cycle of many women.

The moon’s synchronous rotation as it orbits the Earth also causes the tides. As the moon orbits the Earth, the gravitational pull of the Moon is causing water to bulge towards it, causes a tide. This similar force will exist on the far side of the Earth as well, hence there are two tide cycles every day.

The Moon’s orbit causes eclipses to occur as well. There are two kinds of eclipses, the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the sun and the moon. The lunar eclipse is unique in that we are able to view the shadow of the Earth being cast on the moon. When the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, we see a solar eclipse. The Moon is passing over the surface of the Sun.

There are so many effects of the Moon’s orbit. It has a very unique relationship with us. It has affected our culture, our physical being and even the forces of nature that shape our world. The Moon shows us how interconnected we are to the universe around us.

Question & answers

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Alternative medicine university: creating healthful practitioners

Alternative Medicine University: Creating Healthful Practitioners

Find Alternative Medicine University in the United States and Canada. Today’s alternative medicine university is on the rise; partly due to the increased interest in alternative and holistic medicine. Now students have ample opportunities to gain comprehensive education in a variety of healing arts that lead to professional careers; such as natural health practitioners, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors and many others.

The diverse nature of academic and practical training that is afforded through an alternative medicine university is quite stunning. Students enrolled in an alternative medicine university will quickly discover the multitude of possibilities that exist in this ever-growing healthcare industry. For example, homeopathy courses offered through an alternative medicine university will provide candidates with in-depth studies in phytotherapy, aromatherapy and other related botanical medicine. This goes without saying that an alternative medicine university may also extend comprehensive coursework in herbal medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, reflexology, reiki and a vast assortment of innumerable natural health and alternative medicine fields.

An alternative medicine university frequently offers certificate and diploma programs, but also provides degree programs in a variety of alternative medicine practices. Degree programs extended through an alternative medicine university may include elaborate academic programs that have been specifically designed for the future practitioner in mind. Some of these (courses) may include career training opportunities to become licensed acupuncturists, doctors of chiropractic and the like.

An alternative medicine university helps to develop healthful and natural caregivers who are, upon successful completion, able to provide essential mind, body and spirit healthcare services to patients. Because complementary and integrative medicine are truly making a strong impact on conventional medicine, an alternative medicine university regularly provides prospective students with training options that will lead to personally and professional rewarding careers as massage therapists, Oriental medicine doctors, hypnotherapists, holistic practitioners and nurses, Osteopathic practitioners, herbal medicine specialists and a wide array of other related professions.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding an appropriate alternative medicine university to help attain your dream job, let education within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Alternative Medicine University: Creating Healthful Practitioners

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Common mistakes singapore jc students make in gce ‘a’ level economics exams

2 Common Mistakes Singapore JC Students Make in GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Exams

In most GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, 5 exam skills are commonly tested. Let’s begin by recalling these 5 skills:

 – knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation.

The MOST IMPT is analysis! Wouldn’t you agree that you can write nothing on evaluation and still get A?

Well, If you haven’t realised, all the case study and essays questions that you always make you feel uncomfortable, perspiring, suffocating, are questions of highly analytical nature.

And that’s where the 2 common mistakes arise.

MISTAKE NO. 1: Failure to identify the correct analysis required

Here’s something useful right away: the paper tests 5 skills: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation.

The most difficult is ANALYSIS. And here’s the solution: Analysis requires you to be very detailed and thorough. All you need to do is to be thorough in your explanation of the key concepts in question

Let me illustrate:

NJC 2008 Prelim Section A, Q1(c):
“Using economic analysis, discuss the possible impact on the macroeconomy of UAE, as a result of persistent increases in the price of oil worldwide.” [6]

Let me think aloud here: the command word here is discuss, so I’ll reserve 2m for evaluation. So left 4m for analysis. So identify 2 points to analyse will do. The phrase “using economic analysis’ almost always suggest that you cannot extract the idea from the case, and so you’ll have to recall and brainstorm from your 2 years of learning.

So I’ll need 2 macro impacts. And obviously NEGATIVE impacts, since oil price goes up.

How to think of possible impacts? Simple. Just think in terms of the Macroeconomic Objectives of the government. Out of the 4 objectives, you’ll have to pick your 2 that you can explain the best.

For eg, I choose to tackle (i) inflation and (ii) unemployment.

Oil price leads to inflation. Now saying is not enough, coz there is almost NO ANALYSIS demonstrated. So you’ll have to very detailed. And S’pore context requires you to apply…

{S’pore being heavily reliant on trade, imports practically everything, from goods for consumption and also goods that are used in production. Thus, imported inflation is severe for S’pore, as oil price will drive the price of imports upwards.}

That’s your 2 marks. Easy right?

(Note: On our website, members’ section only, we have full answers to the essay and case studies for every JC, MI and IB Schools. If you wish to have access, just sign in here

MISTAKE NO. 2: Failure to provide relevant evaluation that stems from the analysis.

Now this is surprisingly the easier part of the 2. Yet many students still admit they are largely clueless about demonstrating evaluation skills.

In a nutshell, what you aim to evaluate and to sound “balanced”, has to stem from your earlier analysis.

Otherwise, the evaluation is of lower quality and may yield no marks.

Obviously, this skill is best demonstrated with an example. In our Economics Exam Skills Intensive Workshops, we are very thorough in imparting these high scoring exam skills to all our students.

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Embracing the university life

Embracing The University Life

There are many options a high school graduate may choose when entering university. The advent of the Internet has also made it possible for them to earn their degrees online but nothing beats the collegiate experience. For a lot of us, going to college out of state is a rite of passage leaving one phase of life and entering into the next. This means leaving home and going to an unfamiliar place, living with strangers and adjusting to new surroundings. It is in this situation wherein a new social skill set is learned, tested, and hopefully mastered by the end of the four years or so in university. Depending on which course is taken as one can take up law and decide to be a San Diego criminal attorney of sorts or one can also take up medicine and spend the next 8 years mastering a course only to spend another 5 years in a hospital taking up residency and sub-specialization, there are options to be decided upon and taken. And it is all part of the process which one goes through in this aspect of life.

The life lessons of university life are varied yet important in all aspects. Learning to live on your own and with other people is an essential lesson indirectly taught in campus. Social interaction of this nature is important as one is taken from the comfort zone of living in a place all too unfamiliar. Learning to adapt and adjust to certain people and situations are crucial. This also means learning how to socialize. Joining an organization or a Greek letter society may be a good experience in this way because going through a shared experience like initiation with your fellow brothers or sisters’ bonds people together. Sharing the same cause is another way to meet people with the same interest. University life is a microcosm of how the real world interacts.

In another like the reality of competition is also felt in college life whether that be in academic or sports competition. No matter how you think about it, there will always be someone smarter than you when you enter college. Whether this person is your contemporary, senior or professor, you may learn to co-mingle with such people and learn how to work harmoniously or else be challenged on how to compete against this person in an honourable and scholastic manner. Nevertheless, to learn such life lessons in college is the true experience gained. Lessons that will help you transition into the workforce.

The influence of christianity on childhood-a christian perspective

The Influence Of Christianity On Childhood-A Christian Perspective

The framework for societal understanding of the nature and the place of the child has for a very long time been shaped by the church, upon which all depended for direction and guidance. For instance, when a child was born, during the medieval period and even today in quite a number of places across the world, it was a requirement that that child undergo the Christian rite of baptism. The aim was to ensure that the child was incorporated into the particular society. Now every society is governed by particular rules and regulations. In Christianity, the most prominent figure of childhood was that of Jesus Christ, who also happens to be the founder of the church. It was understood and required therefore, that every child be shaped within the context of Jesus. This is because Christ was the model, and so ideas like the pure childhood, holy childhood, were all coined based on this understanding. As soon as the child was baptized, it was expected that that child would conform to the demands of the Christian principles. The question that comes up with regard to this understanding is whether Christianity was sufficiently informed about the teachings that it imparted on the people regarding the child and childhood. At some point, there were cases of indoctrination, whereby children were forced to believe that the kind of knowledge they were given was the absolute truth, and were therefore required to follow it with great religiosity.

The greatest model parental guidance is the family of Nazareth, which is considered by Christianity as the most exemplary family. The parents of Jesus therefore provide great lessons on the ways in which childhood is to be ordered.

The Christian Culture and Childhood

Christianity is a culture by its own rights. This is because, every aspect that is found in Christianity has been founded on the Jewish culture. Therefore, this culture has greatly shaped the understanding of childhood. For instance, the child was considered inferior to the adult. This is why it would be unacceptable for a child to stand against an adult, while there was no problem for an adult to stand against a child, with a reason of course. This placed children in a very risky situation, because children were somehow vulnerable. Children did not have a lot of defenders in this situation. It is common in the Bible for instance, to find children not being counted, because they did not total to a person. This view shaped the idea of childhood for a long time in many parts of the world. Children were expected to stand for instance, when an adult was passing, and so on. Childhood became like a punishment, and children craved for the time that they would become adults. In this way, childhood was not enjoyed, and as science today reveals, this situation leads to even more complicated situations. This understanding of childhood was very well seen in the medieval period, where in many societies, even today, children were not considered as comprising the membership of their particular societies. This of course meant that children could for instance not work, and so on.

The Idea of Innocence

This idea has become widely accepted among the non-Christians. It is common knowledge that children are innocent and pure. According to Christianity, the child is born in a state of innocence. This understanding has been greatly informed by the fact that children had traditionally been considered incapable of making informed decisions, meaning that they cannot be held accountable for their acts or omissions. This idea of innocence however, is kind of contradicted by the understanding of the original sin, which is taught by the church. The idea claims that when a child is born, there are certain sins that somehow pass onto the child from the first parents, Adam and Eve, through what has been referred to as propagation. Therefore, although a child is claimed to be innocent, they are required to undergo a certain kind of ritual, in order to be purified from this sin. The contradiction lies in the fact that the child cannot be innocent, and have a hereditary sin at the same time.

The idea of innocence has also been greatly contradicted by the fact that Christianity teaches that a child is born with the potential to be sinful, what has been referred to as concupiscence. If it is absolutely clear that childhood will at some point be riddled with sinfulness, the dormancy which is seemingly there cannot be considered as innocence. It is for this reason that the idea of childhood innocence as advanced by Christianity seems to lack sufficient ground. At the same time, it is important to make a distinction between innocence and ignorance. Christianity has for very long time confused ignorance in the child with innocence. This is because, if there was innocence, it should not be lost. However, it is very clear that as soon as a child develops further, innocence is lost, or rather, the ignorance is gone, and the child becomes informed about the realities of life. This cannot be considered innocence; it is pure ignorance. John Locke came up with the understanding that a child is born with absolutely nothing in the mind. In there is only the potential for acquiring something. Innocence can only be acquired where knowledge has already become possible.

The claim of childhood innocence has also been very greatly boosted by the scientific claim that mind lacks full development. This claim does not suffice for the claim of innocence. In other words, the fact that the mind is not fully developed does not mean that there is no sufficient knowledge of moral issues. Therefore innocence as such cannot be fully justified in childhood.

What is the use of a downloadable book

What is the use of a downloadable book?

One of the reasons why book lovers are so happy, with the coming of the Internet is because now they have access to a large number of books from all over the world instead of waiting for their favorite author’s works to reach their bookshelves. There are many places where you can get your favorite printed book, but on the other hand, there are still even more places where you can get your favorite printed book and every single other one copy of your favorite author in one place in a downloadable book format.
Now is not that a really fine thing, for a person who is looking for lots of knowledge on one particular subject and there is only one person on the other end of the world, who has written just one book on that particular subject. But a reader need not worry; all you have to do is find out whether that book is downloadable. That means has a book been printed in a downloadable book form, in HTML format as cheap eBook? If the answer is yes, all you have to do is go to a place where you can get that book, pay for it, and then download that cheap eBook on your computer. Now, you have access to the knowledge of self help eBooks for the ages, right on your computer and right at your fingertips.
The best thing about having a downloadable book at your beck and call is that you have access to these self help eBooks, 24 x 7, instead of looking around for that printed copy, which might have been left behind in the school library or caf?.
You definitely do not need to be online, to get access to all the knowledge which is presented in a downloadable book. Once it has been downloaded, you can get access to that cheap eBook, 20 years from now, because it is now in your database. You can flip through the pages, and reach that particular paragraph, which so fascinated you, because its insight into human nature.
A downloadable book is definitely not going to be restricted to just one particular genre of self help eBooks, you can get cheap eBook which are completely out of print, in e-book format. So that means you do not have to look for the hardcopy of Racine and Walter Scott, to get on your bookshelves, you just need to go to a place where you can get the downloadable book of your choice at a price and then read those self help eBooks on your reader. So what are you waiting for, start browsing for downloadable books right now!

Why are essay structures so important to essay writing

Why are Essay Structures so important to Essay Writing?

Now many people reading the above heading may look at it and, shaking their head, think – 

‘What a stupid question!’ I know I did too because the answer is surely obvious – isn’t it?

Well, that’s what I thought for many years for the simple reason that I believed (like I am sure that many of you do) that there was no way that you could expect to write ‘good’ essays in practice if you did not also have ‘good’ essay structures in place that showed a clear line from the first thought that you wrote on the screen/page in front of you until the very last thing that you put in your conclusion. And yet, despite this simple reasoning, I never cease to be amazed at the sheer number of essay papers I have seen with little or no effective structuring to them and this is so obviously to their detriment because otherwise good ideas can all too easily be lost within a poor structure. Therefore, when it comes to producing any essay I would advise you to always look to have the following word in mind when writing your essay – ‘PLANNING’.

This is because I would look to consider your essay strutures as being an essential aspect of this aspect of your essay writing and so I would advise you to first ask yourself the following five questions in practice –

(a) What am I being asked to do?

(b) What does this mean to me?

(c) How will this effect my writing style?

(d) What do I already know about what I have been asked to write about?

(e) Where can I find more information?

Then, depending on the nature of the subject that you have been asked to write about you may be required to undertake a great deal of research or the information may already be available to you (i.e. if you are writing about law then you are clearly going to need to refer to court decisions and legislation as well as other people’s views allied to your own, but if you are writing about a play then you may still refer to other people’s views but your own view is likely to become all the more significant for the reader so think about what the reader/assessor requires from you).

As I previously alluded to in my earlier article (‘Why does the Essay Word Count worry students so much?’) should get you thinking about the structure of your work which you can then detail in the first paragraph by way of an abstract (particularly for a dissertation or thesis) or you may refer to it in the way that I do for an essay as the ‘Introduction to the Introduction’ because you are using this to tell the reader about your approach to the subject matter and in what order this will be undertaken in your essay structure. Then the next paragraph that you writie will be your ‘actual’ introduction that serves to present the main issue that is to be discussed and its importance to the particular aspect of the subject area you are studying. From there the rest of your work should be looking to consider matters related to this issue. Then, finally, you should be looking at concluding with a summary of the key points derived from your discussion relating to the overall subject matter that you have been analysing so as to draw the work to a close.

Moreover, I have also found that it is generally a good idea to not write less than seven lines and/or three sentences and NOT much more than 250 words per paragraph so you keep your arguments and analysis as part of your discussion clear and concise without proving too detriment to your essay word count. In addition, I geneally also like to look to work to the following four basic rules with regards to the content of each paragraph –

(a) First, make a point that you consider to be important.

(b) Second, explain why that point is important.

(c) Third, offer any supporting evidence from other people’s work and show why it supports what you are saying.

(d) Fourth, consider whether there is anything that conflicts with what you are saying and then use that to move into your next pargraph so that the flow of your work is enhanced.

Of course these rules may need to be adapted depending on the nature of the work that you have been set, but in principle these are just some of the thoughts that go through my head when thinking about the essay I am writing and the development of effective essay structures.

When thinking of your essay structures, however, I would also advise you to look to first ‘group’ ideas together at the planning stage. For example, if you are writing an essay about the ‘Nazi Party’s hold over Germany’ you may group ideas in the following way –

(a) Economic

(b) Social

(c) Political

(d) Propaganda

At the same time, however, you need to show an appreciation of any ‘crossover’ between areas because. for example, some issues like the ‘Jewish Question’ may relate to all four areas of division used for the ‘grouping’ of ideas. This is because, by way of illustration, it may be economic and social due to the fact that the Nazi Party played on the idea that Jewish people were not German citizens and were taking jobs away from those who were so that they were detracting from Germany’s national economy. Moreover, it was also a polical and propaganda issue because the Nazi Party blamed the Jewish people for a lot of the problems that the country was experiencing as a whole. Therefore, there is a need to think carefully about the way in which you express your ideas in practice since it is also important to make sure that you express your ideas clearly in concise precise sentences that are pointed and clear in what they are saying.

Poor structuring is lazy and if you fail to express yourself in a clear way it will cost you a lot marks, but have really barely scratched the surface of what you need to appreciate when structuring your work here. Therefore, if you would like a great deal more information and support in this regard then you can find it in the form of my own e-journal ‘The Secret Guide To Academic Writing & Study’ that I produced myself and am currently distributing to students like you at a remarkably inexpensive one-off price through my website at

Need and dat for careers in designing

Need And Dat For Careers In Designing

NEED and DAT for Careers in Designing

Fashion Industry is one specialized field, which lures everyone and anyone with its charismatic appeal and vibrant nature of business, it deals in. The industry has the immense potential to satiate the creative thirst of the individuals with aesthetic sense and that too in different flairs of designing. Such an industry is endowed with ISO 9001:2001 certified institute Pearl Academy of Fashion, which imparts quality education and training to the students and refined them into pearls to be part of the fashion world.

Pearl Academy of Fashion is a founding member of the consortium of Design Institutes, administering NEED (National Entrance Examination for Design) in order to conduct common exam for the aspirants vying to get into the premier Design Institutes. The NEED Examination is usually held in the first week of January every year.

In fashion education, PAF offers Bachelor’s Programs in six streams: Fashion Design (FD), Textile Design (TD), Jewellery Design (JD), Communication Design (CD), Fashion Business management (FBM), and Fashion Retail Management (FRM). PAF also conduct its own entrance test DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for the aspirants who could not attempt NEED examination or who could not meet its qualifying cut-off score. The qualified students are further required to go through Situational Test and a Personal Interview to take admission in the mentioned streams.

Eligibility criteria for FD, TD, JD, and CD

Aspirants should have passed 10+2 with minimum 50 percent marks to apply for General Proficiency Test (GPT) in English language, which is answered to attempt DAT/NEED, thereafter. The candidates who scored above the cut-off score from GPT and DAT/NEED are called for Situational Test (Group Discussion for FBM and FRM candidates) and a Personal Interview to take admission in the mentioned streams.

Situational Test is a group activity, which requires its members to implement a design brief with available materials within prescribed time period.

The prospectus and application forms are available at PAF’s counters in Delhi, Chennai, and Jaipur as well as at all identified Axis Bank’s branches.

Application Forms can also be downloaded online at

Foreign nationals and industry-sponsored candidates are supposed to compete for the reserved seats and are called for Personal Interview in the first fortnight of July’ 2009 to take admission in the Academy.


Students of the proud academy are hired in their heydays itself by the leading fashion and design houses for their internships.  With the sound education of global culture and information technology as well as hands-on experience in the industry itself, the PAF students are equipped with all the competent skills required in this real world of business.