Hp0-j15 demo

Hp0-J15 Demo

HP StorageWorks MASE 2088 Delta Exam
Exam Number/Code : HP0-J15
Exam Name : HP StorageWorks MASE 2088 Delta Exam
Questions and Answers : 127 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-16
HP0-J15 Price: $ 62.00

3. How can you improve iSCSI host performance in a SAN?
A. Upgrade to CommandView 7.
B. Use NICs with TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine).
C. Enable NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization) support.
D. Disable SLP (Service Location Protocol) Service Agent.
Answer: B

4. In B-Series virtual fabrics, which feature allows you to access devices in another virtual fabric?
A. Inter-VSAN Routing
B. Inter-Fabric Routing
C. Cross-VSAN Routing
D. Cross-Fabric Routing
Answer: B

5. What are benefits of logical fabrics? (Select three.)
A. port count reduction
B. easier administration
C. fabric service isolation
D. increased performance
E. fault propagation minimization
F. device sharing across logical fabrics
Answer: C, E, F

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How to get ccna certification in days

How to Get Ccna Certification in Days

Cisco Certified Network Associate

How can we help:

We offer pass guaranteed CCNA solutions to assist you in passing the CCNA exam at first attempt. Our CCNA solutions are provided by our CCNA experts, who have over 20 years of CCNA instructional education experience. All our resources and efforts have pooled together to produce you a shortcut that will save you an incredible amount of time and effort. Complete the contact form below and receive free information on how your choice of CCNA certification is easily achieved. http://www.ready4exam.com/

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Duration: 3 Days

From the very first beginning till the CCNA exam pass, you will not spend more time than the one given above. This is applicable to everyone, including those who are not good at taking exams and those who can not afford too much time per day.

Cisco CCNA Certification Outline

part one Internetworking

(1) 1.1 Introduction to internetworking

(2) 1.2 The OSI Model

(3) 1.3 Ethernet

(4) 1.4 Wireless

(5) TCP/IP

(6) 2.1 The DOD Model

(7) 2.2 The IP Address

(8) 2.3 IP Classes

part two IP Subnetting

(1) 1.1 What is Subnetting

(2) 1.2 Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

(3) 1.3 Subnetting

(4) 1.4 Variable Length Subnet Masks

(5) 1.5 Troubleshooting TCP/IP

(6) Internetwork Operating System

(7) 2.1 Introduction to IOS

(8) 2.2 Passwords

(9) 2.3 Banners Hostnames & Descriptions

(10) 2.4 Configuring Interfaces

(11) 2.5 Saving and Verifying Configuration

part three IP Routing

(1) 1.1 Bringing it Together

(2) 1.2 Building Rout Tables

(3) 1.3 Distance-Vector Routing Protocols

(4) 1.4 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

(5) 1.5 Verifying

(6) More Routing Protocols

(7) 2.1 EIGRP

(8) 2.2 Open Shortest Path First

part four One: Layer Two Switching

(1) 1.1 Layer 2 Switching

(2) 1.2 1.2 Spanning Tree Protocol

(3) 1.3 Switch Types

(4) 1.4 Configuring the Switch

(5) Virtual LANs

(6) 2.1 VLAN Concepts

(7) 2.2 VLAN Trucking Protocol

(8) 2.3 Configuring VLANs.

Two: Advanced IOS

(1) 3.1 Router Components

(2) 3.2 Backup and Restore

(3) 3.3 Cisco Discovery Protocol

(4) 3.4 Using Telnet

(5) 3.5 Host Names

part five One:Access Lists

(1) 1.1 Types of Access Lists

(2) 1.2 Creating an Access List

(3) 1.3 Using the Access List

two: Wide Area Networks

(1) 2.1 WAN Basics

(2) 2.2 HDLC

(3) 2.3 PPP

(4) 2.4 Frame Relay

(5) 2.5 ISDN

Test dumps

642-661 Test Dumps

642-661 Exam
CCIP Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP)
Exam Number/Code : 642-661
Exam Name : CCIP Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP)
Questions and Answers : 242 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-06-07
Price: $ 58.00

642-661 Exam Description
The 642-661 BGP exam is a qualifying exam for the CCIP certification. The 642-661 BGP exam tests material covered under the Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers (BGP) v 3.1 course. The BGP exam assesses a candidate’s understanding of the theory of BGP, ability to configure BGP on Cisco IOS routers, and skills with troubleshooting on BGP. As a routing protocol, BGP is one of the underlying foundations of the Internet and new-world technologies.

642-661 Exam Demo
3. Which command is used to configure the external, confederation-wide AS number?
A. Router(config)#router bgp {as-number}
B. Router(config-router)#bgp confederation peers {as-number}
C. Router(config-router)#bgp confederation identifier{as-number}
D. Router(config-router)#bgp cluster-id{as-number}
E. Router(config-router)#neighbor {ip address} remote-as {as-number}
Answer: C

4. What can cause a single sourced iBGP route not to be selected as the best route?
A. The BGP MED is 0.
B. The BGP next-hop is unreachable.
C. The BGP origin is incomplete.
D. The BGP weight is 0.
E. The BGP local preference is 0.
F. BGP synchronization is disabled.
Answer: B

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Prcatice test

117-301 Prcatice Test

117-301 Exam
LPI 301 Core Exam
Exam Number/Code : 117-301
Exam Name : LPI 301 Core Exam
Questions and Answers : 130 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-31
117-301 Price: $ 99.00

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3. Which of the following describes correct LDAP service definitions? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. LDAP was developed as a lightweight alternative to DAP.
B. LDAPv6 is the latest stable version specified by RFCs.
C. LDAP follows the X.500 directory standard.
D. X.500 directories can run only over TCP/IP.
E. LDAP is optimized for searching information.
Answer: ACE

6. Which statements are true of object classes in an LDAP directory? (Choose TWO correct answers)
A. Auxiliary object classes – when used on their own – provide access to extended schema.
B. An entry cannot have more than one auxiliary object class.
C. An entry cannot have more than one structural object class.
D. Once an entry has been created, its structural object class cannot be changed without re-creating the entry.
E. Abstract object classes are no longer officially support by the LDAP protocol.
Answer: CD

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Passquick ibm 000-974 exam

Passquick IBM 000-974 exam

Power Systems Technical Support for i
Exam Number/Code : 000-974
Exam Name : Power Systems Technical Support for i
Questions and Answers : 89 Q&As
000-974 Update Time: 2009-12-11
000-974 Price: $ 58.00

000-974 exam tips: Implementation Planning
Determine the physical planning requirements, including floor space, placement in racks, power requirements, rack configuration, cabling, and network port/drop requirements.
IBM 000-974 Determine appropriate migration methodology, considering data, device interoperability between systems, supported OS and application software, LPAR migration, and card and system availability requirements during migration. Include considerations for media used on both source and target systems.
Plan the system software installation and configuration. Consider LPAR, guest Operating Systems and time required to install.
Validate communications requirements. Consider multiple systems on the network, Virtual IP Addressing (VIPA), physical port requirements, host names, Line descriptions, etc.

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Study materials

642-845 Study Materials

642-845 Exam Description
The Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (642-845 ONT) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP®. The ONT Cisco 642-845 exam will certify that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills in optimizing and providing effective QOS techniques for converged networks.Cisco 642-845 exam topics include implementing a VOIP network, implementing QoS on converged networks, specific IP QoS mechanisms for implementing the DiffServ QoS model, AutoQoS, wireless security and basic wireless management.

Testinside 642-845 Exam
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642-067 Training

Advanced Routing and Switching for Field Engineers
Exam Number/Code : 642-067
Exam Name : Advanced Routing and Switching for Field Engineers
Questions and Answers : 60 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-15
642-067 Price: $ 109.00

Exam4test is the absolute way to pass your 642-067 exam within no time. An authentic and comprehensive 642-067 exam solution is available at Exam4test. With our exclusive online 642-067 preparation materials you will pass 642-067 exam easily. Exam4test guarantees 100% success rate.

4. Which three of the following steps are mandatory when configuring MPLS on Cisco IOS? (Choose three.)
A. start LDP
B. enable CEF switching
C. configure the MPLS ID
D. disable IP TTL propagation
E. configure conditional label advertising
F. enable label switching on frame mode interfaces
Answer: ABF

5. Why is it appropriate to use conditional label advertising when deploying MPLS?
A. to make CEF tables smaller
B. to enable label switching on the frame mode interface
C. to restrict MPLS availability to predefined time periods
D. to restrict label switching to a limited number of networks
E. to restrict end users from seeing the routers in the MPLS network
Answer: D

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Y0-a06 exam materials

1Y0-A06 exam materials

1Y0-A06 Exam
Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
* Exam Number/Code : 1Y0-A06
* Exam Name : Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
* Questions and Answers : 102 Q&As
* Update Time: 2010-06-09
* Price: $ 120.00

Exam : Citrix 1Y0-A06
Title : Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
1. Which DHCP option identifies the IP address of the TFTP service?
A. 60
B. 66
C. 67
D. 69
Answer: B

2. Scenario: An organization has several branch offices. Each branch office will have an administrator that manages target devices for their location. The farm administrator will oversee the branch office administrators and wishes to make role delegation simple and easy to manage. How should the farm administrator lay out the farm?
A. Configure a single farm store
B. Set up a farm for each branch location
C. Create sites according to branch location
D. Assign each branch location a farm administrator
Answer: C

3. According to best practices, what should an administrator do prior to installing Provisioning Server?
A. Set up a proxy DHCP
B. Set up the SOAP service
C. Disable spanning tree portfast mode
D. Assign a static IP address to each server
Answer: D

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F50-522 braindumps

F50-522 braindumps

F50-522 braindumps

F5 BIG-IP v9.4 Local Traffic Management Advanced
Exam Number/Code : F50-522
Exam Name : F5 BIG-IP v9.4 Local Traffic Management Advanced
Questions and Answers : 48 Q&As
Update Time: 2009-12-23
Price: $ 99.00

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Cisco 642-359 exam

Cisco 642-359 exam

642-359 ICSNS
Implementing Cisco Storage Network Solutions
Exam Number:642-359
Duration: 60 minutes (55 – 65 questions)
Available Languages: English and Japanese
Exam 642-359 Description
Candidates can prepare for 642-359 exam by taking the ICSN Implementing Cisco Storage Network and ICASN Implementing Cisco Advanced Storage Network course/s. This 642-359 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of The Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Support Specialist validates an individual’s knowledge of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Cisco storage products to maintain a highly scalable, efficient, high performing storage networking environment.

Exam 642-359 topics covered include implementing appropriate IP configurations, Installing a Cisco Storage Solution, Implementing Cisco Storage equipment in multi-vendor multiprotocol environments, Implement the fabric design from the design document, Configuring security in a multiprotocol storage environment, Analyzing and tuning customer configurations to optimize application performance in multiprotocol storage networks and Troubleshooting SAN infrastructure.

The Cisco 642-359 exam is a major part of routing and switching path of 642-359 certification. it is a two hours written test comprising of almost 100 multiple choice questions. The LAN & WAN manipulations, static routing, switching, IP protocols, routing protocols and IP multicasting are the major aspects assessed by 642-359 questions. The significance of this test lies in the fact that you can not proceed for 642-359 lab tests without passing Cisco 642-359 test.

Qualifying for the Cisco 642-359 exam papers means that you have accomplished something major in your IT career that can take you to new levels of success. Every individual wants a successful career and especially in IT this is the certification that you need to accomplish your goals. Here is a guideline for you that what sort of content will be in 642-359 study materials. Describing the purpose and functions of the technical aspects of the Cisco 642-359 lab will be a significant part of your preparation.

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