World day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

One group, Youth for Human Rights Florida, enhances dialogue by helping others to understand their human rights through the education of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in youth-oriented booklets and DVDs.

 The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is often observed in countries that are composed of a varieties cultural backgrounds and histories, as this day acknowledges the importance of these different ways of life.  The United States of America is truly a country of diversity.

According to the United Nations, the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity in Paris, France, on November 2, 2001. It was the 249th resolution adopted at the 57th session of the United Nations General Conference. Although the declaration was the culmination of years of work, it was adopted in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This reaffirmed the need for intercultural dialogue to prevent segregation and fundamentalism.

The United Nations proclaimed 2002 as the Year for Cultural Heritage. At the end of that year, on December 20, 2002, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

This ties in with Human Rights Day 2009 the United Nations advocated “Embrace Diversity – End Discrimination” and to continue to do so throughout 2010. On Human Rights Day Youth for Human Rights Florida joined other Youth for Human Rights groups around the world in the first annual “International Walk for Human Rights” to raise awareness of the need for all to demand their rights and to respect the rights of others.

 As the UN promotes diversity, Youth for Human Rights Florida is working to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taught in schools throughout Florida, and beyond. The youth president, Dustin McGahee, discusses the importance of teaching human rights in schools. “Human Rights must be taught in schools. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 with and stated these rights are to be taught in schools as a solution to peace, but 61 years later they are still not a required curriculum.”  McGahee became involved in educating others of their human rights as he is inspired to action by the words of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

 Youth for Human Rights Florida educates people of all ages about their human rights, both in and out of the classroom. There are many ways to learn about human rights, but Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) a non-profit, secular organization founded in 2001 by educator Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, created an easy to understand video of each of the human rights designed for youth. In less than a minute the youth can learn one of their human rights. There is also a teacher’s guide for those educators. For more information on Youth for Human Rights and free DVD downloads on the 30 human rights go:

To contact Youth for Human Rights Florida contact:

How to save money on used textbooks

How to Save Money on Used Textbooks

Used textbooks are in high demand and can be great alternatives for college students looking to save a little (or quite a lot) of money on books for class. With the continued growth and expansion of the internet students are now able to easily compare textbook prices at dozens of bookstores around the web to find the cheapest price.

Buying used textbooks has become the leading choice nationwide for students, parents, teachers, and colleges who are looking for a cost effective and efficient alternative to the traditional options for buying and selling textbooks. You can even save money on international editions of your favorite book.

Also used textbooks that do not have market value or do not meet resale guidelines are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. So buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks. Recycling turns obsolete used textbooks into other valuable materials and reduces waste.

At many websites selling used textbooks is made very simple. All you do is enter the ISBN numbers from your books and the information on the particular book you’re selling is automatically populated. Since college bookstores are known for offering only pennies on the dollar for used textbooks, it makes sense to look for more cost effective options.

Potential book buyers can now find an abundance of used textbooks for elementary, middle, and high schools (grades K12). Websites like allow visitors to buy new and used textbooks as well as sell their no longer needed textbooks, saving a lot of money in the process.

For obvious reasons the earlier in the semester or school year you make your purchase the better the selection of used textbooks.

If you have any questions about how to buy college textbooks or sell used textbooks you no longer need you can find all the information you need by simply doing a search online. Save a ton of cash and buy used textbooks online from one of more than 5,000 booksellers. Keep more cash in your pocket.

Schooling in spain – international v state schools

Schooling in Spain – International v State Schools

If you are moving to live in Spain and you have children, one of your biggest decisions will be where to send them to school. You will want them to get the best education possible, but there will be a number of factors to consider when choosing the type of school that is best for them. Location, finances and their age will all have to be taken into account, and you will have to carry out a lot of research in order to make sure that they get into the best school possible.

When it comes to the school system in Spain, you will generally have two options: a private international school or a public state school. Language will often be one of the determining factors in which you choose, and if your child is approaching their teenage years and does not speak Spanish then it will be harder for them to pick up the language and their schooling could suffer as a result. It is therefore a very important decision, and the following information should help you when it comes to making it.

General School Rules In Spain

Schooling is compulsory for all children aged six to 16. Although it is not required by law, many children go to pre-school from the ages of three to five, but this is not provided by the state and will require a fee.

Academic Year

The academic year lasts from the middle of September to the middle of June, which is the same as in the UK, and the holidays are also the same (Christmas, Easter and Summer). However, the length of the holidays is generally longer than in many other countries, so make sure you prepare for how you will keep your children entertained, especially during the summer.

School Times

The school day generally lasts from 9am to 2pm in primary schools and slightly longer in secondary students. However, there are bound to be variations on these times, and private schools will have their own rules.

Getting A Place

Finding a place in a state school is straightforward if you are an EU citizen, and the system is based on the catchment area of the school in question, meaning it depends upon where you live. To increase the chances of getting into the school you want, therefore, you should consider moving within the catchment area when you purchase your property.

Location will also be important if you are sending your child to an international school as these may not be available in some areas of the country. International schools can also have long waiting lists, so make sure to get in early.

International Schools

International schools are bilingual schools which are aimed at English, German and French speakers as well as other nationalities. They are often considered the best choice for foreigners as the students do not suffer from having a low level of Spanish, especially at secondary age.


For the English schools at least, they generally follow the English national curriculum, which is an attraction for many parents. This means that English exams are taken including GCSEs and A-levels, and these can also come alongside the International Baccalaureate programme and even Spanish qualifications, known as the Bachillerato.

Learning Environment

It is common to have a better learning environment than state schools because classes are often smaller, and there is often a more relaxed approach to teaching. There is also the opportunity to take part in a number of extra curricular activities which you may not find in a state school.


The drawback is obviously the cost. Primary schools cost up to ?4,000 a year and secondary schools cost up to ?10,000 a year, and although this is cheaper than in many countries, it is still a lot of money and you will also have to pay extra for books and other materials.

Cultural Integration

On top of that, there is also the concern that studying in an international school provides the pupils with less cultural integration than they would get in a Spanish school, so they end up speaking in English all the time and not getting enough understanding of the country they are living in. However, most international schools will have a few Spanish pupils so this is not totally lost.

State Schools

There are a lot more state schools across the country, meaning there is a greater variation and you are more likely to find one in the area you are living.


State schools are of course a lot cheaper. Education after the age of five is completely free, minus the costs of books and other expenses, which will be attractive if you cannot pay for private education.

Cultural Integration

There will also be a greater cultural integration because your child will be spending the whole day speaking Spanish and mixing with locals, so they will pick up a greater amount of information about the country and will also learn the language more quickly.

Language Problems

Problems can arise due to the fact that many older children find it incredibly hard starting a school in a new language, and if they do not have a good command of Spanish then their education could really suffer as a result. To counter this, some schools offer a bilingual curriculum and Spanish lessons to help ease the process, so this might be an option. In the case that you need a Spanish tutor for your child then this will be an extra cost to consider.

Teaching Methods

As well as this, schooling in Spain is sometimes criticised as being too old fashioned. Although the situation is improving, you may not want your child to study in this manner.


In general, schools in Spain are of a high quality and you should not have a problem finding a suitable school for your child. Location, fees and your child’s level of Spanish are going to be the main concerns, and as long as you prepare carefully then the process should not be too difficult.

Top 10 teaching professions

Top 10 Teaching Professions

The top 10 teaching professions are those that are most popular, most in demand and/or highest paying. Whatever teaching profession you choose, you’ll find that a teaching degree will always enable you to find a faculty opening in a high demand area.  People who hold education degrees will always have jobs available for them in our society.  But the following top 10 teaching professions are currently providing some of the best opportunities around:

1.    Spanish teachers

2.    English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers

3.    Special education teachers

4.    Math teachers

5.    Science teachers

6.    Principals

7.    Assistant principals

8.    Superintendents

9.    Other administrators

10.    Overseas teachers

Bilingual teachers, including Spanish teachers and ESL teachers, are highly in demand right now as the United States continues to grow more diverse.  This diverse demographic has presented some challenges, and bilingual teachers are the best equipped to meet these challenges head-on.  Since Spanish speaking students make up the largest population of students whose native language is not English, Spanish speaking teachers are the most sought after today.  Being bilingual simply opens up more job opportunities.  

Special education teachers are some of the most sought after these days, but the job does come with some trials as well.  Some school districts have started hiring candidates who are not yet certified in special education, but are currently pursuing their teaching degrees, and then paying for the classes they need for full certification.  There is no doubt that math and science teachers are highly in demand as well.  

Many school districts can’t find enough qualified math and science teachers because fewer education degree majors target these disciplines.  But if match and science isn’t your thing, you could always get a job as an educational administrator such as a principal, assistant principal, superintendent or other administrator.  These important professions are involved with hiring teachers and staff members, managing budgets, overseeing daily operations and developing new programs.

The last of the top 10 teaching professions is the international school teacher.  Many schools have been created to provide an education to students in expatriate communities, which provide a great opportunity to work while seeing the world.

Why education fairs

Why Education Fairs?

Education fairs are successful for many institutions because of a number of reasons.


  1. Education fairs attract good numbers of prospective students with appropriate entry qualifications to your institution – all you have to do is turn up with your marketing material to meet them.
  2. Education fair enable you to reach a far wider potential audience than your own marketing efforts would through their advertising, marketing, media and professional contacts.
  3. Fairs offer a very good platform on which to meet all of your existing student contacts – enquiries from your database, applicants, offer holders, the parents of current students and even alumni.
  4. Fairs are an excellent way of researching a country or city market – what kinds of students are coming to meet you? Are they interested in your subject strengths? Are they able to pay your tuition fees? Have they heard of your institution already? What school or university have they attended? All questions and their answers are valuable to your market research and contribute to an improved marketing effort in the future.


Education fairs may form the central thrust of your marketing and communications campaign to recruit students, or they may be an added extra to your other efforts. Whatever the situation is in your own institutional plans, however, fairs must be regarded as an integral part of your overall strategy, which contribute to the overall success of your plans.


Global Events & Expositions Pvt. Ltd. is the organizer of India India International Education Fair – Education Worldwide India.


Education Worldwide India is the largest education fair in India having participation from more than 50 countries across the globe. It provides a world class platform to Indian & International Institutions to interact with the students of different parts of India.


Education Worldwide India is organized two times in a year and has become a world known brand with lot of clients using its services from different countries. A large number of students have benefited by visiting the previous editions of  Education Worldwide India and lot of them will continue to benefit in future as well.

Mba (part ii) – what makes an excellent profile

Mba (part Ii) – What Makes an Excellent Profile

Please check the part I of this article here:

Everything About Mba & Gmat (part I) – How Mba ?

You may have several years of work experience and a great GMAT score , but you must also have a decent profile to get into Top B-Schools anywhere in the world. So what consists of a good profile? Below I am outlining some things which will add some stars to your profile. I have tried to put these points in what I think is their order of importance:

Work-ex: Work experience is of course a very important part of your whole profile. Your work experience should show growth in your career, substantiate your ambitions/decisions, your dependability and progress. [Later in when I discuss about Essays, I will discuss in detail about this]. The more work experience you have the more probability that you can put the above parameters in the right perspective. If you have ever been in a lead position that will certainly help.

Challenges: Challenges faced by you in life and at work, how good were you at handling them. The challenges could be interpersonal like firing a close friend, or during work like Gail Waynard fighting for Howard Roark [FountainHead]. If you pulled through the challenges and still have a balanced career then thats a commendable effort. The difficult situation actually made a better person out of you. This will give your essay a good garnish, but you need to have something (like a certificate) to back this up.

Diversity: Diversity of cultural, social and technical know-how is a much appreciated skill. Of course too many jumps from one job to another shows instability and indecision. But wider experience in the profession, international exposure etc give a huge boost to the profile’s attractiveness. Good understanding of the culture, languages and history of the internationally visited countries adds a lot of gun powder into your profile.

Community/Voluntary services: Being active in community services, voluntary organizations is a globally appreciated quality. Great regards are always due to those who take time off and help others. MBA committee is no different. The greater participation you have in community service, the greater respect your profile holds. Apart from participation if you have managed an even such as a blood donation drive, vaccination drive etc, extra value is added to your profile since it gives the idea that you are driven and capable of management.

Sports: Sports give an all rounder feel to your personality [All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy]. Solo sports are good, but excellence in team sports shows that you are a team player and this is an important quality of a future manager. Well at least in the eyes of the Admission committee it is. Ever been a captain, thats extra credit right there.

Languages: A very very handy tool on your resume. Speaking ability of more than 1 language gives quite a thrust to your chances of impressing the Ad Com. Especially if you are looking for non-US (non-English) B-School like INSEAD, your capability of communicating in French will give you an edge over other applicants. Similarly if you want to apply in a top Chinese school, your familiarity with Mandarin will go long ways to score in the eyes of admission committees

Entrepreneurship: Ever tried doing a business of your own? If you did, this shows a lot about you. Even if you failed in the effort, the important point is that you showed the business acumen and gained some valuable experience from it.

Sauder school of business

Sauder School Of Business

The Sauder School of business has been established a century ago, making it one of the oldest and valued schools in Canada. It is situated at one of the best place in Vancouver. The University’s facilities had become its edge in promoting an infinite learning for an advance business education. It is located at the border of the pacific and over looking green lands. The environment definitely gives the university an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The Sauder School of business is one of the highly respected business universities in the world. It actually belongs to the top 100 business schools for two consecutive years: 2003 and 2004. The faculty has a population of more than 1,750 students of master’s degree and is increasing each year as the university attained achievement that produces change in business trends. . It had received more research grants as compared to any other business school in Canada. This is mainly because its business education promotes an advance and comprehensive research studies perfect for intellectual leaders searching for highly innovative outcome. Being the leader in business education, it had become the sources of innovative ideas and it represents the future of management studies. It has been transformed into a top rank research center for producing international scholars, business leaders and managers whose competency has been known worldwide. The research focuses mainly on management issues and application techniques designed to produce new insights. Researches are essential in evaluating the different aspects of the business industry

One of the programs offered by Sauder is a 15-month MBA program. This short course even achieved its top rank positions as one of the best MBA program acknowledge around the world. The candidates who aspire to pursue its business career must undergo a comprehensive selection process. He or she should have shown an excellent academic background, a highly professional achievements and valid professional experience. Your application should also be backed up with extra curricular contributions in the management industry. The primary objective of the program is to develop the expertise of each individual. Having such goal, the program provides rigorous lectures, case studies and application of business strategies at specific business problems facing the industry. Application of business theory is the best practice to measure the learning capabilities of individuals. It is the purpose of the program to help the student develop the leadership skill, which is the foundation to achieve success. With such an extensive training, graduates are prepared to compete and excel in every challenge in the management world.

The university offers a full time and part time MBA programs, the candidate must have an average of 6 to 8 years of work experience. Exams and activities usually scheduled from Monday to Friday in the morning. Projects and researches generally do not consume class hours for it may be accomplished during weekends. Such schedule is designed primarily to help the students accommodate their professional management career and at the same to accomplish competitively the workload offered by the program.

Apics cscp – helping you lead through education

APICS CSCP – Helping You Lead Through Education

APICS The Association for Operations Management is a non-profit educational organization of international recognition, highly esteemed for its education programs and professional certifications, for increased workplace performance. APICS, established as American Production and Inventory Control Society in 1957, has developed to include over 70,000 members comprising both individuals and corporate from over 20,000 companies around the world. APICS is a major source for the Operations Management’s Body of Knowledge (BOK).

Certified Supply Chain Professional certification, or more popularly CSCP certification, is one of the prestigious certification programs offered by APICS. APICS CSCP certification is recognized world-wide as a mark of professional excellence in manufacturing and service sectors. With APICS CSCP, the certified candidates find themselves graduated from qualified professionals to sought-after experts. CSCP certification attracts highly lucrative job prospects. With the Supply Chain Management sector experiencing constant growth, APICS CSCP enables candidates stay up-to date and continuously improve their skills.

APICS CSCP brings into focus an organization’s entire supply chain, which equips candidates with an in-depth knowledge of supply chain aspects, which provides a wider perspective of supply chain management, an expertise that is applicable globally. Today, increased customer expectations have propelled companies to expect more from their employees. APICS CSCP enables employees not only to fulfill customer demands but also to move beyond.

Whether you are a professional looking to acquire in-depth understanding of supply chain management, an employee aiming career advancement, a manager seeking to contribute to increased organizational productivity, or an advocate of global supply chain management, you can enroll for APICS CSCP certification exam.

Various online and instructor-led APICS CSCP training programs are available.  Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) offers 2009 APICS CSCP exam simulation software designed specifically to help candidates pass the CSCP exam in their very first attempt. Students get to challenge their minds with unique practice questions set in a real-time APICS test environment and pattern. The depth of knowledge, accuracy of practice questions, ease of concept understanding (even by people with limited supply chain background), user-friendly software features, and affordability, have made SCMS’s simulation software a key ingredient of success in APICS CSCP exam.

Comptia br0-003

CompTIA BR0-003

CompTIA BR0-003 Exam Description
The CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for computer support technicians. The international, vendor-neutral certification proves competence in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. CompTIA A+ certified technicians also have excellent customer service and communication skills to work with clients.

CompTIA A+ is part of the certification track for corporations such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and Novell. Other technology companies, including CompuCom and Ricoh, have made CompTIA A+ certification mandatory for their service technicians. More than 700,000 people worldwide have become CompTIA A+ certified since the program’s inception in 1993.

CompTIA A+ BR0-003 Essentials measures the necessary competencies of an entry-level IT professional with a recommended 500 hours of hands-on experience in the lab or field. It tests for the fundamentals of computer technology, networking and security, as well as the communication skills and professionalism now required of all entry-level IT professionals.

CompTIA A+ BR0-003 Practical Application is an extension of the knowledge and skills identified in CompTIA A+ Essentials, with more of a “hands-on” orientation focused on scenarios in which troubleshooting and tools must be applied to resolve problems.

Testinside BR0-003 dumps
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