Passquick ibm 000-974 exam

Passquick IBM 000-974 exam

Power Systems Technical Support for i
Exam Number/Code : 000-974
Exam Name : Power Systems Technical Support for i
Questions and Answers : 89 Q&As
000-974 Update Time: 2009-12-11
000-974 Price: $ 58.00

000-974 exam tips: Implementation Planning
Determine the physical planning requirements, including floor space, placement in racks, power requirements, rack configuration, cabling, and network port/drop requirements.
IBM 000-974 Determine appropriate migration methodology, considering data, device interoperability between systems, supported OS and application software, LPAR migration, and card and system availability requirements during migration. Include considerations for media used on both source and target systems.
Plan the system software installation and configuration. Consider LPAR, guest Operating Systems and time required to install.
Validate communications requirements. Consider multiple systems on the network, Virtual IP Addressing (VIPA), physical port requirements, host names, Line descriptions, etc.

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The use of internet for distance learning

The Use Of Internet For Distance Learning

Technology has changed the face of distance learning. From the mailbox to the internet, distance learning has gone through transformations that have made it what it is today. The print aspect of distance learning is still ever present because of the need to ensure that the student can read and write.

Some online colleges are bogus and your inability to know the fake from the good ones can land you in hot water. Be careful not to trust any online distance offer that looks too good to be true. Online distance programs that offer you an education in the shortest amount of time should also not be trusted.

Distance learning program eliminates a number of costs. As a distance learning student, you wont have to pay accommodation fees. Your cost of running to and fro a campus is drastically lessened with a distance learning program. Some of these are the reasons why many continue to enroll in distance programs all over the world.

If you are the shy type, you might not want to school amongst a host of other people. There may have been a time when you wouldn’t have had a choice, but distance learning these days has grown into a practice that is open to anyone at all who is interested. This is as opposed to back in the day when only the underprivileged were considered for the program.

Spam and other kinds of junk always find their way into your email. If you did not delete them so readily, you would find that many of them provide information on how to get the diploma/degree of your dreams. You need to be very conscious that these are phantom offers and your distance learning dreams will not be fulfilled that way.

Although distance learning has tackled a lot of problems in its long history, there is one problem that it is not going to deal with too soon. This is the issue of examination malpractices, or simply, writing tests under controlled conditions. There is no easy way to guarantee that, so the schools and colleges play by ear as each year and each program comes.

Audiographics is important in distance learning. It’s called electronic whiteboard because of the use of the screen of the computer to display written information. Audiographics is most effective for the lecture mode of delivery. Audiographics is an excellent avenue for extensive discussions on several topics in the process of study.

Don’t be taken in by flashy online distance learning adverts that promise to give you the impossible. Distance learning online can be completed in a maximum of two years if you are serious. Any distance learning offer that promises a degree in less than a year should be ignored.

Learning disabilities and self-esteem

Learning Disabilities and Self-Esteem

So your child has been diagnosed as having a learning disability. What’s your next move? You may feel disappointed or discouraged, but you need to realize that these feelings are temporary and shouldn’t be communicated to your child. While it’s important that you acknowledge your feelings, make sure that you do so with an appropriate person, such as your spouse, partner or a close friend, not your child. Children have very fragile self-esteem and they tend to internalize things, so parents will want to avoid giving their children any sort of negative messages about their learning disability. Otherwise, parents run the risk of having their children think that they’re somehow at fault for their learning problems. A much better and more productive way to handle this situation is to be as positive and nurturing as possible. This is easily accomplished through the
following simple steps:

1. Inform yourself
The more you know about your child’s learning disability, the easier it will be for you to deal with it effectively. There are a host of excellent online
resources available to parents of children with learning disabilities. Along with excellent articles on everything from treatment options to an easy-to-understand breakdown of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), these sites feature links to
local learning disability specialists and support groups.

2. Show a little sympathy
Keep in mind that any frustration you may feel is small in comparison to what your child is going through. After all, he or she is the one that has to
learn the strategies necessary to making the most of his or her educational opportunities. The best you can do is support your child and have faith in his or her perseverance. Even if a particular treatment option doesn’t work, know that there are others available and don’t give up. Hope that you will find one that works for your child.

3. Look on the bright side
Sure, things may look bleak at first, but keep in mind how lucky you are to have caught the disability when you did. Some people manage to make it all the way to adulthood without knowing that they have a learning disorder, which causes them to experience unnecessary difficulty in school and at work. You should also make sure to communicate to your child that their learning disability is just one aspect of their lives. It’s not the entirety of who they are, although it may take considerable time and effort to work through these issues. Keeping the problem in perspective will allow your child to do what’s necessary to overcome it without being overwhelmed by the challenge this poses.

4. Enhance the positive
Focus on all the things your child can do, rather than what they’re currently unable to. This doesn’t just mean praising what they have no trouble doing, but every step they make along the way in learning how to work with their disability. Any progress they make should be noted and praised, which will encourage them to keep on going. When your child feels like you’re backing them, it will be that much easier for them to reach their potential.

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000-201 exam questions

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Apply Information
Product selection, including disk, tape, switches, SVC, and storage software.
Describe in detail and apply characteristics
Disk (DS3?00, DS5?00/DS3950, N3?00)
Tape (TS3100,TS3200,TS3500, and TS3310)
Switches (Brocade SAN24B-4, Cisco MDS 9124, Multiprotocol routers, Brocade SAN40B, SAN80Bm Cisco 9134m M, X, and R, SVC lite and SVC)
Storage Software (basic Storage Management products, TPC)
Describe in general terms the characteristics
Disk (DS6000, DS8000, XIV, N6xx0. N7xx0, Gateway, and Advanced Functions)
Tape (TS7700, TS7650G, TS3500, TS1130)
Switches (Cisco director (95xx Cisco), Cisco Nexus, SVC, FC0E concepts)

IBM 000-201 certification is to confirm the skills necessary success as a storage technical specialist in midrange pre-sale customer  engagements.  This certification will replace all previous product specific storage exams. These product specific pre-sales storage technical exams on or before July 1, 2010.  Each certification description page will contain specific withdrawal information when announced.

IBM Midrange Storage Technical Specialist
Exam Number/Code : 000-201
Exam Name : IBM Midrange Storage Technical Specialist
Questions and Answers : 110 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-03-25
Price: $ 203.00 $ 200.00

Training resources
Course title: ATS Technical Update Session 44 – How to Configure your DS5000 for Consolidating a Variety of Workloads
Course duration: 60 minutes
Course number: ltu27897
Abstract: This presentation will cover the ‘best practices’ to be considered when planning and creating a layout for a DS5000 solution. We will discuss the how’s and why’s of general setup practices for the DS5000 to obtain balanced configurations for most cases. Areas examined will include hosts, application specifics, mixed workloads and the DS5000’s capabilities to deal with them.

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What do knowledge, kids, and the usa have in common

What Do Knowledge, Kids, And The Usa Have In Common?

Heres the common denominator: the Education Establishment is comtemptuous of all three.

Do you think I jest or exaggerate? Not at all. The truth is straightforward, and easy to explain.

In the matter of Knowledge, John Dewey and his successors made clear that facts, learning and knowledge were not, for them, primary. The relevant thing was each childs social activity, because the real goal was a new social order. Knowledge was usually a nuisance, and often an obstacle. For the past one hundred years the Education Establishment has waged war against facts and content.

As for Kids, they were to be turned into a new kind of children that would grow up to build a socialist America. What mattered was a childs capacity to be moulded into a cooperative child, an obedient child, a new socialist child. Dewey and his successors would argue that, in fact, they were concerned about the childs welfare: were they not trying to create a better society? A claim which is debatable. What cannot be argued is that Dewey and his gang proceeded in stealth, never bothering to ask anyones permission. In the process, they trampled on the childs individuality, and on the childs right to be as educated as possible (which would typically result in a better-paying job). They were stealing the childs future. They treated children as lab rats.

As for the USA, Dewey and his successors, i.e. the Education Establishment, did not like the country they found themselves in. Whats to like? They didnt value capitalism, democracy, free enterprise, Western civilization, religion, or much of anything else. They were dreaming of some sort of socialist paradise. Point is, our top educators wanted to destroy the US that most of us hope to preserve. Well, they didnt succeed in destroying it, but they surely inflicted a lot of damage and left a lot of wounds, which we are still dealing with.

There you have it. Knowledge, Kids, and the USA are all equally problematical for our Education Establishment. Probably the people in the middle and lower levels dont have all these antagonisms. But the people at the top must. Otherwise public schools would not be so mediocre. That is, they would not be exactly the schools you would predict we would have if a bunch of people like John Dewey got control of them.

Finally, its contempt that turns everything sour. Contempt for humans of whatever age, contempt for basic facts, contempt for country. Far-left leaders and groups tend to have the attitude that their visions are all that matter, and anything that doesnt comform to those visions can be violated. Thats how Pol Pot could go back to his small, backward country and kill one-quarter of the population. And thats how Dewey and his bunch could instigate a slow-motion coup that over decades would create 50,000,000 functional illiterates. Contempt kills.

Point is, the Education Establishment is not always doing the right thing. The simplest remedy is that ordinary citizens become more indignant and involved. ASAP.

(For more of this analysis, please see 38: Saving Public Schools and 41: Educators, O. J. Simpson, and Guilt on

Article Summary: Simply judging by appearances, you might suspect that our Education Establishment is hostile to Knowledge, Kids and the USA. When you look closer, you are sure.

Exam questions and answers

000-974 Exam Questions And Answers

Power Systems Technical Support for i
Exam Number/Code : 000-974
Exam Name : Power Systems Technical Support for i
Number of questions: 84
Time allowed in minutes: 120
Required passing score: 61%
Test languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

This specialist has detailed technical knowledge about the IBM Power Systems products, IBM i technologies and related solutions, as well as the skills to architect solutions which address customer requirements.  The Specialist can perform competitive analyses, translate technical requirements into customer solutions, solve technical problems, and describe Power Systems strategy and solutions, business trends and directions.  As part of the process, the specialist designs, configures, migrates and implements the IBM solution.

4. What color are the connectors for HSL-1, HSL-2 and 12X?
A. HSL-1: black, HSL-2: orange, 12X: green
B. HSL-1: yellow, HSL-2: black, 12X: green
C. HSL-1: yellow, HSL-2: orange, 12X: black
D. HSL-1: orange, HSL-2: black, 12X: yellow
Answer: B

Solution Implementation (18%)
Configure disk storage units. Consider Independent ASPs and clustering, RAID, mirroring, system and user ASP management, and hot spare.
Configure attachment to external system devices (for example, SAN, iSCSI, Intelligent PDUs, tape libraries, SAN fabric). Consider card type, bus type and performance.
Implement the available Ethernet adapters (10/100, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, Host Ethernet Adapter), both physical cards and virtual adapters. Consider link speed, frame size, duplex and security.

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642-901 Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
EX0-101 ITIL Foundation v.3
N10-004 CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)
SY0-201 CompTIA Security+(2008 Edition) Exam

Vigil for schools, colleges,universities and educational institutions

enVigil for Schools, Colleges,Universities and educational institutions

enVigil will take care of following issues for any School or college.
Does the 24 x 7 manned security service at the school location ?
Do you still worry about your institute assets and possible damage to school property for various reasons?
Does your institute have multiple Campuses and administrative offices, book stores etc to manage?
Do you feel worried about the instances of violence in you campus and around campus?
Does the vandalism a strong concern for your administration at the school locations?
Do you need to live monitor areas like laboratories, libraries, study rooms and hostels to ensure every thing is going on the way the administration wants?
Do you have any parking or outside areas that you need to monitor?
Do you a storage area that need to be monitored for loss of school property?
Do you feel need to monitor the playground, gymnasium and your labs regularly?
Do you need to monitor the areas where the school fees and charges are collected?
Then enVigil CCTV is the right security solution for your educational institute.

enVigil takes care of institutions security needs & goes beyond security to improve quality of education.
Protect you intellectual property and labs by unforced circumstances and theft.
enVigil provides many features that can help not just in security but improve your day to day processes.
enVigil will allow you to monitor the staff’s performance,
Improved image to your institute – The presence of a security system shows your parents and students that you care about their customer safety and security and can improve their shopping experience.
Monitor parking areas to avoid liability from the attending students, parents and other vendors
Remotely monitor your staff and total processes shall increase your ROI by reduced theft and better employee performance.
enVigil allows you to define the Private and shard cameras, which are only available to administrator making the systems more suitable to your practical needs!
You can monitor various departments of the school – administrative department, Science lab, Literary,
Play groun area and more from the internal network and also by remote access over the internet.

University degree – a must for the knowledge revolution

University Degree – A Must For The Knowledge Revolution

At one time a university degree offered a competitive advantage. Today it has almost become a necessity. We need specialised knowledge and skills in order to survive and a university education provides the basis.

A university degree is not a single product. There are numerous ways of classifying the degrees on offer. The most common classification is based on the extent of study required to obtain the degree. The simplest degree is the Associate Degree. Unfortunately it does not have much worth. All it says that you did come here but did not get to first base. For all practical purposes the first base is the Bachelor’s Degree, which signifies the completion of undergraduate studies. On completion of postgraduate studies the Master’s Degree is awarded. Further studies and research results in the Doctorate Degree, which is commonly known as the Ph.D. Acquisition of this degree signifies that one has reached the cutting edge of knowledge.

Another way of classifying a university degree is according the stream of knowledge. There are science degrees offered in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Engineering degrees are offered in electrical, civil, chemical and other disciplines of engineering. Arts degrees are offered in music, religion, fashion design and a host of similar subjects. The social sciences degrees include political science, law and sociology. The list is virtually endless and includes information technology, business, healthcare and many more.

The online university is gaining popularity. The evolution of the Internet technology with instantaneous transmission, electronic data storage and worldwide connectivity has powered the proliferation of the online university. Its major advantage is that the need to be physically present on the university campus is done away with. It therefore also allows for a flexible study schedule. It is popular with people who are already working, but need the additional university degree to enhance their employment potential. They cannot leave their jobs and would be uncomfortable in the physical presence of much younger students.
The online university has come to stay.

When you choose your future college, you choose much more…

When You Choose Your Future College, You Choose Much More…

Choosing a college is an important decision in your life, and you have to weigh many things to be satisfied with your choice. When you choose a college, you do not choose a place to study at only. When you choose a college, you decide on many things such as what people to communicate with, what career to prefer, what professional and personal goals to set. This choice is probably the most influential for you right now, and you cannot make a mistake this time.

When you choose a college, you define your future career and job.
If you want to become a great artist you can hardly choose some technical college and train to be a scientist. This is why you need to choose a college that will be able to train, develop, and improve your skills and knowledge. Communicate with students and get to know whether it is possible to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in this college.
When you choose a college, you need to be ready to choose other important for education stuff.

First, you should think about a laptop that is easy to use during your study. In college, you should prepare numerous written assignments, presentations, and projects. Internet sources should be available for you 24/7, this is why the role of your laptop is crucial in your education. Second, you have to upgrade your closet. You have to be stylish, interesting, and looking good. If you fail to have appropriate appearance from the first days, you may create wrong reputation for yourself. Finally, when you choose a college, you should think about transport to use. If it is possible, you may buy or rent a car. In other case, you may use a college bus to get to the necessary place.
When you choose a college, you choose new people and new surrounding
Before make the final decision, think about people to study with. Have you already known who your roommate is? Do you know where your hostel is?
Try to find out as many information as possible not to be surprised at first days.
Hope these hints help you choose a right college!

Hp0-s26 exam questions

HP0-S26 exam questions

Integrating and Managing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
Exam Number/Code : HP0-S26
Exam Name : Integrating and Managing HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers
Questions and Answers : 60 Q&As
Update Time: 2010-04-29
HP0-S26 Price: $ 120.00

3. Which component does HP Insight Virtual Machine Manager software (VMM) work with to manage ESX


A. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

B. Xen Manager

C. VMware vCenter


Answer: C

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1. Which Linux tool provides information on memory utilization, processor utilization and process statistics?

A. top

B. kde

C. OProfile

D. kstat

Answer: A

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