Let’s look at how to prepare a study plan for the forthcoming cat exam

Let’s look at how to prepare a study plan for the forthcoming CAT Exam

1. Get to know the priority of CAT topics
Since we hardly have 2 months left for CAT preparation, there is no point in preparing a plan that involves each and every topic of the CAT Exam. Instead coin out the important CAT topics and prepare a plan. If you still have time after getting comfortable with CAT topics then you can consider the rest. Here is the list of CAT topics that I will include in my CAT Exam study plan .

CAT Exam Verbal

Grammar Basics

Basic Vocabulary

Para Jumbles

Reading Comprehension

CAT Exam Math

CAT Exam Algebra

-Theory of Equations

CAT Exam Number System

CAT Exam Geometry

CAT Exam Arithmetic
-Time, Work and Distance

Permutations & Combinations

2. How to find out CAT Exam topics that are to be included in the plan?
A CAT exam study plan will be effective provided you have a good sense of exactly what you need to study. I will not believe if a CAT test aspirants says that he does not know anything about a single topic of the CAT exam. There are always chances that you already know some of the CAT test material well. Some of it you may only need to review, and some of it you may need to study in detail. Taking a diagnostic CAT Test is the ideal way to assess what you know and what you need to know. How was your mock CAT result? What CAT paper topics do you know well? What do CAT questions you need to review? What CAT exam topics do you need to study in detail?
3. How to manage the study plan TIME?
Time Management occupies the top position in the list. Everyone out there preparing for competitive exams knows that this is the most important factor that will decide the chances of success. But very few know how to manage TIME.
Because you have a basic idea of how much time you have, you can make some decisions about how you will proceed with the CAT study plan. Once you have a good sense of how much studying is ahead, create a detailed CAT exam study schedule. Use a calendar to set specific deadlines. If CAT exam deadlines make you nervous, give yourself plenty of time for each task; otherwise, you might have trouble staying calm and keeping on track.
4. How to study for the CAT Online exam?

“Finish CAT Quant by September End” …. a study plan like this will obviously go futile. Instead, you should work on a study plan that sets dates for learning specific CAT test topics. As you set your deadlines, think carefully about your day-to-day schedule. How much time can you spend on studying each week? Exactly when can you fit in the time to study? Be realistic about how much time you have and how much you can accomplish. Give yourself the CAT preparation time you need to succeed.
5. How to stick to the CAT Preparation plan?
Make sure to have your CAT exam plan written on paper and posted in your room. (Don’t just keep it in your head!) Look at it regularly so that you can remember what and when to study. Checking your CAT preparation plan regularly will also help you see how much progress you have made along the way. Bear in mind that you should not give up if you fall behind your CAT schedule.

Don’t forget that cracking the CAT 2009. is a piece of cake, if you have a good plan!

The martin luther king, jr

The Martin Luther King, Jr

When you sit back and take in the phenomenal achievements of black history, it is natural to be moved to admiration by some of the great figures of black history including Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver and many more. But one name stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is the name Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s legacy of change and his call for the end of racism and segregation in American society is without question the voice that has moved America as no other has done. For while many have showed tremendous leadership, Dr. King clearly demonstrated a vision for the future of America in which black and white worked, lived, played and worshipped together as one society not two.

The honor and reverence all American’s have for Martin Luther King, Jr. is evident in how honored his name has become since his tragic death at the assassins hand in 1968. All around this nation, virtually every U.S. city has named a major road after the great civil rights leader. He singularly has a U.S. holiday named after him, an honor usually reserved for presidents. He has been honored on the U.S. stamp and no school child gets through his or her elementary education without knowing the key phrases from Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech.

Dr. King’s career in civil rights is inseparable from the early struggles of the civil rights movement from the late fifties going forward. Our images of him walking side by side with his people unifying them behind his leadership and facing tremendous hatred and racial bigotry to take a stand in America to say without compromise that racism would not stand in this country any more.

Those images of Dr. King working and marching with others who shared his courage to step out and make a change for the better are indelible on the American consciousness. For Dr. King was not a leader who sent his messages from the safety and comfort of a far away office. No, he was there, in the midst of his people, marching on Washington arm in arm with the everyday men and women of this country who banded together to fight the evils of racism. It took tremendous courage for Dr. King to take to the streets with his people like he did and it was a risk that eventually cost him his life. But his courage inspired thousands to be courageous too and be one people, one brotherhood who would no longer allow racism to be the rule of law in America.

Dr. King’s famous speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on a hot August 28, 1963 has become so central to our American heritage that it is quoted with reverence by scholars, students and all people seeking their own inspiration from this great man. This speech ranks with Kennedy’s inaugural speech and the Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as words that have inspired this nation as none other have been able to do. It is impossible not to get goose bumps reading these key phrases from that historic speech.

* I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'” * “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” * “Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring-when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children-black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics-will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

When reading Dr. King’s prophetic words to us all, his ideas become our ideas and we all become challenged to make his dream come to life. And that is what is truly the definition of a great leader.

Michigan schools improve high school graduation requirements

Michigan Schools Improve High School Graduation Requirements

Michigan Schools presented its new high school graduation requirements — the Michigan Merit Curriculum — in December 2005. The Michigan schools are determined to better prepare students for work and college success, by assuring that all students have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Previous requirements for graduation in the Michigan schools reflected an economy and society that no longer exist, nor did they represent the real world demands of work and college. Michigan schools skills and course subjects that were once optional for students after graduation now are essential to enter college or the workforce. In a 2005 survey, only 24 percent of the graduates said they were significantly challenged during high school, while a recent survey showed one-in-five graduates thought expectations were low and it was easy to “slide by”. National data indicate that academic achievement in high school reading, mathematics and science has been mostly stagnate for decades.

Michigan’s Governor Jennifer M. Granholm backs the new Michigan schools program, stating that the state’s economy will suffer if Michigan does not have a highly educated workforce. Her goal is to double the number of college graduates in Michigan, and the new Michigan schools high school graduation requirements will ensure the goal is met.

The new Michigan Merit Curriculum requires Michigan schools graduates to successfully complete both the Michigan Merit Core and the 21st Century Learning Core. The new Michigan Merit Core consists of the following coursework:

• English Language Arts, integrated Humanities sequence, or CTE sequence — 4 credits
• Mathematics — 4 credits with one credit each in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, AND an additional mathematics or mathematics-related credit in the senior year, integrated mathematics sequence, or CTE sequence
• Science — 3 credits with one credit each in Biology, Physics or Chemistry, and one additional credit of science, integrated math sequence, or CTE sequence
• Social Sciences — 3 credits
• Civics and Economics — 5 credits
• U.S. History and World History — 1 credit each, integrated with Geography, integrated Humanities sequence, or CTE sequence
• World Languages — 2 credits
• Health and Physical Education — 2 credits
• Visual and Performing Arts — 1 credit

Additionally, students in their junior year must take the Michigan schools’ Michigan Merit Exam or the alternate MI-ACCESS assessment exam. Those who do not pass in their junior year have another opportunity to take the exam in the spring of their senior year. Additionally, the Michigan schools are developing high school content expectations to serve as a guide to curriculum development for the school districts.

The Michigan schools new graduation requirements instill rigor into the high school coursework, but provides some flexibility for school district phase-in of the new requirements and student modification provisions in some limited situations. The new Michigan schools requirements begin with the freshman class in the fall of 2006.

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How is geology used in everyday life

How Is Geology Used in Everyday Life

Geology is a field of science that examines the physical components of the earth’s surface and how they change and evolve over time. While most people do not think much about geology, it is a subject that impacts everyday life in major ways. Geology not only produces the fuels that we used everyday, but it also creates the foundation on which we live our lives.

#1 – Solid Ground

Geology impacts how solid the earth beneath our feet is. While the ground that we walk on, build on and travel over seems solid, it is actually floating on top of a core of molten iron and magma. The stability of the earth under our feet impacts the ability of humans to build structures and infrastructures.

#2 – Produces Fuels

Geological processes produce fuels that we use everyday to drive and operate our homes and businesses. Fossil fuels, for example, are produced by applying extreme pressure and heat to organic materials that have been buried by sediments. These conditions are maintained over millions of years before the fuels are ready to be used by humans.

#3 – Produces Gems

Gemstones are also produced by geological processes. Gemstones are used primarily for decoration, but they also play a role in our economy. Gemstones are very valuable and used as investments and as a raw material for many trades including jewelry manufacturing industries.

Diamonds in particular are extremely valuable because of their strength and their beauty. Natural diamonds tend to be used as decorative objects that have a high wholesale and retail value. Manmade diamonds are much smaller and are generally used for manufacturing cutting blades and other products.

#4 – Impacts Our Safety

Geological concepts greatly impact our safety on a daily basis. Many hazards that humans face are caused by geological forces and processes. Earthquakes, for example, are produced by shifts in the earth’s tectonic plates. Other hazards that are influenced by geology include landslides, floods and volcanic eruptions. An understanding of these principles is necessary to mitigate dangers and to keep communities safe.

#5 – Building Sites

The type of rocks and soils that are present impact how the land can be used. In order to build a large development the developers need to find a location that will be stable enough to support such a structure. If the conditions are not naturally available, then the developer will need to design artificial stabilizers which add to the cost of the product.

#6 – Basis of the World’s Economy

Gold is the basis of the world’s economy. It is mined, smelted, molded and traded around the globe. It is customary for governments to hold enough gold in their treasuries to match the amount of paper money and coinage that they produce. When these ratios are out of balance then the value of the paper money and coinage is decreased in the global market.


Geology is a critical part of everyday life. It impacts the materials that we have available to work with, the amount of energy we can use and the safety of our communities. It is because of all of these factors that it is important to learn about geology.

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Education system in romania – to be or not to be

Education System In Romania – To Be Or Not To Be…

Education is a very important aspect in Romanians life. Since time immemorial, in the smallest villages in the area they used to have a particular respect for the intellectuals of the village who used to be the teacher, the mayor and the priest. Consequently, nowadays it is more important then ever to be well educated. The education system in Romania seems in general quite difficult, both for teachers and for students.

Nursery school begins at the age of three and it can finish at the age of six or seven, depending on the childs capability. Classes start at 8 a.m. and they finish at noon. At the nursery school they learn to draw, to colour, to listen to stories and then to prove what they have understood.

In addition, they can learn to sing and dance, they are taught practical abilities, therefore they can learn by doing paper boats, snowflakes and other things related to their universe. They can learn as well foreign languages like English, German or even French, according to the nursery schools profile.

At the end of the nursery school stage children are evaluated by the schools that they will attend. Primary education therefore starts at the age of six or seven and it finishes at the age of 10 or 11. In this case, as well, classes start at 8 a.m. and they finish at noon too. Children do not have lunch at school but they can have a sandwich from home and as snack, they get a small carton of milk and a roll.

Furthermore, during primary education in Romania, school subjects are Romanian, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Art, Practical Abilities, Geography, History, Biology, English or other foreign language. Nursery and primary school evaluation is performed via grades like “insufficient”, “sufficient”, “good” and “very good”.

To continue, during lower secondary school, which lasts for four years too, students learn new subjects like Physics, Chemistry, another foreign language, which is French , German or Spanish. During the 7th grade, they have to pass two national tests in Romanian and Mathematics at the end of each term. By the way, the academic year has two terms and children are on holiday for Christmas, between the two terms, for Easter and the summer holiday is from June 15 to September 15.

The 8th grade is very important in the education system in Romania because at its end students have to pass a final test in Romanian, Mathematics and Geography or History. According to the marks they have, which can be from 1 to 10, they can enter a high school.

Besides, they have the possibility to fill in a form containing lists of high schools and choose one or more, but it depends on their average mark at the test if they are distributed, or not at the high school they want.

Those students who have not passed this exam have the possibility to attend vocational schools where they are taught subjects that are more practical, and at the end of these schools they can have a qualification.

Finally, after four high school years, they have to pass the baccalaureate exam and then they can enter the university they want. In the education system in Romania, it is compulsory to attend school until the age of 16.

Exam training resources courses and publications are offered to help you prepare for the 000-014 certification test

000-014 practice test

000-014 Exam Training Resources
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000-014 Exam Information
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Find best online math tutors

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Earning online degrees from colleges online the easy way

Earning Online Degrees From Colleges Online The Easy Way

Resuming your college education and earning college degrees while working has now become easier than ever with the advanced online technology. While some years back a few online colleges and universities were the only sources of online education for working adults, in this Internet era various online degrees are offered by almost all the elite universities. Wide variety of online courses offered by the famous universities like DeVry University and Capella University allow adult learners to pursue their higher education. Various reputed online websites will help you compare the campus and online degrees of different colleges and let you choose the best.

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Advanced algebra not for every kid

Advanced Algebra not for Every Kid

In December, the Ohio Legislature approved a new “core curriculum” that today’s Ohio fifth-graders will have to successfully complete in order to graduate from high school. Beginning in 2010, students will be required to pass four years of mathematics, which must include both basic and advanced algebra. Ohio’s action mirrors similar legislation the state of Michigan enacted last March.

Currently, only a handful of states mandate that all students pass two years of algebra to graduate from high school, but more states are considering such a requirement. There are only two justifications for a state to require that a graduating high school student master a particular subject – it is of vital interest to the student, society, or both.

Please reminisce for a moment and recall the last time you found that it was in your self-interest to be able to apply the quadratic formula. You know, the one in which the opposite of the coefficient of the first-degree term added to, or subtracted from, the square root of four times the product of the coefficient of the second-degree term and the constant is subtracted from the square of the coefficient of the first-degree term – all of which is divided by twice the coefficient of the second-degree term.

If you are an algebra teacher, algebra student or algebra parent, making use of the quadratic formula may have been a recent experience for you, but my guess is that for just about everybody else it was when you took your last algebra test – or never.

Of course, no reasonable person can doubt the vital importance that mathematics has played in the advancement of societies. Without math there is no chemistry, physics or astronomy, and no Internet or HDTV either.

Nevertheless, as important as the benefits of the science of mathematics are to everyone, the fact of the matter is that most people can, do and will continue to lead very productive lives without having mastered algebra’s algorithms.

An unspoken truth is that not all students who enter high school have the intellectual capacity to be successful in second-year algebra. However, this is an addressable problem. The solution is to apply the same formula that school districts used when they started requiring geometry. “Dummy down” the course as needed.

This approach, however, presents a dilemma for another group of “more algebra” advocates who argue that the primary reason for requiring algebra is not for students to gain familiarity with polynomials, functions, equations, etc. as much as it is for students to internalize the “thinking” required to reach this comfort level.

The argument is that the thought process required to solve simultaneous equations is transferable to real world problems. The extent to which this is true is debatable. What is not debatable, in my view, is that in order to offer a second-year algebra course that every student in the school can pass will require replacing a lot of those thinking experiences with “extra credit” journals and scrapbooks.

Such a universalization of “advanced” algebra will, unintentionally, negate the only real value of the course for the vast majority of high school students – most colleges require it. A student’s high school math record is used by universities as a major tool to gauge a prospective student’s capability to learn at the college level.

The assumption being, of course, that a student who successfully completes advanced math courses is a better risk than one who doesn’t. Advanced math courses are considered good filters, but if algebra II becomes a required subject, universities will properly consider it “basic” rather than “advanced,” and, consequently, a student’s performance in the course will be no more useful to colleges as a gauge than any other required course.

So, the remaining question is how essential to our society is an algebra-literate citizenry? Would we be more secure? More prosperous? If requiring a second year of algebra in high school translated into a new generation of math scientists comprised of those who otherwise would be flipping burgers, that obviously would be a societal gain. But that is no more realistic than requiring every kid in high school to play football with the expectation of developing masses of otherwise undiscovered pros for the NFL.