Requirements to become a teacher

Requirements To Become A Teacher

Early Childhood Education (from birth until age 7 or 8) requires very specialized education, since these are a child’s formative years. Early childhood education focuses on providing children with the necessary tools for learning as they grow into adulthood. Making certain that young students are physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially mature is crucial for long-term success. Licensing requirements to become a preschool teacher also vary by State. Requirements for public preschool teachers are generally more stringent than those for private preschool teachers. Some States require a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, while others require an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and still others require certification in Early Childhood Education by a nationally recognized authority. The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, the most common type of certification, requires a mix of classroom training and experience working with children, along with an independent assessment of the teacher’s competence. A certificate such as the CDA may be all that is required for an entry level Early Childhood teaching position.

Requirements to Become an Elementary Teacher

The process for becoming an elementary school teacher begins with finishing high school. The aspiring teacher must then graduate with a degree in elementary education from an accredited university with a bachelor’s degree. While in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s the future teacher most likely will have to spend at least one semester performing a student teaching internship. It is strongly recommended that graduates then enroll in a professional development program which is one year long. This will give one extra experience combining education with teaching hands on. In addition to finishing the requirements to become a teacher dictated by the university, it is required by the State Board of Education that all elementary school teachers complete educational requirements and pass a test which is based on the skills that individual holds in teaching skills, reading, and writing. It is currently recommended that a teacher candidate earn a Master’s Degree in a related education discipline, also.

Requirements to Become a Secondary (High School) Teaching

Becoming a high school teacher begins with similar requirements to become a teacher as those for an elementary school teacher training program. Instead of enrolling in elementary education one would enroll in teaching secondary education, taking the subject to a higher level. The major difference in this is that the future teacher would have to choose a specialty. That is if he/she wanted to be a math or English teacher that would be the specialty. Most students choose to double major in education combined with the subject of specialty.

Long term food storage for hard times

Long Term Food Storage For Hard Times

If you are planning for long term food storage you would be making a good decision that could make life a bit easier in the future. Your food storage could come to your rescue in the event of an emergency or if economic trouble makes it difficult to buy food. The cost of food could go way up but your stored food supply could help offset that. If you lose your job, as is happening more frequently now you would still be able to eat until you had another income source.

What constitutes long term food storage? Generally you think of one year or more of food stored in protective containers or food on a shelf that you can rotate out with you daily meals as long term. This second method can be the more preferable way to go because you would be using items that you know your family likes, so there are no surprises. With prepackaged deals where you buy one year worth in a bulk purchase you may get some stuff you don’t want.

Buying your food locally can be the best way to go. For one you are supporting your local economy, you can buy a little extra each week to add to your storage food and you can constantly rotate it with new items to make sure the expiration date is good. To avoid having to have more water during an emergency, avoid getting a lot of powdered type food that requires constitution. If you have a reliable source of water this may not be a problem.

Getting food for storage does not have to be expensive. Buy it along with your regular trips to the store and put it on the shelf. When you have a years worth of food you would be in an enviable position because you will only be relying on yourself to get by.

What you should know about praxis ii tests

What You Should Know About Praxis Ii Tests

Praxis II tests are also known as Subject Assessment Tests. These are required by many states and professional organizations in the U.S. in order for beginning teachers to obtain their teaching certification or licensing. The Praxis II was developed as a way to measure and assess a teacher’s knowledge in certain subjects and to test for teaching skills.

Many colleges and universities also view Praxis II tests as an important evaluation of a would-be teacher’s skills in the content area that they are planning on concentrating. Many teachers take the Praxis II tests in order to increase their list of qualifications.

Who takes the Praxis II tests?
Students normally register for and take the registered Praxis II tests before the completion of their undergraduate or graduate courses. Only 44 states require the Praxis series, although many colleges, universities and licensing agencies for professionals require these tests.

Where are Praxis II tests offered?
Testing locations are found in different regions and states throughout the U.S. for paper-based testing. While most of these test centers offer tests using the English language, there are also test centers that cater to students or beginning teachers whose principal language is not English.

There are three major categories in the Praxis II test. These are:
Subject Assessment Tests
Measure a teacher’s specific content knowledge and consists of multiple choice tests and constructed response questionnaires.

Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests
Assess a teacher’s pedagogic knowledge and skills for four specific age groups of students: early childhood, kindergarten to 6, 5 to 9 and 7 to 12. Consists of multiple choice tests and constructed response questionnaires using case studies.

Teaching Foundation
Assess a teacher’s knowledge in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Language Arts. Also consists of multiple choice tests and constructed response questionnaires.

Scoring the tests
The raw score on a multiple choice Praxis II test indicates the number of correct answers while the scores on the constructed response tests reflects the points given by the appointed test scorers. The test takers will receive their score report about four to six weeks after taking the exam. Additional score reports or ASR may also be requested for an extra fee.

The passing scores of the Praxis II tests are mandated by the state. If you want to know the score you need to obtain to get your initial teaching licensure, simply get in touch with your state’s Department of Education or check out the Educational Testing Service website. The website also includes information on which Praxis tests you may be required to take additionally as a requirement of the state you’re planning to teach in.

Preparing for the Praxis II Tests
Preparing prior to taking the Praxis II tests is an important component of taking the tests successfully. It’s recommended that you review books on your subject area, educational methods, techniques and psychology. Preparing and taking the tests can cost money so it’s preferable that you invest only once in a successful attempt.

The Praxis II test is a paper-based test and is not available through computer testing. Registering for the test may be done online, however. Simply go to the website for a list of schedules and to fill out the registration form.

Praxis II tests can last from one hour to four hours. If you prefer, you can take a combination of tests to save time. Some tutors and experienced educators, however, recommend that test takers keep to just 2 tests in 1 day, especially if you experience some anxiety or uncertainty.

Scholarships 4 moms – keep the balance in your life

Scholarships 4 Moms – Keep The Balance In Your Life

Extra funds have always been the problem with single mothers which is probably why they think twice about getting back to school. Well, it’s a good thing that there is a scholarship that has been set aside for single mothers. The Scholarships 4 Moms grant has a $10,000 package if you are able to qualify for it.

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Mothers have always worked hard for the family and now the government is reaching out to give back to them what they deserve. Scholarships 4 Moms makes way for mothers to earn more money by finishing their degree. This program is specifically prepared for working mothers who have the inkling to go back to school.

Scholarships 4 Moms helps ease the burden off working mothers a bit by assisting them financially in order for them to graduate from college. They no longer need to get money off of their savings to sustain their needs for school. The government already provides for them. You no longer need to worry about your family’s needs as you start to satisfy your own.

Applying for the Scholarships 4 Moms is quite simple. As long as you have all the necessary papers to back you up, then you are all set to go. Just go online to get a registration form and you start from there. Make sure that you ask the right people about the necessary information you need to know about the grant.

Now thanks to Scholarships 4 Moms, every mother has the opportunity to go back to school and balance her time with her children at home without any worries to stain their budget. The government has already answered that problem for you. This is open to stay at home mothers, single mothers, teenage mother and working mothers.

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How you can find an extra 2-6 hours of working time per week

How you Can Find an Extra 2-6 Hours of Working Time Per Week

Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time in the day? Many days you might leave your office wondering why you didn’t get much more accomplished. Between dealing with different people and receiving phone calls, and trying to juggle all of the different little tasks you need to, the day can be gone before you know it. A huge challenge for many people is dealing with all of the information that they get get thrown at them through the mail, internet, fax, etc. It’s quite a lot of reading!

How many hours a week do you think you actually spend reading – between emails, faxes, newspaper, reports, etc? I sure if you did an inventory of the time you spent on this every week, you would be surprised at the amount of your time that is gobbled up by reading. Now what if you could cut that in half? For some people that would free up a tremendous amount of their days, and allow them to accomplish a tremendous amount more. What many people don’t realize is that it is possible to quicky and easily start the habit of reading faster – much faster.

Simply by being aware of the need and the ability that one has to ready faster, this typically helps in and of itself. Many people after a short tutorial can find that their reading speed can be doubled. And really the sky is the limit with the right instruction. There are highly successful people that have really taken this to an art form. Marshall Thurber, a well reknown expert in the field of wealth empowerment, is said to read 3 books before lunch every day. Even if you don’t have that kind of reading ambition, it’s pretty clear that even if you doubled your reading speed you could save yourself tons of time.

A simple tip you can start using to read faster is to be simply conscious of your reading speed and your need to improve it. For a free test of your reading speed and some free tips on reading faster, check out:

Advantages of moot court as an extracurricular activity

Advantages of Moot Court as an Extracurricular Activity

Attending a law school, student should take up at least two different extracurricular activities, one should satisfy student interests, another should promote students’ future career. Law profession is the one where the absence of proficient skills and sufficient knowledge in the field may lead to a number of unpleasant consequences, from the loss of money to the ruin of reputation. Thus, to avoid any mistakes in future, students should attend moot courts to obtain additional skills in the profession.

What is a moot court?

Moot court is one of the extracurricular activities with the main idea to take part in simulated court procedures. Students have a task to consider one of the cases, either appellate or arbitral. Moot courts do not involve any testimonies or witnesses. The main information which students possess is presented in a written form.

Moot court program

 The organizational structure of a moot court program depends on the law school requirements. The core idea of a moot court procedure is to reflect the main proceeding and copy the actions which are going to be in a real court. Training takes place in each law school separately, but there are common activities where each law school is aimed to give a representative for a competition.

Difference is in variety

Moot court programs in different countries differ in some content. For example, in England and Wales a moot court proceeding is going to be like a conversation with the common purpose to find the solution to the problem, while in Scotland, the procedure has an adversarial nature.

Moot court importance

It is significant to attend moot courts as they give students an opportunity to improve their skills and apply possessed knowledge in practice. Plato said. “The most important part of education is proper training”.

Is hallucination normal

Is Hallucination Normal?

Is Hallucination Normal?

Is hallucination a normal part of human evolution? Did we all, or nearly all of us once hallucinate? The answer is most likely yes. The human brain is built easily to produce auditory or visual hallucination. A small electrical charge stimulating the only connective tissue between the right and left-brain lobe produces that effect for the majority of people.

We’ve always imagined that the people of five to ten thousand years ago were just like us. When that doesn’t make any sense. Have we not changed at all in ten thousand years? We didn’t start writing our own history until about three thousand years ago. One can assume that we started perceiving what we did and what happened to us as meaningful to record, but only when we were able psychically to regard ourselves important as individuals. At least the kings who recorded their history must have thought so.

Before that time it’s very likely that we had not yet achieved the critical mass of internal psychic parts to be able to experience ourselves as entirely separate and unique individuals. Hallucination is perfectly designed to offload portions of ourself, and our experience that we couldn’t yet integrate into a whole person. Hallucination projects large portions of our feelings, desires and intentions onto some other, who then acts out some part of ourself. Or more often speaks in an audible voice that commands what we wanted to do in the first place, but couldn’t carry it off without this external authority.

We called such voices the gods, and built myths connecting us to them and their apparent purposes. We felt banished from the Garden of Eden and God’s oft-spoken presence when we’d eaten sufficiently from the Tree of Knowledge to become willful, self-conscious individual creatures. No longer hearing the voices of our gods we sought still hallucinating people called oracles to hear and speak to them in our behalf.

Explore this and other psychology ideas by visiting This article is extracted from THE GOD CHILD-ABANDONED, a nonfiction book.


How can parent teacher associations nurture the overall development of special children

How can parent teacher associations nurture the overall development of special children

helping the physical and mental development of physically and mentally challenged children, a different learning pattern has been established. The role of parents in nurturing the skills of special children is very important. Most parents may have difficulty in helping special children develop skills in the right way. Parent teacher association can be of great help in doing so.

PTAs are often seen as an organization that facilitates meetings among educators and caregivers. But they have a lot more to offer than just that. It can act as a bridge among parents, students and schools which ultimately helps the students. Caregivers can get to know about the academic and extra curricular activities conducted by the school to encourage student participation and development. The parent can then give feedback regarding the results of such programs taken up by the school and suggest other programs and teaching methodology that can possibly help in the overall development of the child.

Often, counselors are also a part of the association. Counselors and teachers can together to help the parents deal better with their children in ways that help the overall development of the child. Such interactions can be a learning experience for all the people involved. PTAs can also plan certain community activities that help the child develop life values and develop confidence in facing the world at large. Parent teacher associations can be instrumental in bringing positive transformation in special children. While they help in academics excellence in these students, what they do most importantly is boost the confidence in the students and encourage them to become achievers.

The fundamentals for writing research proposal and thesis statement

The fundamentals for writing research proposal and thesis statement

The human race has become civilized only with the help of the education by which they have developed their knowledge of understanding. It is said that a person becomes perfect both mentally and physically only by expanding his thoughts and ideas. All this is possible only by means of learning. Initially the courses offered where very few and it was affordable by all. Also there was no competition among the people. But now the trend has completely changed, as this is the aggressive and the competitive world. As the fees and all the education structures have been raised the students who belong to the middle class will not be able to afford. In order to help them there are many companies ready to offer funds. So to receive these external funds it is necessary to write an extraordinary research proposal. This research proposal will carry all the information about the research that one is to carry out.

The research proposal must have the full details about the project and added supportive information. When the proposal is evaluated it should be considered as the best one and it can surely compete with other proposals. The idea of this proposal must be supported with plenty of relevant literature. The proposal must create a strong confidence in the mind of the reader that the project is innovative and the method is very effective. Sometime the proposal gets rejected if the proposal writing is very meager so it should be kept in mind that while writing the proposal the quality should be maintained.

The research proposal should comprise the entire following outline.  A suitable title must be given to the proposal then the short and a brief summary must be written. The main body of the proposal must clearly reveal that the project will develop the knowledge in the area of research. The aim and the objective of the proposal must be concise, specific, detailed and focused. A good literature review and methodology also makes the proposal a good one and will be selected without any risk. We always strive to develop a good research presentation.

Before starting to write a proposal it is essential to write the thesis statement. The thesis statement usually would emphasis on the proposal or an essay.  The statement focuses on the text that is present in the paper that is proposed.  An important instrument used for the investigation of the proposal and to find its length whether long or short is done with the help of the statement. The statement should be assertive and develop the reader’s interest and have enough proof. The reader must get a clear idea about the project directly by reading the statement and the person should also know the limitations that are placed on the project. An important point that is to be remembered is that the topic selected for the research must be new and that is to be explored. It should also be helpful to the society and must have new solutions to solve the problem.

Why should college students exercise

Why Should College Students Exercise?

College is where you will be spending a lot of time doing a lot of activities. This can leave you stressed out. You need to be energetic and alert all the time. Taking up exercise routines is one of the best ways to always be active and physically fit.

There are lots of different types of exercises you can try out. You can join a yoga class, else take up aerobics or get into dance take or perhaps taekwondo. It’s important to schedule a certain part of your everyday time for such activities so that you get the maximum physical benefit from them.

Regular physical exercise will give you strength and stamina for your various work pressures. You may have to sit up long hours studying else get into a extra curricular routines suddenly. If you are not mentally alert or physically fit to handle such pressure, you cannot perform as expected. College is also the time where people will have a lot of expectations from you. In order to carry out such expectations successfully, you need to be confident. Doing physical exercises regularly gives you a clear and thinking mind, which in turn enhances your self confidence.

College is also the time, when you might spend on eating out. Eating at restaurants and fast food joints can make you put a lot of weight. Regular exercise can help you keep such problems under control. Late night parties and hang outs with friends are activities can that can bring down your mental alertness and also make you a lethargic person. If you get into it too much, it can also hinder you academic progress. Having a fitness schedule helps you keep a track on yourself and what you want to do.

Regular exercising gives you a good body shape. No need to go on crazy diets to maintain weight. An ideal weekly exercise routine should help you keep track of your weight. College students have a problem in keeping their weight under control and some also suffer from obesity. Obesity at a young age can lead to a lot of health complication in later stage of life. It’s important to check up on it right away and take corrective action so that such health problems can be avoided. Lack of good physical structure can limit your activities and if you want to excel in everything, you need to take up regular exercise routines.