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Determining Personality and Forgery – Which One You Need?

Copyright (c) 2009 Khadijah Ibrahim

Most of the times people misunderstood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. People thought that handwriting analyst and document examiner is the same. They thought that handwriting analyst is the person who determined that the documents had been written by the same person or to prove that the signature had been forged.

The truth is that there is a difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. Although both of these professions have to work with handwriting samples, they look at the handwriting from totally different angles.

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding the personality through the strokes and patterns revealed in the handwriting. Therefore the handwriting analyst is a person who determined the personality of the writer.

There are three important things that will be considered when a handwriting analyst does the analysis.

Emotional responses

Emotional responses are how you make most of your decisions either you are ruled by your head where you use logic or you are ruled by your heart where you use your feeling in any situation.

Your emotional responses could be seen through the slant of your handwriting where the slant needs to be measured to determine the emotional responses accurately.

Emotional intensity

The emotional intensity could be seen through the pressure of your handwriting. Emotional intensity will show how deeply you feel emotions and how long these emotions last.


Your traits or habits could be revealed through how you formed the letters in your handwriting. The letters that you formed will show whether you have a high self-esteem, a determine person, like to procrastinate and many other habits that you have.

Additional to the above a handwriting analyst will also look at the three zones and the stroke directions in your handwriting to determine your whole personality.

Unlike handwriting analyst, document examiner will not do the above. Document examiner does not analyse the handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand your personality.

Document examiner would not even make any comments on character or personality derived from your handwriting. Instead of the above, the document examiner will need to measure and examine the sample of handwriting to determine the author or writer of the sample.

In other words, document examiner will analyse the documents to identify whether they had been forged or to identify that same person had written the letters.

Because of the nature of their job, the services of the document examiner is normally used in the court cases to determine any forgery in the documents such as will, cheques etc

I hope that by now you have understood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner.

If you want a professional to determine your personality, help identify your positive and negative traits, you need to seek handwriting analyst’s help. Handwriting analyst would be able to help you in improving yourself in order for you to achieve your dreams. Handwriting analyst could also help you to evaluate other people’s personality such in new employees screening purposes, understanding your children better and help you to improve your relationships.

Document examiner on the other hand, will help you in determining whether there is a forgery in the documents or determining who’s the real author of the document.

So whichever services you needed, both professions will need samples of handwriting for them to analyse.

Scholarship for dads – where to locate them

Scholarship For Dads – Where To Locate Them

Are you a dad who plans to return to school this year? You’re in luck because you can take advantage of the scholarship for dads that are widely available these days. Take note of the qualifications and if you think that you’re qualified, you can apply for the scholarship.
Among the qualifications are as follows – dads with custody of kid/kids and 18 years and above. Whether you’re just about to become a dad, or you’re a single father, you may be able to receive a scholarship award so don’t hesitate to file an application. You can use the scholarship money for finishing any college degree.
Widowed and divorced fathers are encouraged to finish their college education so that they can provide the children with a better future. Finishing a degree is very important if you want to earn higher salaries. Fathers who are currently working can take online classes so that they can advance their career.
Your children will surely be proud of you once you’re able to graduate, and it’s also one way to inspire them to finish their studies in the coming years. Ads about scholarships are all over the internet, and you can even find ones in your local area. The secret is to know the places where you can start your search.
Why don’t you start with a local college or university that offers a course or degree that you’re also interested in? You will simply drop by at the financial aid office and secure the FAFSA. Fill out the form and if you are required to submit other documents, you have to gather them as well and submit it together with the application form.
In most cases, single dads and mothers receive considerable attention because the current administration is pushing forward for programs that can help these individuals in finishing higher education. You have a high chance to qualify. Apply now.
The scholarship for dads is an excellent opportunity for you and your family. Show the scholarship provider that you’re determined to finish a degree in college and use the funds as directed. In 1-4 years, you can already land a better paying job.

All of a sudden his computer started talking

All of a Sudden His Computer Started Talking

No, it was not a flash site on his browser and it wasn’t any type of audio file or movie. He was typing a document and sometimes when he does this hell hit wrong keys which is what he did this time. It turns out that some versions of Windows have a utility called Narrator which is for people who don’t have great eyesight, when activated the computer will tell you about menu options on the program you are working in or if you are in your email client it can read you the subjects of the email you received.

It would be nice if you could change the tone of the voice to maybe a female of something else but at this time that is not an option. I tried having it read an ebook that was a PDF format but then the PDF file had to have some type of tagging in it in order for the Microsoft narrator to be able to read it.

Later in the day I went to a shopping center to get a good cup of coffee and I decided to stop at Circuit City. On all the computers I pressed the keys you need to press to activate the Microsoft narrator and all of a sudden they were all talking which drove the salespeople nuts. In order to activate this feature on your computer press the key Start and then at the same time press the ‘U’ key.

There is even a way to have it only speak at certain times so that its not constantly speaking because that voice could get annoying at times.

Medical translator – an opportunity for bilingual personnel

Medical Translator – An Opportunity for bilingual personnel

Language barriers have been broken down by the services of medical translators.  They are able to hear one language and communicate vital health information to someone who speaks another language.  Information about medical devices, procedures or devices can be translated so easy dissemination.

Excellent communication skills needed

This is not simply repeating information verbatim using a different language.  The Medical Translator conveys concepts and idea between the two languages.  There is a high degree of analysis involved in medical translating.  Superb editing skills are also a skill set among these professionals.  Most translation is now done via computer.  The usual way to translate is to read the document in its entirety to understand the message being conveyed.  The end result should be that the person reading the medical document or instructions cannot tell that it is translated.  The sentences should flow effortlessly into the interpreted language.  Special emphasis needs to be taken when dealing with other languages.  There may be some words in Spanish that do not translate readily to German.  Also, a translator must be cognizant of any offensive phrases or words of each language; the translator may need to find alternative wording for such instances.

Knowledge of Medical Terminology

It is imperative that a translator working in the medical field have an extensive medical background.  Certain levels of translators are even doctors and nurses.  There must be a high level of professionalism when there is direct patient contact.  A French Medical Translator may be called upon to go to a hospital when a French citizen is hospitalized in a non-French speaking country while on vacation.  Imagine the confusion and anxiety of the patient.  The translator will communicate what hospital tests are being run and be a liaison between the doctors and staff and the patient.   The translator can let the doctor know what type of symptoms the patient is experiencing.

PFIGS Translators Needed

The greatest potential for bilingual personnel is for those who can translate “PFIGS”.  This represents the languages of Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.  An example of an Italian Medical Translator function is to work with software developers to create interpreted software that serves an Italian population as well as it serves the original user population.

Job Outlook

The demand for Medical Translators is expected to rise as immigrant populations spread into more rural areas.  Cities such as Washington, D.C., and New York with its great employment potential attract people from all countries.

Words about postgraduate education and its benefits

300 Words about Postgraduate Education and Its Benefits

If you have already got your undergraduate degree and still want to attain more in the academic field, postgraduate education is for you. A number of higher education providers are eager to offer students a variety of postgraduate studies which give an opportunity to get a desirable graduate certificate or diploma and become an owner of another master or doctoral degree. The benefits of such degrees are numerous, and you are free to choose the way and the time when you should use these degrees.

Importance of postgraduate education

For a long period of time, people were eager to learn as much reliable information as possible in order to get a chance and change this world for better. The desire to learn more made people take a number of steps which could be supported and understood by the others. And now people are free to apply for another education and learn more captivating material.

Application for postgraduate education

You should not do too much to deserve a chance and get postgraduate education:

1.Address the necessary admission center;

2.Prepare all important documents;

3.Pass exams (if necessary);

4.Choose a program that is more appropriate for you.

Benefits of postgraduate studies

In fact, there are many pros of this kind of education. And the most evident are:

1.A higher possibility to find a good job faster;

2.More chances to be promoted quicker;

3.Numerous opportunities to earn good money;

4.Access to choices in comparison with other graduates.

As you can see, the idea of getting postgraduate education is rather beneficial. If you have some time, desire, and opportunities, you need to use this chance and enjoy several years of student life and learn another portion of material that may be used in everyday life.

Free iq test prep materials & olsat prep bundle scam

Free IQ Test Prep Materials & OLSAT Prep Bundle Scam

If your child is going to take the OLSAT as part of her application for a gifted and talented or GATE program, I encourage you to take a look at the free OLSAT practice test you can find at the New York City Public School Website: DOE PK.pdf

This practice test, which is found at the end of the NYC Gifted & Talented Test Information Handbook, has 16 questions that accurately reflect the different types of questions that are found on the OLSAT. There is a script you can follow when asking each question. Try this practice test with your child. If you find that she is struggling, that is good indication that you might want to consider buying some OLSAT test prep materials that are more comprehensive than this practice test.

If your child is taking the WPPSI-III (ERB), you can get a free look at the types of questions that are asked on this test at There are no practice questions, just examples, but you’ll get a good sense of what to expect on that test here.

Finally, a word of caution for parents who are researching OLSAT test prep on the internet. The Critical Thinking Company puts out a series of workbooks that prep children for many of the underlying skills needed for the OLSAT and other IQ tests. They and many of their affiliate marketers sell these workbooks in bundles that range anywhere from $100 to $200+. Be warned, however, they do not offer practice test questions modeled directly from the OLSAT as test prep products from Bright Kids NYC, Kindergarten Test Study System, and Arrington Publishing do. Critical Thinking Company workbooks are excellent resources for building underlying abilities needed for testing, but don’t buy this if you are looking to practice questions directly modeled from the OLSAT.

To see reviews of all the kindergarten test prep materials available to get children ready for private school admissions testing, gifted and talented program qualification, and public school ability group placement, visit

Language translation software – how to use it properly

Language Translation Software – How to Use it Properly

When conducting research for a school project or an article, certain information that might be crucial to your overall topic may prove a pain to research. Even with the wealth of information already available at your disposal, certain subjects that may be native to a certain part of the world, may not be available from sources that you can understand.

I encountered this exact same problem while conducting research for a magazine article I was writing on a certain type of gadget. Since it has received little adoption in the US and the UK, much of the information available for it were written on websites that served non-English speaking audiences. In fact, the bulk of the reviews and press releases I found were either in Korean or Japanese.

Instead of giving up on it, though, I downloaded the available research pieces and put them through a language translation software, which I purchased online over a year ago. Within minutes, I had all of my references translated in English, allowing me to conduct the necessary study to write my piece. However, don’t forget to ad the translation sources as references to your document.

Translation software has helped me tremendously in my job as a writer, allowing me to derive cutting-edge information from sources that aren’t easily available to English speakers. As a result, my reports are often more expansive in coverage than those from others who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of sifting through foreign language documents as a vital source of research.

When you write for a mixed audience, occasionally peppering your work with foreign phrases can lend it a character that makes it more endearing to certain segments of it. If you write a blog, for instance, and has seen a growing number of French readers, throwing in a couple of French phrases during a piece (even if you haven’t learned to speak the tongue) can really make it all the more special for those who pick up on the reference.

Common Expressions

Throwing in a common expression from the foreign language is employed by many writers. However, much of the luster in this case tends to fade away, especially if it’s such a frequently employed phrase, such as greetings or clichés.

Section Headers

I love using the technique on section headers, especially if the article is related to the foreign language. When I wrote a piece about Italian aperitifs for a food website, for instance, I wrote short two to three word section headers, ran them through a language translation software and used the Italian equivalents on the actual piece.

While English-speaking readers probably didn’t understand what the headers meant, they would have picked up on it eventually based on the context of the section. On the other hand, Italian readers loved it, almost like it paid a genuine homage to them.

Full Foreign Language Sentences

Occasionally, I’ve seen writers use full sentences in the foreign language as part of the piece. Even without explaining what they meant, the pieces flowed smoothly, while lending it a special character. As with headers, let the context fill in the blanks.

Some tips about business dissertation

Some Tips About Business Dissertation

A business dissertation can be based on several diverse topics related to the field of Business. A business studies dissertation usually consists of various business studies dissertation topics such as a business dissertation on E-commerce, a dissertation on trade deficits, a dissertation on business principles or a business dissertation in it. The selection of a dissertation topic in business is the most important step in the preparation of a business dissertation title.
Many students often seek professional services that can provide authentic business dissertations advice to students and can prepare an ideal business dissertation for them. These services can suggest a suitable business dissertation topic along with a suitable Business Dissertation Title. They can also provide a business dissertation sample which can help the student in preparing a business study dissertation quite easily.

Business management dissertation focuses on a specific organization or its related management functions and HR processes which it wishes to discuss. It includes management compositions, financial, marketing, organizational behavior case studies and many other forms of management concepts. Each one of these concept require that the student must have a deep understanding in relation to the field of business and commerce.
For an international business dissertation financial case studies and marketing assignments are some of the most important study areas. These study topics demand that the student must sharpen their skills with practice and knowledge. It requires some amount of survey for statistical comparison of trends to be represented in the dissertation for their topic selection. Experiments would ensure that mathematical formulas in proving an analogy must be made in the financial dissertations.
In conclusion we can say that business dissertations can be interpreted as the organization itself in the business dissertation and all the internal and external attributes needs to be studied carefully and interpreted in a chronological manner. For a business dissertation the style of writing, research techniques used and supporting documents are quite different as compared to an ordinary dissertation.

New high school is first in arizona schools to have no textbooks

New High School Is First in Arizona Schools to Have No Textbooks

Empire High School in Vail, located on the edge of Tucson, is the first in the Arizona schools to be all-electronic. Instead of textbooks, the 350 students use wireless, Apple laptop computers to research, organize their data, write and graph assignments, and create class presentations.

The Arizona schools Empire High is a new school with a blank slate. Arizona schools officials could hire new teachers committed to technology-based teaching and purchase computers instead of textbooks. The Arizona schools officials wanted to move teachers away from habitual teaching from textbooks, cover-to-cover, and gave area students the choice to attend Empire or another school.

Having researched schools in other states prior to the all-electronic decision, Arizona schools officials found students who were clearly more engaged in their studies and unusually enthusiastic about school. One reason was that they took a more active part in the lesson process, rather than everything being “fed” to them. Another advantage to laptops over textbooks is that groundbreaking information takes five to six years to get into textbooks, especially in the science fields. Of the few all-electronic schools across the nation, many are doing well from the perspective of both the students and the educators. The Arizona schools officials clearly felt they could enhance their students’ educational experience with technology over textbooks.

Replacing textbooks with laptops for other Arizona schools would prove expensive at $850 each. For Empire, they took the usual $500 to $600 cost per student for a complete set of textbooks for four years, as well as the cost of a computer lab, and used this money to purchase the laptops and added technology needs.

Some new challenges had to be faced by the Arizona schools’ new Empire High and research was done to address them. They had 350 students, who needed to be continuously and reliably connected to the Internet at high speed. All the laptops had to be configured to best suit the needs of the students for learning. The needed educational material had to be located on the Internet and integrated into lesson plans. A method for students to submit assignments across the Web was needed. These were problems they knew had to be resolved before the school year began.

What the Arizona schools officials had not planned on was a different sort of technological problem. It seems that many students who used home computers for gaming, surfing the Internet, and X-Box, had a difficult time translating these skills to those needed in school, such as using word processing software, saving documents to specific locations, and being able to retrieve the files later. Skills training had to be added to the lesson plans.

For other schools that are interested in setting up an all-electronic school, the Arizona schools officials advise that it must be a public choice. You cannot force such drastic learning changes. Include the parents and teachers in the planning at the ground floor.

After a year, the system is working well overall. The Arizona schools plan to increase enrollment at Empire High to 750 students in the near future.

This information on Arizona schools is brought to you by

Scholarship for mothers program for local residents

Scholarship For Mothers Program For Local Residents

Anyone can say that raising a child and most especially children is no joke. The situation becomes more difficult if the mother has to raise the children alone. Even if she has monthly income, it’s still not enough to provide for the basic needs. The scholarship for the mother program may be able to help mothers like you.
With higher education, you can be hired for a better paying job. After 1-4 years, the mother can already land a good job and hopefully provide for all the needs of the family with ease. Firstly, you will need to determine which college or university to enroll. This will depend on the degree or course that you want to pursue.
Most universities and colleges offer scholarships so looking for one will not be a big problem. However, applying for a scholarship that is aimed exclusively for mothers can be a bit hard. This will entail conducting researches so that you can gather enough information about it.
Arkansas residents may apply for the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship fund. Since the program is only for undergraduates, you have to determine if you can qualify. The scholarship is administered by the state so the concerned state agency can provide you with needed information. The college where you plan to enroll can also provide you with the scholarship requirements.
As mentioned earlier, colleges and universities provide scholarships to qualified students. You will need to fill out the FAFSA from the financial aid office of the school so that if you qualify, you can be awarded with scholarship money that you can use for your school expenses. Prepare all supporting documents to prove that you need financial help. Your child should also be under 18 years of age for you to qualify.
Scholarship for the mother program is not new and the federal government as well as private organizations had already provided scholarships in the past. Knowledge is the key to obtaining the scholarship. You can use the internet to gather more information about the scholarship providers, the requirements, and other important documents that you need to submit. Pursue your college education now.