Vocational tertiary education: your best bet in the highly competitive job market

Vocational Tertiary Education: Your Best Bet In The Highly Competitive Job Market

Vocational studies at the Bachelors level are no longer seen as merely secondary to the mainstream education, but are fast becoming popular with more and more opting for such courses. There is no doubt that every student may not have the aptitude for science, law, banking etc. With vocational studies, students get a chance to make a career out of an activity they enjoy. If you havent given tertiary vocational education a thought, then perhaps it is time you sit up and take notice.

While we all know why students opt for conventional academic courses in banking, law, medicine, engineering etc, here are a few reasons why tertiary vocational education provides the perfect alternative for students who are looking for an education that will suitably prepare them for the highly competitive international job market, that the world has become today.

The most important reason why you should look into vocational training for your Bachelors education is that it has a very job-specific approach. The subjects, faculty, teaching pedagogy, all are aimed at helping students secure jobs immediately after they graduate. Placement assistance, compulsory training/apprenticeship period, practical projects and assignments, all better equip the students to secure jobs after their course of study is duly complete.

No economy is recession-proof, as even the most developed countries around the world realised recently. In such times, managers, executives, and a huge chunk of the private sector faces the danger of losing their jobs, and having their careers freeze mid-track. Vocational courses on the other hand, give students the option of being self-employed. This means that even if the global economy slows down, you will still have at least have job security, and the threat of the dreaded pink slip will not be looming at large on your head.

As the economy gets global, the job market also becomes more and more competitive. Vocational courses help students acquire key skills that cross international boundaries, and help them secure jobs in any part of the world. A photographer, or designer for instance need not work within national boundaries, but it is purely their skills that make them best suited for jobs in the international market.

There is no dearth of career opportunities whatsoever after your tertiary vocational education. While most begin at the trainee or apprentice level, there is tremendous scope for development and progress. Careers like photography, web designing, music and sound production, hospitality and tourism, that were earlier considered frivolous by people, are being taken very seriously. With formal education and training in these courses, they have become organized disciplines as well, and are seen as potential goldmines of jobs, rather than just fanciful hobbies.

Another reason that vocational courses are catching on is that most of them dont require you to devote 4 years to a college education, followed by a period of job-hunting. Most vocational courses are limited to a period of 2 years, including on-the-job training, so you save a lot of precious time in your career.

The hands-on training experience that tertiary vocational education provides a student comes in very handy in the high-pressure work environment today, where there are absolutely no fixed rules. New challenges, pressures, transfers to different departments and countries altogether are common in the work-environment today, and vocational education prepares the students for these, much better than any academic 4 year college degree can.

How to make $100 fast – quick actions to get the cash

How to Make $100 Fast – Quick Actions to Get the Cash

There are times when you need cash fast.  Like right now.  If you want some ideas on how to make $100 fast, then read this article and use at least one of the ideas given to make yourself $100 fast.  

Yard Work –  Almost everyone who owns or rents a house has to take care of their lawn.  But many people are busy throughout the day and can’t get to their yards.  This is where you come in.  You offer to mow the lawn and maybe even do extra yard work for them for a nice chunk of change.  Even just prettying up the yard for 4 or 5 clients can get you the $100 you want.  If you offer extra services on top of lawn mowing, you can get even more.

Baby Care – Babysitting is a very quick and easy way for you to make $100 fast.  You can get clients by word of mouth or by posting flyers at your local grocery store.  Babysitting 3 to 4 kids for a couple of days can land you that money you need.

Elderly Care –  Just as babies need care and attention, so do older folks.  You may know of people that may need assistance in accomplishing daily tasks.  You can offer to help out and get paid for your help.

Borrow –  You probably want to know how to make $100 fast because you owe those $100.  But if that’s not the case, then you may be able to borrow the money from your family or friends.  Consider asking a portion of the money from two or three people so that they will be more likely to lend you the money.

Casino –  This depends on your age of course.  Most places require you to be at least 21 years of age to gamble.  It also involves risk.  But if you’re feeling lucky, you can go down to your local casino for a chance to hit the jackpot.

Beg –  You can also beg for money on the street.  You could dress with worn out clothes to look more needy, but this can be considered unethical.  It all depends on your values.

Piggy Bank –  You can break that piggy bank in your closet and exchange it for bills at your bank.  Also, look for change under your couch and under your bed.

Make use of this simple but useful ideas or expand upon them and come up with your own creative ways of making $100 fast.  Good luck!

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Obama education funding helps moms, women

Obama Education Funding Helps Moms, Women

Being a single mother was never said to be an easy job. These women sometimes have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet, while worrying about their children’s schedules and caring for them. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so hard. President Barack Obama has announced government grants that can help these moms earn college degrees. Since the funding is a grant, it does not have to be paid back like a loan.

The funding is aimed specifically at single mothers. They are less likely to go back to school on their own and there is a sense of relief in knowing the grant is theirs and they don’t have to worry about paying it back. They don’t have to go to a bank to be approved either. All that is required to be eligible is to be an American citizen and over the age of 18.

Single mothers might think they are too busy to go back to school so they put off filling out the application. Applying is not complicated. Information can be obtained at a local library or even online, and it does not take long to complete. Some motivating thoughts on going back to school might be needed to push these moms into taking action. They can think about the skills they will be getting with the schooling that will allow them to qualify for a higher-paying job, and will no longer have to work around the clock to support their families. Just the idea of going back to school should be gratifying, and their children will thank them for it later.

Usually when one is struggling with finances, there is debt involved. Getting a college degree and new career can lead to a debt free life as well.

Student loans to consider

Student Loans To Consider

Getting into a college is a costly deal. That is why, each year, a great number of college students approach various banks for student loans and pass out.

Actually, with the growing number of fees and students, more student loans are taken each year. Sometimes it goes beyond expectation. College students are graduating with a huge debt.

The only one solution to this problem is getting the same student loan amount from the parents. It is called ‘the Parent Loan.’

The next question is which offer you should opt for. In fact, both the student loans have their advantages and disadvantages. Truly speaking, federal student loans are the great choice for students because they provide loans in a lower interest rate.

Even though you are not able to qualify for a student loan, you may qualify for the federal loan.

Also, one good way is getting the financial aid from the parents while you need this. When it comes to pay the loan off after your graduation but you are unable to pay some installment back, you can take help from the parents.

In addition, federal loans provide parent loan at a lower rate of interest. These federal loans are called the PLUS loans. Actaully, a notable difference between plus loans as well as student loan is the first loan payment begins after 60 days the loan is given.

The condition and term for both the loan kinds are same. Though, the loan repayment period is indeed negotiable. Choice of the kind of loan counts on an individual.

Obama’s map for education is critical

Obama’s Map for Education is Critical

President-elect Obama has a background in community service that frequently put him in touch with individuals whose K12 education was lacking.  His compassion to implement strategies that bring about access to the best education for all students is critical to our nation’s future.  With all of the talk about the financial crisis the president-elect needs to make education a major priority.  We are fast approaching a significant period where large numbers of professionals will retire.  There is potential for a largely underutilized workforce that needs more education to help the country will remain unemployable in corporate level jobs.  As the states continue to struggle due to a loss of tax revenue more must be done to keep education funding afloat.  Losses in financial resources to educate the youth who are the rising workforce will put many companies in jeopardy.

More needs to be done to highlight the education issues that students and parents face today.  Education is not affordable at all levels.  There needs to be a road map that leads to creative solutions.  Many of the larger cities and rural school districts are underfunding the education investment that should be received for each student. One idea is to have corporations to receive some type of tax credit for investing their finances in local schools.  This type of innovative idea would provide two benefits.  First it could raise corporate involvement in making school better.  Secondly it would help more students to prepare for the world of work.  More mentors are also needed in all of the schools because students are unaware of how companies work.

President-elect Obama must not back away from the education crisis.  If the country backs down from addressing the education crisis we will suffer severely.  Students already come to school unprepared to learn.  Their parents are unaware of the role that they play in their child’s future.  Obama and his wife Michelle have an opportunity to participate as supporters of parents who need guidance to effectively educate their children.  There needs to be encouragement so that parents talk to their children about where they will go to college rather than if they will go to college.  Their must be a definite response that reaffirms that college is possible.  This tone should be set at the beginning of Obama’s presidency.

It would be great to say that after the presidents first 100 days in office education gained ground in the war against economic instability.  There should be a plan in place that outlines how education in this country must change.  Just like we have witnessed what a weak infrastructure can do to a country we are witnessing a national school system that needs repair.  The president must diligently hear messages that demonstrate that the education of every citizen is important.  The country needs more adult learners to pursue additional education.  Obama must emphasize that it is never too late to renew your desire for education.

President-elect Obama has an opportunity to create a lot of good will within the education  community.  There are K12 schools and colleges that need to know that there contributions to society are valued.  Obama could work with the congress to require banks who are receiving money to invest 5 percent of their stimulus dollars to improve resources for local schools.  Our country needs an education revolution that raises the inspiration of students, parents and teachers to expect the best from the American education system.

How to automate a short sale

How To Automate A Short Sale

Short sales are starting to become something that just about everyone has heard of, whether they intended to or not. Short sales are famous for the fact that they allow homeowners to get out from underneath a mortgage that they could not financially afford. This happens because the bank decides that it is financially smart to take a lesser amount than what is owed on the mortgage and basically, call it even. Of course, it can be hard to get approved for a short sale and this is why so many people turn to the help of realtors and other people. Speeding up the process is something that is important to everyone involved.

As a real estate agent, you can make a lot more money by simply automating short sales. What this means is that you, as the real estate agent, will have to use specialized software that can help you streamline and automate the processes. The goal is to automate the way you go about dealing with short sales in order to increase your bottom line. The faster you move, the more involved you get – the more money you will make. Since you are in real estate for the money, you should have no problem seeing just how nice it would be to have more of it.

One of the worst things that any real estate agent or investor has to deal with during the process of trying to obtain a short sale is collecting all of the needed information and paperwork from the homeowners. Even though they are usually very eager to sell their property, for some reason, most homeowners simply cannot seem to pull all of the needed information together. If you want to increase your profits, you are going to have to speed them up a little. Explain exactly what you need and when you need it, do not take any excuses as excuses do not make you money.

It is also a good idea to focus more on the homeowners who have been trying to sell their home for a while with no luck. They will be extremely anxious to unload the property, which is beneficial for you and the investor that comes along to purchase the property. Speaking of investors, it is important to make sure that you are establishing a relationship with a few real estate investors. They can tell you what they are looking for and you can bring it to them. In addition, if you have established a good enough relationship, once the investor has purchased the property through the short sale, he or she will want to flip it and make a profit. You can sell the property all over again, but this time for full market value. You get to make commission twice, which will be something that you could find yourself getting used to very fast.

Having trouble finding real estate investors to work with? If you are out there and you are making a name for yourself, they will find you. In addition, if you just so happen to find out that the buyer of one of your properties is an investor and that is why a short sale is requested, you can always talk to him or her about working together to automate a short sale system so that you both can reap the benefits.

Within no time at all, you will find yourself selling many more properties all because you have adapted to the process, you know what to expect and you are working with one, two, or maybe even three different real estate investors. To be honest, there is nothing stopping you from working with more investors than that. The more investors you work with, the more money you will see. Before you know it, short sales might be the only things that you work with as you can “specialize” in them and you can gain more exposure that way. Feel free to ask the investors to refer you to other investors that they know of in order to expand everyone’s business.

Applying for financial aid: visa cards for students

Applying for Financial Aid: Visa Cards for Students

Financial aid is very important for students especially if they have some financial difficulties. Grants and scholarships are the most famous types of financial aid for students. Unfortunately, in modern world people have to be greatly concerned about money, as it is essential for living. The tendency of having credit cards is widely spread among students. There are a lot of types of such cards, but Visa Credit Card for students is regarded as one of the most famous and widely-spread. There are a lot advantages of this cards that is why they are so popular among the students.

1. There are many reasons of the popularity and importance of this card. Students can use it for many purposes. The first reason is opportunity to do shopping. It is very convenient to use credit cards at the supermarkets. Moreover, in most cases the cards have good amount of discount.

2. The second advantage is possibility to travel and study abroad. Visa Cards can be used in every country that is why it is so popular among foreign students.

The most popular kind of credit cards is Visa Classic Card. As usual, those students who move to another country for education use it. Due to the fact that Visa credit card is internationally accepted, it can help anytime and in any country. While being abroad, this card is also can be used even with another currency of the country, as most bank permit its usage.

Internet payments are also made by means of these cards. Moreover, e-commerce is the most popular way of purchasing among students, as it can offer many services all over the world.

The main disadvantage of this card is the necessary to update it every one or two years. and add money constantly in order to avoid big debt. It is general requirement for all cards of this type.

Graduate record examinations (gre) general test

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) General Test

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) General Test is a multiple-choice admission test for applicants to graduate schools. The test is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), under the sponsorship of the Graduate Record Examinations Board. The GRE is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), and consists of three scored sections

How to Apply?

There are specific dates given by the ETS on which you can take your test.
Fee for the exam: $180
There are three ways by which you can register for the exam. • Online • By Phone • By Mail ONLINE For the fastest and most convenient service, register online. You can get the online form by visiting the learners and test takers section of the GRE website at www.gre.org. A valid credit card is required (American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, or Visa® card), or an electronic check (e-check) if you have a bank account in the United States or its territories.
Registration is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BY PHONE

  • Use American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, VISA, or a voucher number.
  • Call the appropriate RRC at least two business days before your preferred test date.
  • A confirmation number, reporting time, and the test center address will be given to you when you call.


  • Mail the International Test Scheduling Form (PDF) to the appropriate RRC with appropriate payment.
  • ETS® now accepts payments via the Western Union® Quick PaySM service for computer-based testing administrations. Only original receipts will be accepted by Prometric.
  • The form must be received at least three weeks before your first-choice test date.
  • A confirmation number, reporting time, and the test center address will be faxed or mailed to you.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation, call the appropriate RRC at least three business days before your first-choice test date. If you miss your appointment and did not call the RRC, your test fee will not be refunded. If you provide an e-mail address, you may receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Source: http://www.tcyonline.com/gre/

Need and dat for careers in designing

Need And Dat For Careers In Designing

NEED and DAT for Careers in Designing

Fashion Industry is one specialized field, which lures everyone and anyone with its charismatic appeal and vibrant nature of business, it deals in. The industry has the immense potential to satiate the creative thirst of the individuals with aesthetic sense and that too in different flairs of designing. Such an industry is endowed with ISO 9001:2001 certified institute Pearl Academy of Fashion, which imparts quality education and training to the students and refined them into pearls to be part of the fashion world.

Pearl Academy of Fashion is a founding member of the consortium of Design Institutes, administering NEED (National Entrance Examination for Design) in order to conduct common exam for the aspirants vying to get into the premier Design Institutes. The NEED Examination is usually held in the first week of January every year.

In fashion education, PAF offers Bachelor’s Programs in six streams: Fashion Design (FD), Textile Design (TD), Jewellery Design (JD), Communication Design (CD), Fashion Business management (FBM), and Fashion Retail Management (FRM). PAF also conduct its own entrance test DAT (Design Aptitude Test) for the aspirants who could not attempt NEED examination or who could not meet its qualifying cut-off score. The qualified students are further required to go through Situational Test and a Personal Interview to take admission in the mentioned streams.

Eligibility criteria for FD, TD, JD, and CD

Aspirants should have passed 10+2 with minimum 50 percent marks to apply for General Proficiency Test (GPT) in English language, which is answered to attempt DAT/NEED, thereafter. The candidates who scored above the cut-off score from GPT and DAT/NEED are called for Situational Test (Group Discussion for FBM and FRM candidates) and a Personal Interview to take admission in the mentioned streams.

Situational Test is a group activity, which requires its members to implement a design brief with available materials within prescribed time period.

The prospectus and application forms are available at PAF’s counters in Delhi, Chennai, and Jaipur as well as at all identified Axis Bank’s branches.

Application Forms can also be downloaded online at www.pearlacademy.com.

Foreign nationals and industry-sponsored candidates are supposed to compete for the reserved seats and are called for Personal Interview in the first fortnight of July’ 2009 to take admission in the Academy.


Students of the proud academy are hired in their heydays itself by the leading fashion and design houses for their internships.  With the sound education of global culture and information technology as well as hands-on experience in the industry itself, the PAF students are equipped with all the competent skills required in this real world of business.

Where to get an mba scholarship

Where to Get an MBA Scholarship

Graduate school scholarships are fast becoming more valuable with the costs of education expected to rise in the coming years. Therefore, students who plan to advance into graduate school are looking at these scholarships as a valid option to produce enough funding. When it comes to your search for graduate school scholarships, there are only a few places to go.

Financial Aid Programs

If you want to apply for graduate school scholarships, the first place you must go to is the university or college’s financial aid office. Most of them have a list of possible scholarships and grants that you can apply for. You can also express your desire to acquire financial assistance for your graduate school studies to any one of your acquaintances so they can inform you of potential graduate school scholarships you can attend. If you feel like there is not enough information available in your local financial aid office, use the internet. The vast online database will provide you tons of information in less time.

Government Programs

The government provides funds to send individuals to school, especially those who are in deep financial need. Therefore, make it a point to file your application at FAFSA to qualify for any form of student assistance provided by the federal government. If you can find grants and other forms of graduate school scholarships, it is best to opt for them over student loans as the latter needs to be repaid.

Individual Scholarship Groups

If you know of any scholarship group, visit their office and ask around for any open graduate school scholarship that you can apply for. Associations like the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) were intended specifically to provide funding for students.

It takes more deliberate planning to join in and finish an MBA program than most graduate courses. Oftentimes, the high cost of MBA programs from good schools can put much strain on the student’s finances. Most MBA students are also forced to quit their jobs because of the strain that curriculum requirements put on their time. That’s why many MBA students vie for MBA scholarships to help them pay for most or all of the fees that comes with an MBA program.

The first place to look for an MBA scholarship is in the different business schools, colleges, and universities. The MBA scholarships offered by these institutions are normally available to students that have excellent GMAT scores. An inability to afford the expenses that comes with completing an MBA must be proven together with merit. Nonetheless, other specific eligibility criteria vary with each institution. It is best to consult each business school’s details regarding their scholarship either through phone or through their website.

Apply to as many business schools as you can to increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Consult the school’s counselors or their designated staff regarding their scholarship to give you professional information on their requirements and criteria.

You can also utilize the internet to look for business schools that offer MBA scholarships or other private sources that offer the same. A single search can give you virtually an unlimited list of schools and scholarship providers. Try also consulting the education yellow pages to help you find MBA correspondence courses or group discussions on MBA scholarships.

Some banks also provide scholarships and loans to MBA aspirants. However, some of these loans are like personal loans and needs to be paid back. Large companies, on the other hand, often offer funds and grants to their employees who are interested in taking an MBA program.

Applying for a scholarship typically requires you to submit a completed application form together with other necessary documents. Keep track of the dates and deadlines set by the institutions you’ve applied to. Appear promptly at the interview that they’ve set and keep a positive attitude towards your self.