Obama grants for mothers: a college education within reach

Obama Grants for Mothers: A College Education Within Reach

It’s widely accepted that education is important to having a successful future. Since his campaign to become President, Barack Obama has made education a key issue. Scholarships and grants are only a small part of the education system makeover. For decades, college prices have steadily increased. College costs can really add up especially when money for things besides tuition and housing is considered. Low-income students suffer the most if they are unable to secure enough scholarship or grant money. Single, working moms are a big section of this group. Educating women and single moms is important to increase the workforce and help provide for children and families. Creating college grants for moms is one way the President is dealing with this issue. Because of his efforts many people now refer to Federal Pell Grants as Obama grants. Currently students can earn about $5,350 through a Pell grant. For mothers and other students, this is increase of available money is valuable help. These grants can be used to cover many of the miscellaneous college expenses. There’s also another great program: the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This program allows the first $4,000 of education expenses to be free. This is a worthy incentive, especially for schools that are less expensive. Both of these tax programs help single moms tremendously because they are traditionally low-income individuals. Students have numerous school options: full-time or part-time, 2-year or 4-year college, multiple majors. Taking away a little of the financial burden of college is a helpful way to get more students enrolled. With his actions President Obama has confirmed his belief in this issue. With the recent passage of the economic stimulus plan, a lot of college loans will be offered by the government. There is also emphasis on ways to improve school and student achievement in all areas. Higher education at a 2-year college can be a great option, and there is emphasis being put on that fact. A 2-year degree or the time spent learning a technical school from a community college can be a tremendous asset. In 2007 Obama stated, “We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.” The President’s actions are reflecting his words. Even though Obama’s grants for moms get much attention they are certainly not the only important opportunity being offered. Traditional and non-traditional students alike have numerous opportunities to put their education first.

Vocational tertiary education: your best bet in the highly competitive job market

Vocational Tertiary Education: Your Best Bet In The Highly Competitive Job Market

Vocational studies at the Bachelors level are no longer seen as merely secondary to the mainstream education, but are fast becoming popular with more and more opting for such courses. There is no doubt that every student may not have the aptitude for science, law, banking etc. With vocational studies, students get a chance to make a career out of an activity they enjoy. If you havent given tertiary vocational education a thought, then perhaps it is time you sit up and take notice.

While we all know why students opt for conventional academic courses in banking, law, medicine, engineering etc, here are a few reasons why tertiary vocational education provides the perfect alternative for students who are looking for an education that will suitably prepare them for the highly competitive international job market, that the world has become today.

The most important reason why you should look into vocational training for your Bachelors education is that it has a very job-specific approach. The subjects, faculty, teaching pedagogy, all are aimed at helping students secure jobs immediately after they graduate. Placement assistance, compulsory training/apprenticeship period, practical projects and assignments, all better equip the students to secure jobs after their course of study is duly complete.

No economy is recession-proof, as even the most developed countries around the world realised recently. In such times, managers, executives, and a huge chunk of the private sector faces the danger of losing their jobs, and having their careers freeze mid-track. Vocational courses on the other hand, give students the option of being self-employed. This means that even if the global economy slows down, you will still have at least have job security, and the threat of the dreaded pink slip will not be looming at large on your head.

As the economy gets global, the job market also becomes more and more competitive. Vocational courses help students acquire key skills that cross international boundaries, and help them secure jobs in any part of the world. A photographer, or designer for instance need not work within national boundaries, but it is purely their skills that make them best suited for jobs in the international market.

There is no dearth of career opportunities whatsoever after your tertiary vocational education. While most begin at the trainee or apprentice level, there is tremendous scope for development and progress. Careers like photography, web designing, music and sound production, hospitality and tourism, that were earlier considered frivolous by people, are being taken very seriously. With formal education and training in these courses, they have become organized disciplines as well, and are seen as potential goldmines of jobs, rather than just fanciful hobbies.

Another reason that vocational courses are catching on is that most of them dont require you to devote 4 years to a college education, followed by a period of job-hunting. Most vocational courses are limited to a period of 2 years, including on-the-job training, so you save a lot of precious time in your career.

The hands-on training experience that tertiary vocational education provides a student comes in very handy in the high-pressure work environment today, where there are absolutely no fixed rules. New challenges, pressures, transfers to different departments and countries altogether are common in the work-environment today, and vocational education prepares the students for these, much better than any academic 4 year college degree can.

How to teach your children to beat stress

How to Teach Your Children to Beat Stress

We are sending our children into a future filled with stress and conflict. Parents and teachers have the responsibility to model behaviors and teach skills that will enable our children to be productive, accepting, healthy, and above all, resilient.

1. Self-understanding and acceptance

Self-esteem is a realistic estimate of your own capabilities and worth. People with high self-esteem are productive, responsive, imaginative, and attentive to the needs of others. Encourage your children to develop their natural aptitudes and interests. Set them up for success. Empower them to be more responsible.

2. Adults’ understanding and acceptance

Give your children regular, focused, undivided attention. This, more than anything else, communicates your unconditional love.

3. Constructive thinking

We are what we think. Fill your language with statements that help your children see change in a positive way, to view adversity as manageable, to persist until they are successful, and to become more oriented to the needs of others. Prepare your children for the reality that others may not think or believe like they do. Teach your children to identify positive and negative feelings in themselves and others. Replacing destructive thinking with constructive thinking increases self-esteem and improves coping skills.

4. Good decision-making strategies

Making a good decision requires the ability to generate alternative solutions to a problem, predict consequences, view the problem from the perspective of others, and consider how to implement alternatives to reach a solution. Children as young as four or five can usually generate alternatives and predict consequences, but advanced decision making skills come later. Model good decision making for your children. Show children how characters in stories make decisions. Let your children make their own decisions whenever possible.

5. Stress-coping strategies

It’s not too early to teach children physical relaxation exercises like breathing techniques, some forms of meditation, imagery, and muscle relaxation exercises. Help your children learn to recognize their own stress triggers and responses, and identify which relaxation methods work best for them. And help your kids laugh–read funny stories, watch age-appropriate comedies, and laugh at their jokes.

6. Good nutrition and exercise

Good nutrition optimizes the way your mind and body works. A well-functioning mind and healthy body increase our self-esteem and resiliency. Make aerobic exercise and recreation a family affair. If your children see you exercise, they are more likely to take it up themselves and develop a lifelong positive habit.

7. A sense of purpose and commitment to personal and social goals

Commitment to goals gives meaning and value to life, and a reason for existence. Children should have more than one goal, and their goals should be realistic. Teach them to be flexible in how they achieve their goals, and help them learn persistence when progress is slow.

8. Social skills and social supports

Healthy relationships build self-esteem and protect from the negative effects of stress. Help your children to build self-awareness skills and to see situations from another’s point of view. Teach them to positively manage conflict and disagreement.

Resilient children grow up to be adults who have a sense of control, a positive view of change, and an ability to find meaning and value in life. Now doesn’t that describe the kind of people you want to have running the world when you retire?


000-010 Braindump

Fundamentals of Applying Tivoli Service Mgmt Solution 2008
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4. Despite low resource CPU utilization, many organizations suffer application outages and service degradation when the demand on the critical infrastructure components is overwhelming.
Which Tivoli product provides a formal way to gather data, and analyze, model and approve utilization management activities?
A. IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Capacity Process Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
Answer: B

5. In which phases are most requirements discovered and defined?
A. Initiating and Planning
B. Initiating and Execution
C. Planning and Execution
D. Initiating and Monitoring/Controlling
Answer: A

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Get a boat load of free money for college

Get A Boat Load Of Free Money For College

You’re probably in the same boat like the millions of people out there. You have been working hard for your boss for decades on end and now you happen to find yourself out of a job. Are you just might be in a situation when there was only one income coming in and now that income has disappeared.  And unfortunately you are now stuck in a situation not knowing what to do next.

And most bosses do not like applicants that have been on unemployment for quite a long time. So you can easily figure out that the next time when you’re applying for a job your application is going to more than likely at the bottom. If you are unsure of what to do in this situation, the next best thing that I can suggest to you is to go back to school.  Being in the tight situation that you are currently in, you’re probably wondering how in the world you are going to be able to go to school and pay your bills at the same time.

What you can do in a troubled time like this is to take advantage of all the free scholarship programs available.There are tons of free money available for hard-working individuals just like you who are willing to do something to better their families and themselves.  The award amounts for some of these scholarships can be quite high. You can be looking at upwards of $10,000 in free money that you never have to pay back. Now you can just imagine how much free money you can get if you sign up for all the free scholarship programs out there. You can have all your bills paid with the free scholarship money and be able to go to school in order to put your family in a better financial position.

Obama offers scholarships for single mothers

Obama Offers Scholarships For Single Mothers

Having to take care of their families on their own, single, working mothers have perhaps the toughest job of all. A wish or a goal for many moms that has to be put on hold in order to take care of other responsibilities, is higher education. However, President Obama, together with his new administration, is encouraging moms to make their education a priority. Obama scholarships will give working mothers a great chance to improve their futures. With his Scholarships for Moms program, Obama, while encouraging people of all ages to seek higher education, is targeting working moms in particular. The Scholarships for Moms program builds on the federal government’s long-standing offer of Pell grants. The most commonly applied for forms of aid for students going to college are Pell grants. These are applied for through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. The Obama administration, to encourage more mothers to return to school, is now making some changes. For the Scholarships for Moms program, the biggest incentive is with the amount of money being offered. $4000 per student is the maximum amount awarded through Pell grants. That amount is increased to $5,000 for mothers who apply to the program. The goal of these grants is to allow working moms to return to school and earn a degree that allows them to better provide for their families now and in the future. The administration also envisages that by equipping mothers with skills to earn more money as working professionals will also be a stimulus to the economy. Moms can receive an education without worrying about the costs of school or having to pay back money for a loan. An additional great incentive for moms considering this program is that it applies to enrollment in nearly all types of higher education institution. Four-year universities as well as smaller community colleges, are covered. You can choose either to go to a private school or a public one. If staying on campus isn’t an option, busy moms can opt to study through online courses. The government’s Scholarships for Moms program really is a comprehensive attempt to get eager mothers back into the classroom. The Obama scholarship attempts to take the worry out of returning to school. Working moms can earn a degree in almost any area of interest. This means that they can be fully equipped to provide for their families. An unfulfilled wish or an unobtainable goal no longer has to be higher education. The Scholarships for Moms program has been designed to help create a brighter future for mothers and their children.

Lab exam questions

350-001-LAB exam questions

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350-001-LAB Exam
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Exam : Cisco 350-001-LAB
Title : CCIE-Routing and Switching Written exam(4.1)
Part-1?Bridge and Switching
1. 1 vtp
* Sw1/Sw2/Sw3/Sw4
* VTP domain:VTP+YY
* VTP mode:Transparent
vtp domain VTPYY
vtp mode transparent
that’s not need to use s/c mode in VTP

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Should you sensationalize your essay for college admission

Should you sensationalize your essay for college admission?

One of the hardest things one would ever write in one’s life would be the college application essay.  Aside from answering the given essay prompts and meeting the 500-word requirement, you also have to manage to convince the panel members reading your essay that you are worth that slot.  However, outlining how you can build a nuclear reactor out of art supplies or voicing out your opinions about the current state of affairs in the government won’t actually give these panel members what they want to find out about you, especially if written in grammar or language that doesn’t befit someone who lives in the present.  However, that doesn’t mean you can just type away your essay that it sounds like a blog entry.  Here’s how to craft that winning piece that will get you into college in no time.

*  Tacky vs. tactful treatment of topic

Though admissions panel members really want to read and get to know who you really are, this is not an excuse to get too lax in your grammar and manner of writing.  It may be a little bit helpful if you write in a voice that is your own, holding no pretensions of knowing all about science, philosophy, or life and just letting your personality color your words.  If you express certain sentiments about an issue or topic, do so in a manner that would not come across as preachy or discriminating, but instead show how thoughtful you are about it.  Writing an essay on how much you know about a certain project may make you seem like a knowledgeable person, or someone who just rehashed a research paper.  Instead, be a bit more personable in your approach to a certain issue and look and write about it not as a scientist or a philosopher, but as a high school senior about to enter college.

*  Tasteless vs. witty development of themes

There’s more risk when you’re given the chance to hand in a 500-word essay about anything under the sun and it would determine your chances at a college education.  Though it would be tempting to write about something that would give the impression that you are smart enough, you may fall into the trap of trying to be what you’re not.  It would be best if you stick to topics that are closer to home and that you would know a lot about so that it would be easier to develop the essay around your thesis statement.

*  Slang vs. formal language

Despite the fact that panel members look for an applicant’s personality in the admission essay, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to pass an entry straight out from your blog.  Language and grammar are very important factors that panel members look at when determining one’s eligibility.  Informal or slang terms may be used, if only sparingly or when it befits the topic.  Otherwise, formality or at least propriety, in language is preferred.

So many ways to learn the piano

So Many Ways to Learn the Piano

Is there any other educational area where students are taught only in a one-on-one situation, not really?

In essence, this is what classical piano students do. It is very important and monotonous for students who are learning to play the piano to practice everyday, this takes discipline which you do not see in children or parents. Both of these attitudes create artificial limitations for students that hinder their ability to grow and develop musically. Here’s the message piano students need to hear — “Your effort matters and it makes a difference.

However, about a third of parents do too much and try to take over responsibility for their child’s progress, which hinders their child’s ability to develop positive learning skills on their own. To help their children learn and accomplish their goals, parents need to focus on the process and content of the learning rather than the final product.What the young student doesn’t understand is the piano learning process.

Private lessons have good and bad connotation associated with them, sometimes children create a dependence on the teacher and it is hard for children to overcome this and children are not encouraged to develop their own independence when it comes to learning the necessary skills, on the other hand having the one on one teaching is very beneficial to the child because more can get accomplished in a shorter period of time. Plus, there is no point in having your child spend 30 minutes practicing incorrectly without learning their pieces when the material can be mastered in 10 minutes with good practice habits.

Because parents are in charge of their children’s schedule and curriculum, home school students can set their own pace and spend more time on music than in the public or private schools. Music is even more fun when you can share it with others. Young children have the ability to learn music theory and are able to learn concepts on the keyboard as the children grow and develop their musical ear.

If your children know their alphabet and how to identify numbers and count, they’re old enough to start learning music theory. With the rise of the internet more adults have learned that taking piano lesson does not have be taught in classrooms or studios it can be taught over the internet, this helps with today’s busy schedules and adults do not have to be locked into a schedule.

Well, you might find this hard to believe, but encouraging your child taking piano lessons to practice doesn’t have to be a struggle. They do want to be sure, however, that their young child is old enough to benefit from formal musical training.

One of the choices that parents have when their child is beginning piano lessons is whether to enroll their son or daughter in a private or group lesson.

Over time this will make sitting down at the piano to practice feel more natural to your young child or your older beginner and make learning easier. Establish a routine practice time.

Set meaningful goals that will last, focus on the “What” and the “Why. Writing down the goals and dreams that first motivated you to give your child the gift of piano lessons provides a reminder that will keep your energy focused over the long

Determining personality and forgery – which one you need

Determining Personality and Forgery – Which One You Need?

Copyright (c) 2009 Khadijah Ibrahim

Most of the times people misunderstood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. People thought that handwriting analyst and document examiner is the same. They thought that handwriting analyst is the person who determined that the documents had been written by the same person or to prove that the signature had been forged.

The truth is that there is a difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. Although both of these professions have to work with handwriting samples, they look at the handwriting from totally different angles.

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding the personality through the strokes and patterns revealed in the handwriting. Therefore the handwriting analyst is a person who determined the personality of the writer.

There are three important things that will be considered when a handwriting analyst does the analysis.

Emotional responses

Emotional responses are how you make most of your decisions either you are ruled by your head where you use logic or you are ruled by your heart where you use your feeling in any situation.

Your emotional responses could be seen through the slant of your handwriting where the slant needs to be measured to determine the emotional responses accurately.

Emotional intensity

The emotional intensity could be seen through the pressure of your handwriting. Emotional intensity will show how deeply you feel emotions and how long these emotions last.


Your traits or habits could be revealed through how you formed the letters in your handwriting. The letters that you formed will show whether you have a high self-esteem, a determine person, like to procrastinate and many other habits that you have.

Additional to the above a handwriting analyst will also look at the three zones and the stroke directions in your handwriting to determine your whole personality.

Unlike handwriting analyst, document examiner will not do the above. Document examiner does not analyse the handwriting to identify, evaluate and understand your personality.

Document examiner would not even make any comments on character or personality derived from your handwriting. Instead of the above, the document examiner will need to measure and examine the sample of handwriting to determine the author or writer of the sample.

In other words, document examiner will analyse the documents to identify whether they had been forged or to identify that same person had written the letters.

Because of the nature of their job, the services of the document examiner is normally used in the court cases to determine any forgery in the documents such as will, cheques etc

I hope that by now you have understood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner.

If you want a professional to determine your personality, help identify your positive and negative traits, you need to seek handwriting analyst’s help. Handwriting analyst would be able to help you in improving yourself in order for you to achieve your dreams. Handwriting analyst could also help you to evaluate other people’s personality such in new employees screening purposes, understanding your children better and help you to improve your relationships.

Document examiner on the other hand, will help you in determining whether there is a forgery in the documents or determining who’s the real author of the document.

So whichever services you needed, both professions will need samples of handwriting for them to analyse.