Rocket spanish – learning spanish made easy

Rocket Spanish – Learning Spanish Made Easy

Rocket Spanish to be the most effective and affordable course for consumers which has made learning Spanish process easy. Rocket Spanish has become a very popular Spanish course available in the market. Learning Spanish using Rocket Spanish is the best method, by far, that is available to learn Spanish. It is now possible to learn Spanish in less than 8 weeks. The best way to learn Spanish really quickly is by doing the Rocket Spanish course.

Rocket Spanish is the most commended program for learning the Spanish language online. It is a highly interactive course and more effective than hiring a private tutor for learning Spanish as it gives you the ability to choose the time of when you want to study and practice, as well the as ability to practice indefinitely until you can speak perfectly. Because of this, it has continued to teach more and more new students how to speak Spanish every single day.

Rocket Spanish is an intelligent piece of software designed specifically for the people who want to learn Spanish language in a couple of weeks. Rocket Spanish has become the largest selling software in the market today because of its value for money. It is like a gift for the people who want to learn Spanish language. There are many reasons for learning the Spanish language.

One of the hardest thing that one finds in learning a new language is to understand the spoken word. If the listener is not able to understand a spoken word, then whole of the conversation is useless because the person is not getting anything what the other one is saying. The main focus of attention of Rocket Spanish is to allow the people to understand each and every word correctly so that they don’t fall out of a conversation.

Rocket Spanish is a teaching solution that teaches the Spanish language with different media encompassing text, audio lessons, games, and graphics to help the student learn as quickly as possible. To start with, the course covers the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation practices, and beginner grammar. After achieving this, the course then covers different tenses, verb conjunctions, and the rules that govern word uses to ensure that the student ends up being able to speak Spanish in a conversational manner confidently and naturally. Rocket Spanish has a strong focus on teaching real conversational Spanish in a highly interactive format. Rocket Spanish to be the most effective and affordable course for consumers. Rocket Spanish has various components like audio, grammar, MegaVocab & MegaAudio etc. Every Component of Rocket Spanish has different purpose and it helps in learning Spanish quickly, effectively with no time constraint.

At the end, I would like to say that learning Spanish using Rocket Spanish is a lot of fun because it contains interactive audio lessons which a person can enjoy at any point of time in a day. After doing the Rocket Spanish course, one would be able to feel confident and comfortable around the Spanish speaking people.

Exam conducting cisco unified wireless site survey * exam number/code : 642-731 * exam name : conducting cisco unified wireless site survey * questions and answers : 52 q&as * update time: 2010-05-29 * price: $ 115

642-731 preparation

642-731 Exam
Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey
* Exam Number/Code : 642-731
* Exam Name : Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey
* Questions and Answers : 52 Q&As
* Update Time: 2010-05-29
* Price: $ 115.00

All the Testinside 642-731 exam exam is written by IT professionals who had years of experience on IT certification exams researching, which guaranteed the quality and accuracy of the practice exams.

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Algebra for dummies: how to start

Algebra for Dummies: How to Start

The most importand factor about algebra and mathematics is that you really need to practise in order to understand the concepts. There are a lot of algebra books, tutorials, interactive lessons, online tutors and courses that can help you a lot, but without some homework and practise you are bound to fail.

You cannot remember the thousands of algebra concepts and equations without truly understand what each equation really means. What is the reason behind every algebra concept.

A key factor is to take small steps. For example learn one algebra equation, practise it for a couple of days, then move on to the next. Move on only if you feel comfortable with what you’ve learned. Every time you move on to the next algebra concept increase the difficulty of the equations or the exercises you’re trying to solve.

Follow this procedure and soon you’ll notice that your brain will be able to absorb mathematics and algebra quicker and easier. You will start to like it.

Another thing is that algebra requires you to apply specific rules. You will find these basic rules in a lot of equations and algebra concepts. The more you practise the basic algebra rules the better you’ll become at learning different and more difficult algebra concepts.

A lot of people learning algebra miss out on the basic rules. In the end they mess up everything.

Remember, rules are everywhere. Our society is based on specific rules. Same goes for algebra. Treat algebra rules like a game and you’ll like it.

You may end up wondering.. Why should I learn math and algebra? That’s a good question. You must ask yourself this question before you go on. Algebra will help you solve problems, make decisions, apply strategies and a lot more. If you want your skills to worth gold then you have to learn math and
especially algebra. If you want your mental powers to reach top level then you have to learn algebra.

If you like mathematics then you know that in order to move to advanced mathematics you have to know the basics of algebra. Algebra is everywhere in your everyday life. This is a great advantage when trying to learn algebra. Why? Because you can take the a real situation and turn it into an algebra concept or equation.

Always ask yourself.. why? Here is a simplified example. You walk on the street and you see a girl carrying a birdcage. Inside the birdcage there are 4 little birds. Suddenly the cage’s door opens and one of the birds escapes. You can turn this incidence into a simple algebra equation:

3 – 1 = 2

See what I mean? Now that’s the first step! After that it will be easy to turn live complicated situations into algebra concepts. Your brain will soon become familiar with the idea. And soon you will be able to turn your entire life into algebra!

How to get ccna certification in days

How to Get Ccna Certification in Days

Cisco Certified Network Associate

How can we help:

We offer pass guaranteed CCNA solutions to assist you in passing the CCNA exam at first attempt. Our CCNA solutions are provided by our CCNA experts, who have over 20 years of CCNA instructional education experience. All our resources and efforts have pooled together to produce you a shortcut that will save you an incredible amount of time and effort. Complete the contact form below and receive free information on how your choice of CCNA certification is easily achieved.

Service charge: $1400

Price includes one-on-one consultation charge until you get CCNA certified , unlimited exam retakes until you pass and any other expense until all the exams are passed. Additional, you are guaranteed a total reimbursement PLUS $500 if any exam is failed at first attempt.

Duration: 3 Days

From the very first beginning till the CCNA exam pass, you will not spend more time than the one given above. This is applicable to everyone, including those who are not good at taking exams and those who can not afford too much time per day.

Cisco CCNA Certification Outline

part one Internetworking

(1) 1.1 Introduction to internetworking

(2) 1.2 The OSI Model

(3) 1.3 Ethernet

(4) 1.4 Wireless

(5) TCP/IP

(6) 2.1 The DOD Model

(7) 2.2 The IP Address

(8) 2.3 IP Classes

part two IP Subnetting

(1) 1.1 What is Subnetting

(2) 1.2 Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

(3) 1.3 Subnetting

(4) 1.4 Variable Length Subnet Masks

(5) 1.5 Troubleshooting TCP/IP

(6) Internetwork Operating System

(7) 2.1 Introduction to IOS

(8) 2.2 Passwords

(9) 2.3 Banners Hostnames & Descriptions

(10) 2.4 Configuring Interfaces

(11) 2.5 Saving and Verifying Configuration

part three IP Routing

(1) 1.1 Bringing it Together

(2) 1.2 Building Rout Tables

(3) 1.3 Distance-Vector Routing Protocols

(4) 1.4 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

(5) 1.5 Verifying

(6) More Routing Protocols

(7) 2.1 EIGRP

(8) 2.2 Open Shortest Path First

part four One: Layer Two Switching

(1) 1.1 Layer 2 Switching

(2) 1.2 1.2 Spanning Tree Protocol

(3) 1.3 Switch Types

(4) 1.4 Configuring the Switch

(5) Virtual LANs

(6) 2.1 VLAN Concepts

(7) 2.2 VLAN Trucking Protocol

(8) 2.3 Configuring VLANs.

Two: Advanced IOS

(1) 3.1 Router Components

(2) 3.2 Backup and Restore

(3) 3.3 Cisco Discovery Protocol

(4) 3.4 Using Telnet

(5) 3.5 Host Names

part five One:Access Lists

(1) 1.1 Types of Access Lists

(2) 1.2 Creating an Access List

(3) 1.3 Using the Access List

two: Wide Area Networks

(1) 2.1 WAN Basics

(2) 2.2 HDLC

(3) 2.3 PPP

(4) 2.4 Frame Relay

(5) 2.5 ISDN

Understanding environmental due diligence


Environmental due diligence seems to be a byword in today’s real estate industry.  But what is it really and how does it impact the way business is conducted?

To further understand this, we need to first define due diligence in relation to the industry.  When we hear the term “to exercise due diligence”, it simply means being extra cautious in the way we conduct the business. Everything needs to be further scrutinized to ensure that nothing is out of place and that all is in proper order.

Environmental due diligence is simply making sure that the land being purchased does not pose any potential risks or environmental hazards that may affect the area’s development or its future occupants.

This procedure, although commonly done today, was not really practiced before the 1980s. During that time, there were already concerns regarding the non-disclosure of property developers of potential risks to their buyers. A well known case was about the residents of Love Canal in Niagra, New York during the late 70s. They were not properly informed that they built their houses on an environmental time bomb of hazardous materials that eventually found its way to their water sources.

However, in spite of such news, and the dramatic increase in the awareness of an existing law on this, it still did not gain much popularity and was utilized mostly by large corporations with businesses in Europe. It was only during the early 1990s that EDD started to be widely used when proper implementation guidelines were determined.

The growing worldwide awareness regarding the environment and widespread concern on the impact of past land usage on current properties served as catalysts that made environmental due diligence a necessity. Property owners, developers, sellers and buyers understood the need to protect themselves from future liabilities.

The environmental site assessment is conducted in different phases depending on the requirements and the extent of information needed regarding the property. Phase 1 ESA is primarily based on data collected from researching the history of ownership of the land and how it was used. Usually, a property condition assessment is also done at this phase to create a more comprehensive report for the use of buyers and sellers.

Should anyone need a more thorough investigation of the site where actual samples will be collected and processed, then there is a need to go to the next levels or phases.

The nature of the work involved requires a specialized team. Companies providing environmental engineering services and industrial hygiene consultants are called upon to implement this. They should not just be Baccalaureate degree or Professional licensee holders in the fields of science or engineering, but more importantly, must possess the necessary experience in such field of work.

Environmental due diligence is a matter taken very seriously by people in the industry. It is not limited to determining the hazardous nature of a property. It goes beyond that. EDD help safeguard the environment. It is therefore important to hire competent consultants who will maintain a sense of impartiality so as to submit credible reports.

State youth policies-the need of hour

State Youth Policies-The need of hour


  By Sadaket Malik

The youth policy directs the government to ensure gainful empleyment and total empowerment for unreached. In India there is no scarcity or dearth of welfare policies but the problem lies in primarily to rationalise these policies in to the logical frame work.Most these policies are top driven, lacking pro people and holistic welfare approach.
                    Most importantly, policies are being made and at the same time policies are being lost either, or need to be recovered by the researchers after a long time to see what was there in the particular policy. National youth Policy- 2003 is one of such policy, may be policy maker themselves has forgotten about this Policy.
                   I strongly feel that each and every Policies of our country should and must have special provision for all the Northern states, in particular a backward and trouble torn state like Jammu and kashmir. Is it really essential to mention the situation of the youth of  the state ? Drug, insurgency, ill effect of globalisation has thrown the youth of state in to a futureless and hope less situation. There are no employment opportunities for them, no place to breathe in the fresh air.
                Ironically, The National Youth Policy 2003 has not covered any specific aspect of the youth of the state. In this policy issue of empowerment is just touched in a superficial manner without touching the grave situation of the state. Corruption thy name is J&K. Issue of addressing corruption is also just touched without mentioning the in-depth mechanism.
                  In the Serial no 4 under its onjectives, ” it is mentioned again in a superficial manner in the sub clause 4.5 “to facilitate access, for all sections of the youth, to health information and services and to promote a social environment which strongly inhibits the use of drugs and other forms of substance abuse, ensures measures for de-addiction and mainstreaming of the affected persons and enhances the availability of sports and recreational facilities as constructive outlets for the abundant energy of the youth”.
                        One may argue in a different manner regarding inclusion of special provision for the youth of this state, J&K in particular, as it is mentioned in this policy under clause no 3 in relation of the Defination of Youth, sub clause 3.1 mentioned that “This Policy will cover all the youth in the country in the age group of 13 to 35 years.
                      It is acknowledged that since all the persons within this age group are unlikely to be one homogenous group, but rather a conglomeration of sub-groups with differing social roles and requirements, the age group may, therefore, be divided into two broad sub-groups viz. 13-19 years and 20-35 years. The youth belonging to the age group 13-19, which is a major part of the adolescent age group, will be regarded as a separate constituency” This provision definitely included the youth of Northern states and J&K. I once again plead that they need a special provision in the policy. The youth  as a whole are the the youth of hill, valley, they are the youth of ethnic community, situation is different.
                     In the Preamble of the policy it is mention under sub clause 1.2 “The socio-economic conditions in the country have since undergone a significant change and have been shaped by wide-ranging technological advancement.
                  The National Youth Policy – 2003 is designed to galvanize the youth to rise up to the new challenges, keeping in view the global scenario, and aims at motivating them to be active and committed participants in the exciting task of National Development.” Through this statement the policy maker stated that the Youth Policy 2003 is designed in such a manner so that the youth of India including the youth of North  may rise up to the new challenges keeping in view global so called advancement. If we look at this statement critically the ill effect of globisation will also be promoted. Development of the soil should include the people of the soil not excluding them not prompting the hidden agenda of global actors.
                    Nevertheless, there are a few positive aspects in the National Youth Policy 2003, but most of the clauses do not have any link with grass root reality.
                  Under the clause “Mental Health” it is mentioned in sub clause no 8.3.8 “Lack of proper education often leads to mental depression. In an environment that is becoming complex and competitive by the day, the chances of young minds being afflicted with depression are ever rising. This is particularly so, among adolescents who are showing higher incidence of suicidal traits than even before. Against this background, this Policy advocates a system of education which teaches the youth to fight back rather than give in. It also recommends establishment of statesponsored and free counselling services for the youth, particularly the adolescents”. In the context of  J&K, factors leading towards mental depression is just not lack of proper education. Significant factors are gun culture, extortion, Political trauma, corruption, ethnic conflict and several others.
             Among the positive aspect of the policy are “The Policy recognises that children and young people are particularly vulnerable to the ill effects of environmental degradation.NYK-Nehru Yuva Kendras in J&K has contributed a bit for the same by formulation of local level youth clubs. The number of youth in the age group of 13-35 years, as per the 1991 Census, was estimated at about 34 crores, and about 38 crores in 1997, which is anticipated to increase to about 51 crores by the year 2016. The percentage of youth in the total population, which, according to the 1996 A Census projections, is estimated to be about 37% in 1997, is also likely to increase to about 40% by the year 2016.

            A novel public – private partnership programme to impart education in information technology (IT) to underpriviledged youth and women is being implemented by giving basic IT tranining in areas such as data entry.

             Intrestingly, after 1994 genocide in , thousands of youth were left homeless, with no education and with no means of livelihood. It was in this situation that a group of young IT savvy professionals, under the banner of Cyber Host, initiated a project to rehabilitate the unfortunate youth of . With the assistance of NU-Vision Ministry, Cyber Host provided these youth with basic ICT skills thus meeting part of the requirement of for Information Centres and ICT experts.

           However, what is the crying call of hours? What  the youth can expect in the years to come will depend on how well the Policy is framed viz-a-viz understand and leverage their rights and how willingly and efficiently they are able to shoulder their responsibilities. What then are the rights and responsibilities of the youth of India?
         The National Youth Policy, 2003 be reviewed after 5 years from the date of commencement of implementation of Five years has already been passed , but what has happened particularly in the context of this state in particular ? a question need to responded by the policy makers. State governments should initiate State Youth policies under the ambit of Department of youth services and Sports as a watchdog in youth affairs of the state.

Pinpoint exam bible p_finmgt_60 testing engine eb39

Pinpoint Exam Bible P_FINMGT_60 testing engine eb39

SAP Certified Application Professional – Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 Exam Number: P_FINMGT_60
Associated Certifications: SAP
Available Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Portuguese
Exam Name : SAP Certified Application Professional – Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0
Questions and Answers : 70 Q&As Q&As
Update Time: April 13th,2010
Price: $355.00 $330.00

SAP SAP P_FINMGT_60 certification exams are in the way of computer-based testing, the examination results can be known immediately after the end of the test. The daily examination results are uploading back to the company’s central server and then processed by the commissione to decide whether to grant SAP Certification. Because it is computer-based and the results are immediately accessed to, all the examination questions are objective related, of which more than 80% of multiple-choice questions. Other kinds of questions are dragging the title, fill-in, simulated operation.

Make a measurement of your capability and experience, to find out how far you are away from the standard required by the SAP P_FINMGT_60 exam. We cannot ignore the study and preparation at the same time. It’s the first thing to get a good understanding of books. Textbooks are always cheap and practical. Often go the SAP discuss zone in the IT forum where you have the chance to share the experience and lessons during about the exams with other examinees. If you have sufficient time and money, taking part in a training course will be a good choice. Try to take some online tests, and in Internet you can easily find many examination questions similar as P_FINMGT_60; take more practice so as to be more familiar with the examination process. Visiting SAP official web site frequently, you will find the latest news about the certification there.

Exam Bible P_FINMGT_60 testing engine is written to coincide with the real test by the experienced IT experts and specialists. With the complete collection of Questions and Answers, Exambible P_FINMGT_60 is high enough to help the candidates to pass this exam easily without any other study materials and no need to attend the expensive training class. To match the current real test, the technical team from Exambible will update the Questions and Answers for any changes in time, and also we are always accepting the feedbacks about this exam from our users, in specialty, we will mend the exam pool with the suggestions from those users who got full scores in this exam, so to perfect Exam Bible P_FINMGT_60 to make it always have the best quality exams.

Exambible ORG: P_FINMGT_60 paper
Exambible CO.UK: P_FINMGT_60 pdf
Exambible PDF: P_FINMGT_60 pdf
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How to save money on used textbooks

How to Save Money on Used Textbooks

Used textbooks are in high demand and can be great alternatives for college students looking to save a little (or quite a lot) of money on books for class. With the continued growth and expansion of the internet students are now able to easily compare textbook prices at dozens of bookstores around the web to find the cheapest price.

Buying used textbooks has become the leading choice nationwide for students, parents, teachers, and colleges who are looking for a cost effective and efficient alternative to the traditional options for buying and selling textbooks. You can even save money on international editions of your favorite book.

Also used textbooks that do not have market value or do not meet resale guidelines are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. So buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks. Recycling turns obsolete used textbooks into other valuable materials and reduces waste.

At many websites selling used textbooks is made very simple. All you do is enter the ISBN numbers from your books and the information on the particular book you’re selling is automatically populated. Since college bookstores are known for offering only pennies on the dollar for used textbooks, it makes sense to look for more cost effective options.

Potential book buyers can now find an abundance of used textbooks for elementary, middle, and high schools (grades K12). Websites like allow visitors to buy new and used textbooks as well as sell their no longer needed textbooks, saving a lot of money in the process.

For obvious reasons the earlier in the semester or school year you make your purchase the better the selection of used textbooks.

If you have any questions about how to buy college textbooks or sell used textbooks you no longer need you can find all the information you need by simply doing a search online. Save a ton of cash and buy used textbooks online from one of more than 5,000 booksellers. Keep more cash in your pocket.

Type of injury and claim settlement

Type of injury and claim settlement

Injury claims are various. Each type of injury has its procedure. It is difficult for a non-professional to make perfect claim. An experienced solicitor will guide you properly. They undertake to give a suitable amount in compensation from the opponent. Many lawyer and legal firms work on ‘no win no fee’ terms. This is a great relief to the claimant because he need not pay any money unless the case won. Workplace injury is varied. Unsafe conditions at the workplace lead to injury of the employee. Moreover, the type of work an employee is performing is vital. The injury due to driving accident in the workplace, machinery injury, office related injury, warehouse injury and many other attract claim from the employer. The claim includes loss of pay, medical treatment and compensation due to partial or permanent disability. Injury caused to the driver in workplace is accidents involving driving forklifts, poor maintenance of vehicles, truck accidents and continuous stressful work. Moreover, injury caused by machine could be many. It could be partial, permanent or fatal. The major concern is spillage of oil and lubricant on the floor. Construction industry is more prone to accidents then others. Fatal injuries are more in this area of operation. Moreover, they work at a considerable height and injuries from fall could be fatal. Injuries are classified into Mild injury and Hard injury. Mild injury experienced by the employee because of discomfort involving, sprains in neck, ankle, back, hand and other muscle sprain during work. This discomfort heals after a period of time and proper treatment. The medical report must support the claim for compensation. In such cases, matter is resolved within instead of hiring a professional lawyer. Hard Injury is more serious and causes due to fracture, damage to ligament, rupture in spinal chord, etc. Claim for such injuries, professional and experience lawyer’s advice is essential. The insurance adjuster may not accept the claim unless supported by medical report. Serious injury can lead to partial or permanent disability such as paralysis, etc. Paralysis is often permanent in nature and not easily curable. In such circumstance, the claim amount is more. Various aspects like regular medical expenses, cost of wheel chair, loss of pay and the mental trauma taken into account. To support the claim for injury evidence, eyewitness, medical report and workplace log are vital. In addition, the claimant has to prove that the accident was due to employer’s negligence. Therefore, an experienced lawyer in this field is essential. However, the employer’s are cautious and adhere to safety standards since they have to pay more money to the employee in the event of accident.

Coordinating mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses

Coordinating Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom Dresses

There are many wonderful things that you can do for your wedding that will show a beautiful and cohesive sense of coordination within your entire wedding and bridal party. As a bride, you can plan for many aspects of your wedding to match, and look great together. Planning a wedding can be a brilliant way to stretch your creativity, your organization, and your flirty and fun sense of style. With endless options to work with when planning a wedding from dress options to favors and gifts for your bridal party, you are about to embark one an extremely exciting process!

When planning a cohesive wedding it is important to make sure that everything and everyone matches the core primary colors you have chosen for your wedding theme. For most weddings, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer are all taken care of first, ensuring that their dresses and tuxedos are stunning and matching, and that everyone walking down the aisle look great together. However, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom are two very important women that are sometimes left behind while the bride is focused on the main components of her wedding party.

The father of the bride and the father of the groom are most of the time both wearing suits that match those of the groomsmen. Therefore, dressing them is easy! The mother of the bride and groom, however, are going to need to wear something as special as they are. Many brides overlook this opportunity to also have these two very important women also match with their wedding party.

If you are a bride that would like to have as many aspects of your wedding match, a great way to make sure that your day is entirely perfect, and that your pictures are elegant, is to have matching dresses for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. This is something that you can accomplish easily, usually with only one shopping trip.

There are several things to think about when you are looking for matching mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses. First, you want to think about the color scheme. Many brides are very particular about what colors they want to use on their special day, and this can include the way that their parents are dressed. Therefore, many brides will choose colors for their mothers that are derivations of the colors that the bridesmaids are wearing. A lighter or darker shade, for example, can make sure that the mothers stand out while also matching the wedding party in certain aspects. It is important, however, that you do not put your mothers in a white or off white color, and to be weary when it comes to dressing them in black. You should only use black for a very formal evening wedding, of if one of your wedding colors is black. Otherwise, try to stick to the same general color scheme as the rest of the wedding party to get complete cohesion.

Another aspect of the mother of the bride and groom dresses to think about is the style of gown. When picking out dresses, you want to take the age of your mothers into consideration, and make sure that they are comfortable in the dress they are wearing. Even though you might think it would look nice to have them in the same style of dress as your bridesmaids, you want to be sure that they are comfortable in wearing that type of dress. Your mothers, who are probably much older than your bridesmaids, might not feel comfortable wearing a dress like a chiffon strapless a line with a pleated bust and ruched waist. Also, try to keep their own general wardrobe selection in mind as well, and make sure their input is taken into consideration when choosing a dress.

You have many choices when it comes to getting dresses for those oh so important women in your life. You can either go to a retail store or online inventory to find them. If the two women have opposite taste and cannot agree on the same gown, try getting them a dress that is the same color with slight alterations. For example, if the mother of the groom does not want to wear strapless but the mother of the bride feels comfortable in it, get them the same colored dress and have the mother of the groom wear an adorable chiffon jacket over her shoulders.

It is important for your mothers to look nice, but it is also important that you allow them to be comfortable, happy, and enjoy the day just as much as you do. When shopping for your mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses, consider asking them for their input as well!