Tips for MBA Application Essays from Alumni

Everyone who is part of the corporate world has a common ambition in mind, that is, to be the head honcho of a company’s department.  However, getting to the top is not an easy road; there are lots of people who are equally competitive as you are.  Perhaps what you can you do is to learn more about the ins and outs in your field in order for you to be more competent.  Many high profile executives and professionals will tell you that one of the most effective ways to get you promoted is by earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.  Having an MBA degree is not just additional points to your resume but it will also give you specialized knowledge in your chosen field, making you one of the most sought-after jprofessionals with a successful future.

Getting an MBA degree

An MBA degree is one of the sure ways to achieve career advancement whether you are in the corporate world or not.  
Because management is imperative in any field or career path, many people find MBA degree programs to be attractive opti0ons.  But for the most part, getting an MBA degree is not an easy journey.  Since it is a professional course, the admission process is very competitive and selective.  Thus, every prospective student should pass and be competitive in any in all admissions criteria, if possible.

The different admission criteria may vary from one school to another.  But the requirements are more or less the same, which includes the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), the transcript of records, and even letters of recommendation from past professors or present superiors.  The admissions panel also see to it that the personality of the applicant is suited for the offered program.  They do it by evaluating MBA application essays.  Those who have well written admission essays normally get invited for an interview.

The criteria and a bunch of good competitors are definitely good reasons for aspiring MBA students to do better on their application.  To be in the know of what to include and avoid in their MBA application essays, they can get tips online or ask the successful alumni themselves.  They can offer tips on what to discuss, what to focus on, and what not to say in the admission essay.  They can also be the applicant’s guide on the possible questions or topics that will be asked by the school.   

The MBA application essays

As stated above, MBA application essays are among the most important requirements prior to admission to the program.  This is the reflection of the applicant’s personality that cannot be seen through transcripts of records and other records. This will display their unique personalities, experiences, views, and insights that will make the admissions officers think that they really deserve the slot.    

Getting all the tips one can gather for writing an MBA personal statement is of utmost importance.  When ranking low in other admissions criteria, a well written essay can provide that needed boost to application.

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The following tips can help you in writing effectively:

• Analyze Instructions:

Understanding the objective of your paper is most important. Make sure that the instructions provided to you by your professor are clear to you. Once the instructions are cleared to you, the next step will be much easier. If you have vague ideas regarding the topic and theme of the paper then you will be lost in your approach.

• Formulate thesis:

All sorts of academic papers such as term paper, article writing, dissertations and research papers require thesis. No matter what sort of paper you are writing, you need to formulate a good thesis that provides an overview of what your paper is all about. It’s better to think what might be said against the thesis in order to provide a justification for your thesis in the term papers

• Research Extensively:

It’s better to start writing a paper with a complete knowledgeable background of the topic for your academic paper. For better reasoning, justification and providing proof to your thesis it is important to research extensively and add citations wherever you have used references. Referencing will add stronger impact in your paper and credibility for your material.

• Organize smartly:

It is important to divide your paper in paragraphs with particular aim. Such as the first paragraph must be the introduction and thesis. Second, third and fourth paragraph must contain the body of the paper in which you can describe the topic, provide proof and arguments. The last paragraph must be the conclusion that connects the whole paper.

• Proofreading:

You need to revise your paper once you are done with research, writing and concluding the end remarks. Make your paper grammar and spelling errors free. This is important because your paper and hard work will all be in vain if your professor will find mistakes in your paper. Proofread it twice or more times if needed to make it error-free.

By following these easy guidelines, you can easily write a quality academic paper which will benefit you in the form of good grades. Happy writing!

Overcoming hurdles is all about seeing the other side and wanting to be there enough to find a way, for me I love helping clients, seeing people achieve their health goals is hugely satisfying

When creating a blog you’ll want to keep a few things in mind from the very beginning that will help you to properly direct your efforts. If you aspire to become one of the most popular blogs in your niche your focus will have to be on the blog reader. If you are blogging to make money then realize your income will be dependent upon the people who visit your site. These people will ultimately decide how popular your blog is or how successful your promotional efforts may be so don’t lose sight of that.

With that said here are 5 areas you will not want to overlook or disregard especially if you are counting on your home business blog to earn you an income.

Establish Transparency

Allow your readers to get some insight into who you are and why you blog. By increasing their familiarity with you in this way you are gaining more trust from them. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion or a little bit about your personal interests, family or anything else that would be relevant to your blog or the readers.

This is especially important if you intend to promote any type of products on your site. Trust will be needed if readers are expected to make any purchases on what essentially will be your home business blog.

Fees cheater – university of queensland

Fees cheater – University of Queensland

It was brought to my attention that the fees that I  have been paying over the last few semesters are cheaper this time. I thought.. wow, how is that possible? Uni will only increase fees, how would fees ever reduce?

The new government must have pumped in some fundings. Good!

I made an enquiry and the uni fees department investigated the matter and realised that OPPS, they have miscalculated thefees and undercharged.

Shortly, I received an email saying


Dear XX

Attached please find a letter about your fee liability for courses you are undertaking in the postgraduate program in semester 1, 2009

You will note that, due to a system error, students were undercharged in Semester 1, 2009.  A necessary adjustment to the fee rate may mean that you now have an amount owing.

Please urgently check mySI-net and make payment of any outstanding amount by 31 March 2009.

The University apologises for any inconvenience this adjustment in fees may cause you.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss.

Kind regards


Narelle Larney

Manager | Student Fees

Student Administration | The University of Queensland | Brisbane Queensland 4072 /Australia | Telephone + 61 7 3346 8308 | Fax + 61 7 3346 7369 | Email | Web


Apoogies?? Is that enough? I have in fact overpaid for the last 2 subjects I did of about $560 in total. Only did that brought me to realised the difference in fees and thus, the investigation leading to this “undercharging”. I am not sure if there are other mistakes in my fees because I only picked the obvious.

Most students will just assume that the invoice they received from uni ar correct. Who will check the amoun? We all know that Uni fees are expensive but who would have thought that amongst some fees, there could be overcharging and thus causing some to be undercharged?

Let’s look at how to prepare a study plan for the forthcoming cat exam

Let’s look at how to prepare a study plan for the forthcoming CAT Exam

1. Get to know the priority of CAT topics
Since we hardly have 2 months left for CAT preparation, there is no point in preparing a plan that involves each and every topic of the CAT Exam. Instead coin out the important CAT topics and prepare a plan. If you still have time after getting comfortable with CAT topics then you can consider the rest. Here is the list of CAT topics that I will include in my CAT Exam study plan .

CAT Exam Verbal

Grammar Basics

Basic Vocabulary

Para Jumbles

Reading Comprehension

CAT Exam Math

CAT Exam Algebra

-Theory of Equations

CAT Exam Number System

CAT Exam Geometry

CAT Exam Arithmetic
-Time, Work and Distance

Permutations & Combinations

2. How to find out CAT Exam topics that are to be included in the plan?
A CAT exam study plan will be effective provided you have a good sense of exactly what you need to study. I will not believe if a CAT test aspirants says that he does not know anything about a single topic of the CAT exam. There are always chances that you already know some of the CAT test material well. Some of it you may only need to review, and some of it you may need to study in detail. Taking a diagnostic CAT Test is the ideal way to assess what you know and what you need to know. How was your mock CAT result? What CAT paper topics do you know well? What do CAT questions you need to review? What CAT exam topics do you need to study in detail?
3. How to manage the study plan TIME?
Time Management occupies the top position in the list. Everyone out there preparing for competitive exams knows that this is the most important factor that will decide the chances of success. But very few know how to manage TIME.
Because you have a basic idea of how much time you have, you can make some decisions about how you will proceed with the CAT study plan. Once you have a good sense of how much studying is ahead, create a detailed CAT exam study schedule. Use a calendar to set specific deadlines. If CAT exam deadlines make you nervous, give yourself plenty of time for each task; otherwise, you might have trouble staying calm and keeping on track.
4. How to study for the CAT Online exam?

“Finish CAT Quant by September End” …. a study plan like this will obviously go futile. Instead, you should work on a study plan that sets dates for learning specific CAT test topics. As you set your deadlines, think carefully about your day-to-day schedule. How much time can you spend on studying each week? Exactly when can you fit in the time to study? Be realistic about how much time you have and how much you can accomplish. Give yourself the CAT preparation time you need to succeed.
5. How to stick to the CAT Preparation plan?
Make sure to have your CAT exam plan written on paper and posted in your room. (Don’t just keep it in your head!) Look at it regularly so that you can remember what and when to study. Checking your CAT preparation plan regularly will also help you see how much progress you have made along the way. Bear in mind that you should not give up if you fall behind your CAT schedule.

Don’t forget that cracking the CAT 2009. is a piece of cake, if you have a good plan!

Restoring whole-brain learning

Restoring Whole-brain Learning

God has created our brains with both left and right hemispheres. Left-hemisphere brain functions include reasoning, reading, written language, number skills and spoken language. Right-hemisphere brain functions include imagination, intuition, art awareness, three-dimensional forms and music awareness. Every one of us has two sides to our brain; we all have reasoning and imagination, number skills and artistic skills. We usually have a stronger tendency towards one side or the other, but we all have both sides. So, how should that effect how we teach and how we learn?

Are Our Brains Lopsided?!
In America today, our worship of the left hemisphere is so complete that when we graduate from high school, the left hemispheres of our brains actually weigh slightly more than the right hemispheres! The primary focus of most elementary, middle school and high school education is reading, writing and math and every time there is a budget cut at a school, it seems the first things to go are the classes related to the right side of the brain, music, art, etc.

Train the mind, the whole mind:
Education should seek to go beyond simply training the left hemisphere. We should seek to offer training that involves both left- hemisphere and right-hemisphere brain functions. In Christian education, both private Christian grade schools and Christian colleges, this is especially true. God gave us both sides of our brain for a reason. He blessed us with the ability to reason and imagine, do math and create art, write literature and make music. It’s important that we engage all these aspects or our mental acuity when we learn. This way our brains are fully developed and we utilize both the logical and creative sides of our brains.

Teach as Christ Taught:
Additionally, we should seek to train our students to present both hemispheres of their brains to God to fill and flow through and guide. For example, “Without a parable, Jesus taught them not” (Matt. 13:34). Parables are picture stories. They require imagination. They utilize the right side of the brain. Christ’s teachings also engage the left side of the brain with reasoning and, today, we learn of Christ’s teaching through reading (a left hemisphere activity) the Word. The most powerful teaching comes from following the educational methodology of the world’s most powerful Teacher, Jesus Christ, and learning to combine both right and left hemispheres with the anointing and flow of the Holy Spirit. That is what we should be committed to training students to do.

Scholarship for dads – where to locate them

Scholarship For Dads – Where To Locate Them

Are you a dad who plans to return to school this year? You’re in luck because you can take advantage of the scholarship for dads that are widely available these days. Take note of the qualifications and if you think that you’re qualified, you can apply for the scholarship.
Among the qualifications are as follows – dads with custody of kid/kids and 18 years and above. Whether you’re just about to become a dad, or you’re a single father, you may be able to receive a scholarship award so don’t hesitate to file an application. You can use the scholarship money for finishing any college degree.
Widowed and divorced fathers are encouraged to finish their college education so that they can provide the children with a better future. Finishing a degree is very important if you want to earn higher salaries. Fathers who are currently working can take online classes so that they can advance their career.
Your children will surely be proud of you once you’re able to graduate, and it’s also one way to inspire them to finish their studies in the coming years. Ads about scholarships are all over the internet, and you can even find ones in your local area. The secret is to know the places where you can start your search.
Why don’t you start with a local college or university that offers a course or degree that you’re also interested in? You will simply drop by at the financial aid office and secure the FAFSA. Fill out the form and if you are required to submit other documents, you have to gather them as well and submit it together with the application form.
In most cases, single dads and mothers receive considerable attention because the current administration is pushing forward for programs that can help these individuals in finishing higher education. You have a high chance to qualify. Apply now.
The scholarship for dads is an excellent opportunity for you and your family. Show the scholarship provider that you’re determined to finish a degree in college and use the funds as directed. In 1-4 years, you can already land a better paying job.

Take advantage of recycling fund raisers at your school

Take Advantage Of Recycling Fund Raisers At Your School

If you are looking for a good way to raise your school some extra money you should take a look at recycling programs. Schools use tons of materials that can be redeemed for cash through recycling programs dedicated for schools and other non-profit organizations. So what can you recycle at your school? An average size school will generate thousands of aluminum cans each month that can be recycled. This is one item that all schools should begin recycling if they are not already. Another highly used product in schools is simply all the paper that is used. Does your school already have separate containers to dispose of paper in instead of using the trash can? If your school is not currently already recycling their paper then this is yet another high volume product that schools are using every day that could be put to use in a recycling program for your school. It is true that many schools are already recycling their aluminum cans and paper products, so what else can a school do in terms of recycling as a fund raiser?

One common product that many schools do not currently recycle that they should be recycling are their ink cartridges – another item that is widely used in all schools. There are a few recycling programs that are specifically dedicated to recycling ink cartridges for schools and other non-profit companies to make sure that you get a fair rate for all the ink cartridges you collect in your fund raiser. When researching what program would be best for your school to use, it is important to research what ink cartridges are accepted by the company you are researching. Some programs have a very limited list of cartridges that they will pay you for, while others may accept almost any type of ink cartridge that your school is using. So if you are looking for a great recycling fund raiser for your school an ink cartridge recycling program is a great solution. The fund raiser would not only be limited to the ink cartridges that the school uses, but also those that students collect at home and bring in to school. Believe it or not, an ink cartridge recycling program can generate a large sum of money for a school if executed correctly.

You may be asking how to properly execute a program such as an ink cartridge recycling fund raiser. The answer to your question will actually come from the company you decide to do your fund raiser through. Many of these programs want to help you meet your goals and will provide you with promotional materials to promote your recycling efforts. Promotional materials such as flyers, posters, drop off signs, and more can be provided for your school to use in order to achieve fund raising goals. Placing the promotional materials around the school and making announcements about the program will help you kick start your program and help you achieve success.

Recycling fund raisers do not stop at aluminum cans, paper, and ink cartridges. There are numerous other programs related to recycling that your school could use to help earn more money. Another popular recycling item is electronics – more specifically used cell phones. What did you do with your old cell phone? I know numerous people who have simply tossed their old cell phones to the garbage can. Instead of tossing your used cell phones to the trash why not earn some money from them? When a school runs a recycling program to collect old cell phones it is surprising just how many are often times collected as many people have numerous old cell phones just laying around the house. Once you have collected a good amount of phones your school can then redeem them for cash! This is yet another great fund raising activity that a school can take advantage of.

So – if your school is looking for a good fund raiser then you should mention a recycling drive to them. One fund raising recycling drive could involve all of the items I mentioned above and can honestly raise large sums of cash. Many schools now run ink cartridge and cell phone recycling programs all year and simply redeem the collections for cash once they have collected enough worthy of redeeming. Just think how many ink cartridge and even cell phones people go through on a year to year basis! Your school or non profit organization could be cashing in on these items instead of them being tossed in the trash or put on a shelf to not ever be used again. So the bottom line is that you need to find a good recycling program for your school to join. Once you have found a reputable program to join you can begin promoting the fund raiser throughout the school and begin collecting the items you will be recycling. This type of fund raiser is very effective at schools because most people are more than willing to donate old ink cartridge and cell phones simply because they have no other use for them.

How to have great fun at college

How to Have Great Fun at College

Having fun in college can be very easy for some but difficult for others. The world is filled with many different people with many different hobbies. Some find college built for their mindset while others find it frustrating and boring. College can fun for everyone if you think of the ideas that can keep your entertained. I’ll show you a few examples of how to have fun on campus without getting in trouble.

Campus sponsored events – Depending on the campus you’re attending, there’s probably an event going on everyday that you’re not aware of. A good way to see what events are going on is to either check the local bulletin boards, the college website or ask fellow classmates. Sometimes you’ll be amazed at what kind of events the college offers. Who knows? There may be something you love that you can make a ton of friends and have fun at the same time!

Some of the events that you may find yourself attending are block parties, organized sporting leagues, movies, concerts, social clubs, chess clubs, etc. I guarantee that you if you look at the list of events that you’ll find something that will cater your needs.

Join an organization – No matter what college you’re attending, you’ll always find an organization. If you’re not familiar with what n organization is, it’s a group that usually has a focus or cause. Groups like MADD are a perfect example where their group focuses on mothers against drunk driving. If you have a view on something and you want to get with a group that has similar thoughts, an organization may be for you.

Host parties – If you’re renting out a house or you simply know of a big common ground, hosting a party or get together might be one of the best times you’ll ever have. Simply tell your friends and the word will spread very quickly. You can simply put on the invitation that everyone needs to bring their own drinks and food. This way, you’ll only be responsible for your house or the area. Parties don’t always have to include alcoholic drinks; instead you can a fun time without them and just socialize with friends instead.

Think like home – Staying on campus can make some people very home sick. Instead, try and think of what you did while you were at home to keep busy. Did you play a lot of video games? Did you read a lot? Try and pretend that your dorm room and college is your home now where you and your family live. If you can condition yourself to do this, keeping busy and having fun shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, you can’t live with mommy and daddy forever.

As you can see by these few options that college can be a blast if you become motivated and find ways to have fun. Sitting in your dorm all day and being depressed won’t be fun. Just remember that the fun won’t come to you, you’ll have to go out there and find it!

Mb7-226 certification

MB7-226 certification

The MB7-226 exam preparation material offered by certmagic is very comprehensive and covers all exam questions that need to be covered to pass the MB7-226 exam. Professionals and experts at certmagic are very dedicated and they prepare exam study guides and exam practice tests with great effort.

Exam notes and exam guides prepared by our professionals gives you powerful material that will prepare you for the day of exam. Learning exercises and learning guides on

MB7-226 exam study material will help you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

We guarantee your success in MB7-226 exams and we assure you that you will be successful after preparing from our study guides, because here we provide you complete study solutions and practice and assessment kits. Exam practice tests provide you a greater opportunity to test your knowledge and skills that you need to be good at to pass the MB7-226 exam.

The exam study material provided by certmagic is very useful and gives you very useful and interactive material. In our exam notes you will the accurate and up-to-date information .our up-to-date education material will guide you along the path of success.  Certmagic guarantees you success and assures you that you will pass the MB7-226 practice exam at the very first attempt.

At certmagic we are always striving to provide you the unique study tips that will lead you ultimately to success.

The exam study material provided by certmagic is very useful and gives you very useful and interactive material. In our exam notes you will the accurate and up-to-date information .our up-to-date education material will guide you along the path of success.  Certmagic guarantees you success and assures you that you will pass the MB7-226 practice exam at the very first attempt.

At certmagic we are always striving to provide you the unique study tips that will lead you ultimately to success.

All of a sudden his computer started talking

All of a Sudden His Computer Started Talking

No, it was not a flash site on his browser and it wasn’t any type of audio file or movie. He was typing a document and sometimes when he does this hell hit wrong keys which is what he did this time. It turns out that some versions of Windows have a utility called Narrator which is for people who don’t have great eyesight, when activated the computer will tell you about menu options on the program you are working in or if you are in your email client it can read you the subjects of the email you received.

It would be nice if you could change the tone of the voice to maybe a female of something else but at this time that is not an option. I tried having it read an ebook that was a PDF format but then the PDF file had to have some type of tagging in it in order for the Microsoft narrator to be able to read it.

Later in the day I went to a shopping center to get a good cup of coffee and I decided to stop at Circuit City. On all the computers I pressed the keys you need to press to activate the Microsoft narrator and all of a sudden they were all talking which drove the salespeople nuts. In order to activate this feature on your computer press the key Start and then at the same time press the ‘U’ key.

There is even a way to have it only speak at certain times so that its not constantly speaking because that voice could get annoying at times.