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What Do Knowledge, Kids, And The Usa Have In Common?

Heres the common denominator: the Education Establishment is comtemptuous of all three.

Do you think I jest or exaggerate? Not at all. The truth is straightforward, and easy to explain.

In the matter of Knowledge, John Dewey and his successors made clear that facts, learning and knowledge were not, for them, primary. The relevant thing was each childs social activity, because the real goal was a new social order. Knowledge was usually a nuisance, and often an obstacle. For the past one hundred years the Education Establishment has waged war against facts and content.

As for Kids, they were to be turned into a new kind of children that would grow up to build a socialist America. What mattered was a childs capacity to be moulded into a cooperative child, an obedient child, a new socialist child. Dewey and his successors would argue that, in fact, they were concerned about the childs welfare: were they not trying to create a better society? A claim which is debatable. What cannot be argued is that Dewey and his gang proceeded in stealth, never bothering to ask anyones permission. In the process, they trampled on the childs individuality, and on the childs right to be as educated as possible (which would typically result in a better-paying job). They were stealing the childs future. They treated children as lab rats.

As for the USA, Dewey and his successors, i.e. the Education Establishment, did not like the country they found themselves in. Whats to like? They didnt value capitalism, democracy, free enterprise, Western civilization, religion, or much of anything else. They were dreaming of some sort of socialist paradise. Point is, our top educators wanted to destroy the US that most of us hope to preserve. Well, they didnt succeed in destroying it, but they surely inflicted a lot of damage and left a lot of wounds, which we are still dealing with.

There you have it. Knowledge, Kids, and the USA are all equally problematical for our Education Establishment. Probably the people in the middle and lower levels dont have all these antagonisms. But the people at the top must. Otherwise public schools would not be so mediocre. That is, they would not be exactly the schools you would predict we would have if a bunch of people like John Dewey got control of them.

Finally, its contempt that turns everything sour. Contempt for humans of whatever age, contempt for basic facts, contempt for country. Far-left leaders and groups tend to have the attitude that their visions are all that matter, and anything that doesnt comform to those visions can be violated. Thats how Pol Pot could go back to his small, backward country and kill one-quarter of the population. And thats how Dewey and his bunch could instigate a slow-motion coup that over decades would create 50,000,000 functional illiterates. Contempt kills.

Point is, the Education Establishment is not always doing the right thing. The simplest remedy is that ordinary citizens become more indignant and involved. ASAP.

(For more of this analysis, please see 38: Saving Public Schools and 41: Educators, O. J. Simpson, and Guilt on

Article Summary: Simply judging by appearances, you might suspect that our Education Establishment is hostile to Knowledge, Kids and the USA. When you look closer, you are sure.

Suitable variants of jobs which are accessible for students

Suitable variants of jobs which are accessible for students

Are you going to study in another town or even abroad but your parents are not going to give you a big sum of money for this? There is one way out that you can take. You can find a job. But what job will be good for you if a half of a day will be occupied by classes and seminars at the University? Let’s look through all accessible variants. Summer work It is a work which starts when your University course is finished till the next autumn semester. You can go to some other town, maybe near the see/ocean or in the forest and work there as a stuff. Usually this work lasts for three or two months and gives you a lot of impressions, but not too much money. Full day job It is not the best choice for students because of the tight University schedule. If you will miss classes you will loose both: job and education. So it is better to wait until graduation. Part-time job This job is the best variant for students to get their first buck and to feel himself or herself independent from parents and home. Frames of time could be flexible and you can plan your day schedule due to your demands. But you should understand that it will be hard to cope with all responsibilities that you will receive after getting a job. You should learn to be self organized and hard-working. But if you stand all this you will get an unforgettable impact on your life, good knowledge and experience before graduating University. And when the question will rise about making a good CV to get a serious job you will already have what to put in the list.

How to build a boat that will last

How to Build a Boat That Will Last

Let’s talk about boat design and construction safety. This is an important topic and not one to gloss over on the way to building your boat. First off consider the fact you, as the builder of your boat, are solely responsible for building it in a safe and functioning manner.

This is the reason that you don’t want to cut corners. However, that said, considering liability issues, don’t let fear of being sued stop you from building that boat!

I have purchased and reviewed many boating products, See what I have found out

Here’s why…

As you are the builder, you are in complete control of the quality of the construction. I am sure you also want to build a boat that your family will enjoy for years to come. To do this you must keep quality as the number one priority.

To get you going there are three things you can do now that will ensure quality.

1) Use only the best design software available.
Good boat design software is foundation that is needed to build a strong and lasting boat. There are many software or CAD packages available and they vary in price hugely. However it should be noted that just because it is more expensive, this does not automatically mean it is better. It may simply have extra ‘bells and whistles’ that you simply will never need…

2) Use the proper building materials
Choosing the proper building materials to match the body of water your boat will be used on. I have already gone over this in more depth in one of my other articles, however to recap some of the materials that are available are: plywood, aluminum, fiberglass, wooden planks and even steel. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t build a 17′ fiberglass boat to be used solely on the open Ocean waters… that would be suicide. Be sure your method of choice is strong enough to withstand the waters the boat is going to be used on.

3) Keep in mind who will be using your boat.
For most of you that main people that will be with you in your boat are loved ones family or friends. You don’t want anything to happen to your loved ones while they enjoy an evening on the water in your custom made boat. Keep this in mind and you won’t take short cuts.

Common sense goes a long way in building a safe boat. You want to be proud of the final product, it’s one thing if the boat sinks the very moment it hits water and altogether different if it sinks an hour out with you in it.

Finally, you want confidence in your creation when inviting others to join you onboard. A poorly built boat will offer no confidence at all. Definitely think safety at all times while building your custom boat and you will be fine. Not to mention, your time and money is going into this venture, so make sure it counts.

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Succeeding with knowledge

Succeeding With Knowledge

We all have more potential mind power than many of us ever realize. We use only 2% of our mind leaving 98% unused. Just imagine if you could fill more of the capacity of your brain. 

The problem is the speed with which we read. The average person reads at the rate of 250 words per minute. Since we can only read for a limited amount of time per sitting it takes us a few days or weeks to read a book. That’s why libraries lend their books for a month at a time and let you renew it after that.

Another problem is the amount of what we retain of what we read. Normally we only remember a small portion of what we have read. As time goes by we remember less and less.

The obvious solution would be to read faster and remember more. There really is a way to accomplish this. Mind power reacquaints you with the natural way of learning.

When you were younger you absorbed information at a staggering rate. With mind power you will be able to do that once again. Photographic memory is how this is accomplished. You’ll read at the astounding rate of 25,000 words per minute or greater. The only thing that will limit you is the rate at which you can turn the pages.

The information from what you read is stored in the permanent recesses of the mind for life. And the best part about it is you retain 90 to 100%, now that’s mind power.

Learning with mind power is not a new method. In fact it is the natural method you learned with when you were young. So retraining yourself to learn this method will be no problem whatsoever.

You’ll only have to invest 231 minutes to be shown this scientifically proven mind power method. It’s a step-by-step system that you can do in 10 minutes a day. You’ll uncover your natural ability to store useful information in your built-in long-term memory. With over 33 years of research and development, countless university studies and real world results with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, you can be sure it will work just as well for you.

Imagine knowing the answer to all the questions you need to know. Succeeding with knowledge is easily accomplished when you can learn at warp speed. What would an investment in your future like this be worth to you?

The top ten reasons why audio books online downloads are cheap

The Top Ten Reasons Why Audio Books Online Downloads Are Cheap!

In today’s world, much of what we easily relate to has been boiled down into a metaphor of what we commonly speak of as The Top 10 whatever? Whether it be the top 10 movies of all times, the top 10 food dishes or in this case we will examine the top 10 reasons why audio books online downloads are cheap?

First of all what is cheap? Ask 10 people and of course you will get 10 different answers. In the context of this top 10 we want to cover all of the aspects of cost to the consumer of audio books online downloads.

The term cheap is commonly associated with cost however in the business sense when speaking of true cost, the definition quickly comes back as time money and sometimes quality.

Looking at the amazing growth of how download audio books ipods & MP3 players have quickly started to replace the hard copy publications lets take one look at the individual reasons causing this Truly each of these reasons merits not only a financial cost savings but a possible time savings and a quality savings as well. And as I originally said the world today likes to see everything boiled down into a top 10 so here we go! The top 10 reasons why audio books online downloads are cheap starting with reason #10  working our way up to reason #1.

Reason #10 Downloadable audio books are generally around 35% cheaper than their physical hard copy book counterpart due to the significant reduction in required publishing costs. In fact digital retention of the book’s contents is much better since the audio book online download can be stored on CD or DVD media, which will far outlast that of a paper substance. The convenience factor additionally adds to this as well.

Reason #9 When given as a Christmas, Birthday holiday or special event gift the giver can count on choosing a title that is practically guaranteed to work because of the immense selection of audio book online downloads to choose from. It’s just a fact there is a right audio book online download for everyone!

Reason #8 learning from audio self help books is like having a teacher right there with you through your learning experience. Consider working on a project while you are listening to your project guru instructing you about the do’s and don’ts simultaneously! Besides providing a better feeling of security it may also shorten the project drastically. And you can stop and replay what the teacher is saying whenever you want allowing you to work at your own pace.

Reason #7 Fund raising opportunities have dramatically grown from doubling to possibly tripling the revenue potential currently available through web audio book businesses such as

What used to be an arduous task of raising money for non-profits has totally changed! A non-profit organization can now earn from 10% up to 30% commissions on the sale of audio books online downloads just by listing a button on their web site and its as simple as that! Something to consider when you think how difficult it is to raise money for your non-profit businesses these days.

Reason #6 if you’ve ever heard a parent say at what price is it worth to keep their kids occupied at some point in time? Aside from the joking nature of the question there is a great deal of truth in that anecdotal question! Kids by their very own nature operate at a more hyper level than do adults. They are always in motion looking for the next distraction? The problem is that if you don’t create that activity for them they will most certainly find their own? Why not look at this as an opportunity and supply when with activities that will teach them as well as entertain them? There are thousands of children’s audio books online downloads that will either teach entertain or do both!

Reason # 5 for those of us with issues of tired eyes insomnia or cannot concentrate these is no longer problems. Audio books are the perfect convenience for when your eyes are too tired to focus on a printed page and want to relax with your eyes shut. As a side issue visually impaired readers can also take advantage now by listening without having to experience visual problems.

Reason #4 if you want to work on active listening skills, audio books are a terrific vehicle for developing a student’s critical listening skills. Think about the possibility of them listening to school reading assignments and relaxing at the same time. Trust me when I say that THIS is not a hard sell on your child or a student! And you are doing something for them as well!

Reason #3 Ah! The headache that comes to mind when one thinks of a l-o-n-g commute time to and from work or…taking a trip in the car or train or l-o-n-g flights on a plane? NO longer is that the case in fact it could be a lot more enjoyable! Listening to one of your favorite audio book online downloads can melt away all the tensions that you build up while you are in traffic or stuck sitting in a train or plane.

Reason #2 – Multitasking has come of age with audio books. What if you could create MORE hours in the day? Well you can with audio books online downloads. As an example, research individuals and other professionals (ie… busy physicians, etc…) can now fit time to glean important info from audio books, podcasts, seminars, etc… into their busy schedules without sacrificing one or the other. It’s a dream come true for those of us who do not have enough hours in the day. And who doesn’t?

Reason #1 – Who doesn’t have dead moments when you find yourself just sitting or standing there waiting on someone else? Knowing full well you could be doing something productive because you will eventually have to make up this down time later… argh! Well say no more because now you can instantly fill in all these dead moments in your life, whenever they occur! Now you can download audio books ipods & MP3 players for those unplanned moments to get things done and stay on schedule! Plus escape to your favorite book hobby or interest whenever you want?

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350-022 certification

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How is geology used in everyday life

How Is Geology Used in Everyday Life

Geology is a field of science that examines the physical components of the earth’s surface and how they change and evolve over time. While most people do not think much about geology, it is a subject that impacts everyday life in major ways. Geology not only produces the fuels that we used everyday, but it also creates the foundation on which we live our lives.

#1 – Solid Ground

Geology impacts how solid the earth beneath our feet is. While the ground that we walk on, build on and travel over seems solid, it is actually floating on top of a core of molten iron and magma. The stability of the earth under our feet impacts the ability of humans to build structures and infrastructures.

#2 – Produces Fuels

Geological processes produce fuels that we use everyday to drive and operate our homes and businesses. Fossil fuels, for example, are produced by applying extreme pressure and heat to organic materials that have been buried by sediments. These conditions are maintained over millions of years before the fuels are ready to be used by humans.

#3 – Produces Gems

Gemstones are also produced by geological processes. Gemstones are used primarily for decoration, but they also play a role in our economy. Gemstones are very valuable and used as investments and as a raw material for many trades including jewelry manufacturing industries.

Diamonds in particular are extremely valuable because of their strength and their beauty. Natural diamonds tend to be used as decorative objects that have a high wholesale and retail value. Manmade diamonds are much smaller and are generally used for manufacturing cutting blades and other products.

#4 – Impacts Our Safety

Geological concepts greatly impact our safety on a daily basis. Many hazards that humans face are caused by geological forces and processes. Earthquakes, for example, are produced by shifts in the earth’s tectonic plates. Other hazards that are influenced by geology include landslides, floods and volcanic eruptions. An understanding of these principles is necessary to mitigate dangers and to keep communities safe.

#5 – Building Sites

The type of rocks and soils that are present impact how the land can be used. In order to build a large development the developers need to find a location that will be stable enough to support such a structure. If the conditions are not naturally available, then the developer will need to design artificial stabilizers which add to the cost of the product.

#6 – Basis of the World’s Economy

Gold is the basis of the world’s economy. It is mined, smelted, molded and traded around the globe. It is customary for governments to hold enough gold in their treasuries to match the amount of paper money and coinage that they produce. When these ratios are out of balance then the value of the paper money and coinage is decreased in the global market.


Geology is a critical part of everyday life. It impacts the materials that we have available to work with, the amount of energy we can use and the safety of our communities. It is because of all of these factors that it is important to learn about geology.

The government’s scholarship program for mothers – offered in any part of the united states

The Government’s Scholarship Program for Mothers – Offered in Any Part of the United States

President Obama’s scholarship program for moms through the Federal Pell Grant is becoming more popular. $40 million worth of scholarship for this program is made available to send more mothers back to school and earn a degree from this free education plan. There is no restriction to location as long as it’s within the United States of America and that you are a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old, you can apply for the program.

For moms who live in rural areas and traveling to the city to get a college education is a problem, the government coordinated with different schools that offers online studies to take part with the program. Many colleges and universities offer complete college programs. You can choose from thousands of different courses offered and you don’t have to worry about the expenses since the scholarship not only covers the tuition fee but also the other expenses that go along with the certain course.

The government will calculate the travel expenses you would be incurring when you choose to attend classes the usual way either you live in the city or in rural areas. This will determine the amount of money you would be receiving to cover for your fares. There are much public and private transportation you can choose to use.

Applying for the scholarship is convenient regardless your current location, you can find the forms needed online. The government exerted effort to give the nation especially moms the easy access of college education. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you can get a free education no matter where you are.

Applying for financial aid: do not believe groundless myths

Applying For Financial Aid: Do Not Believe Groundless Myths

The issue of financing children’s education has always been important for all parents. The greater part of them starts thinking about college right after the birth of the child. Since financing education is a serious matter, and it concerns money, the issue of financial aid has begotten a number of myths, which are groundless statements about the availability of financial aid for higher education after graduation from high school. With the help of this article, an attempt will be made to throw light on the myths of student financial aid.

Myth 1

A student can think that him/she is not eligible for financial aid since he/she considers that the income of his family is too high. In case if you really want to get the answer to this question, you should fill out the FAFSA that stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The federal government does not pull financial aid out of a hat, they apply a special formula that includes a number of certain factors:

1.the number of children of college age in the family;’s income;

3.the assets of children.

Myth 2

Some applicants think that if their parents have savings for their studies, they are not eligible for financial aid. In truth, it is not really so since government does not demand any sacrifice from your family.

Myth 3

Those applicants that plan to get part-time education often think that they are not eligible for financial aid as they will not be full-time students. Still, there is financial aid for part-time students, so this type of education does not doom you to its self-financing.  

Myth 4

There is common opinion that it is impossible to provide all applicants with financial aid. There is a grain of sense in it, but the amount of federal aid becomes greater every year and the one who asks for aid, evidently, has more chances to get it than the one who does not apply.


642-067 Training

Advanced Routing and Switching for Field Engineers
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4. Which three of the following steps are mandatory when configuring MPLS on Cisco IOS? (Choose three.)
A. start LDP
B. enable CEF switching
C. configure the MPLS ID
D. disable IP TTL propagation
E. configure conditional label advertising
F. enable label switching on frame mode interfaces
Answer: ABF

5. Why is it appropriate to use conditional label advertising when deploying MPLS?
A. to make CEF tables smaller
B. to enable label switching on the frame mode interface
C. to restrict MPLS availability to predefined time periods
D. to restrict label switching to a limited number of networks
E. to restrict end users from seeing the routers in the MPLS network
Answer: D

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